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  1. Power adapter fixed everything, no more static under any circumstances. Pro tip: buy original stuff Thanks a ton guys!
  2. I'll consider it if the power adapter doesn't help, thanks!
  3. Cleaned games, now 1 of the 2 brokens works! Still static, "lets try 2 player" my brother says. Works. almost perfectly. EVERY. TIME. So my conclusion is, I guess it just needs both controllers. Not the BEST solution, but not very detrimental at all. Any ideas to fix it permanently that would be any better than just doing this? Damn guys, from not working, to garbage visuals, to crispy clean with a small catch. Thanks a bunch for the support guys!
  4. Christ I mean in that case I'll just live with it, it's minuet. Gonna clean the offending games, updates incoming.
  5. Great! So, It's basically fixed console wise! Just a few things. -some games look awful, but it's not the console because without changing anything other games look fine. -when I touch the controller (1st is better, but 3rd party is bad) the screen gets a LITTLE fuzzy, as opposed to perfect... Why? Besides that, everything is perfectr
  6. New RF cable helped a TON!!! Now, there's a VERY small amount of Fuzz, so small it isn't even noticeable without trying to see, once the new power cable comes I'm set!
  7. I'm waiting on an original power and RF cable, should be here by early next week. Will update, thanks!
  8. Sr101

    Static Tape

    So, my Atari's anti-static tape is all ripped up. Would generic Foil Tape serve the same purpose if cut properly?
  9. Anddddd now it does. WHY IS THIS SO RANDOM AHHH
  10. Now touching it isn't making it better... Did I really mess this all up... Ugh kill me lol
  11. Going away for a week... Gonna sit on it, I have an original power supply and RCA cable on the way. Power cable is my last guess. This one is weird and doesn't always work, it has a light that indicates flow and even when it's plugged in it sometimes does nothing. That is the only adaptor I've tried, so that could be it.
  12. Christ, I made sure every point was a clean solder... cleaned under the casing... I'm giving up here... May try new power adapter but I'm just discouraged between the time and money spent so far...
  13. Should I check under the casing? How do I remove the main casing?
  14. Is the chip with the screw in it supposed to have a white glue like substance under it, or is that corrosion? May have solved this...?
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