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  1. So, I was digging around through various cables & such of the in-laws, & figured out one of the 360s in the house wasn't hooked up at all, & set about fixing that. Found the AV, the spare connect, digital sound adapter, power brick... but not the cable that goes from the brick to the wall. But this should be easy, right? It's a standard cable, common on printer bricks, I'll grab one at a thrift store. Which I did- only 75 cents! Got home, and that's when I learned there's more than one 360 power brick. Oops. Anyway, based on my research, the cable I picked up is a '3 prong shroud female', and the brick's only got 2 prongs. Is it safe for my to use this setup? I imagine the 3rd prong goes to ground. Part of me thinks it should be fine- there's just an unused hole, right? Part of me worries if any current heads down that third line with no prong to guide it, it'll bounce around the brick & fry it. Should I be hunting down the right cable instead?
  2. Definitely one of the weirdest I've played- although when I first set it up, I didn't plug in the mic right away & got a funny snippet of your assistant panicking that they'd gone deaf before realizing oh, it's just the mic's not plugged in. Anyway, my choice for this is gonna be Muscle March. A Wii port of an unreleased arcade game, where you play a string of over-muscled characters chasing down the guy who stole their protein powder. Very simple game, but incredibly silly. Second choice is Cho Chabudai Gaeshi (Super Table Fllip). Japanese arcade game that consists of flipping a plastic table mounted to the cabinet once. Excactly once. It's surprisingly entertaining, especially if you have someone around to explain this weird cabinet to!
  3. Part thrift, part local nerdry shop- but still worth mentioning! Did a big purge of stuff with the in-laws, grabbed these checking out the store after: The Crusi'n cart was 8 bucks- nothing crazy, but now I have a game for the eyetoy I bought for a dollar a few years back. We separated some of the better 'nerd' items (autographed anime dvds, figures in-box, etc.) & took them to a stop owned by the son of one of my sister-in-law's coworkers. I thought, maybe 50 bucks? Anime stuff isn't super hot right now. And I did get some games: Here's the kicker: turns out, one of the figures I had sells for around $100- no idea Rwby still had that kinda pull! Which meant I had enough credit for one more thing... I'M SO EXCITED! I've wanted a Coleco tabletop for years, but couldn't justify the cost for what is essentially a cooler Tiger handheld- I'm stoked to have one for a pile of Goodwill-bound tat! It's badly in need of new contacts (posted that in another thread), but otherwise it works! I love it!
  4. Whoo! Necropost! But a relevant one! I just got me a Galaxian tabletop, which didn't work at first. A bit of Brite boy later revealed the very obvious problem: Yeah- not surprised it won't work with a GIANT HOLE IN THE CONTACT! The unit does work- I put a piece of tin foil over that hole & it fired right up- but clearly, new contacts are in order. Anybody know where I can get some? A Google search doesn't immediately reveal anything.
  5. I honestly agree- I mean, it would sell a lot more than a few dozen copies. Evercade carts are cheap enough that a lot of people (myself included) are just going for a complete run on it. BUT- a lot of what's on the Channel F comes off less like a game & more like bits you'd put together to make a game (especially the early carts). I genuinely question how many people would want to actively play these games, as opposed to owning them as a curiosity. Now, if they could develop a controller for use on the VS, that's a little different- the Channel F has such a unique controller you could make a case for a bundled set!
  6. I'd call them arcade platformers, but that's probably not the best option- I'm sure other people use that term for titles I'd consider side scrollers or beat-em-ups.
  7. I picked up Solatorobo so many times at Gamestop, watching it go all the way down to $25-30ish (I forget exactly how much). I figured I'd buy it when it hit $20. Then it sold. Then the prices skyrocketed. I think I spent $100-150 when I finally did buy it. It's gone up even more, so I'm glad bought it when I did- but if I hadn't been so stingy in that Gamestop! Alternatively, found a Gamecube kiosk disc in a thift store for under $10... but in a massive moment of stupidity didn't even check the price for sure, becuase people don't really want these never-available-to-the-public demos, right? WHY DID I THINK THAT?! I KNOW BETTER THAN THAT!
  8. It's the First Day of Spring- that means it's video time! 


  9. I've got 7 of the 10 games for the mini, and- it's fine, I guess? The name is appropriate- they're minigames. Not the most fleshed out experiences out there. It's a good choice for a 'novelty' system, since despite being shallow the games are all quite playable & fun. I'm genuinely not sure it's worth the current going rates online though- if you do decide to get one, be sure to check japanese sites. Sometimes you get a better deal.
  10. So, the store I work for closes in 2 weeks, & they are taking down the lil' TVs by our fitting rooms. Since they have no remotes, the guy in charge of liquidation wants to just recycle them- but the guy who has to do the work would rather not. So that means if somebody wants a TV, they can just take one! The particulars: -TVs are varied sizes, but all around the 17-19" range. Multiple brands, mostly Toshibas. -All TVs work, but have dirt/wear appropriate to being in a store for a decade plus. -All TVs have a minimum of 1 HDMI (most have 2), 1 shared component/composite, & 1 RF. Some have VGA. No remotes or stands. -Since they aren't being made publicly available, you'll need to get in touch with me for one. Currently 4 available (pictured), with one 1 know of still installed. -these are open to all employees & no holds, so no guarantees until it's in your hand. -You do have to pick it up in person, I'm not able to mail any. Send me a message if you're interested!
  11. Maybe I'm just lucky, but I've never needed to tune a console to run before (aside from toggling between channel 3 & 4.) I honestly didn't know you could! I have an a/b switch & f-plug adapters for the RF systems. NES top loader always connected, set up the others as needed. The switch means the connection is always easy to reach. For composite it's even simpler- everything's plugged into a switchbox, I just push a button.
  12. I don't regret mine! If you should get one depends on what you're expecting of it. If you want a means to play the best of retro gaming... well, you don't want this. I can't imagine the REALLY big names (like Nintendo) will be releasing here, & there's better ways to get those games anyway. If you want a means to get tons of games in a convenient portable package... maybe? Being cartridge based does limit the convenience factor- perhaps something more akin to a minty-pi would do better. Now, if you've been into gaming awhile & like the idea of a curated collection of lesser known gems & modern takes, packaged up in a slick physical format & sold very affordably- this is VERY much in your wheelhouse! You don't get this for old favorites (probably), you get this to explore things you didn't see the first time around. You won't necessarily spend a lot of time on it- it's a kinda niche lineup, really- but you'll enjoy the time you do spend on it. As far as quality goes, it's not completely perfect- it's light for its size & the flush cart design makes them kinda hard to remove/insert (it gets better with use). However- the screen/speaker quality is great, the plastic & buttons don't feel cheap & click well, all the functionality is sound. Basically, it feels like a really good budget machine, just like you'd expect. Also, the battery on it is AMAZING- I don't play more than an hour or two every few weeks right now, & I genuinely don't remember when I charged it last! So I guess if you need a reliable waiting-room machine, this is a great choice!
  13. 2. Mezase! Senkyuoh (PS1) Better known as 'Battle Balls' for its English arcade release, this import is the only home version of one of my favorite puzzle games! I used to play the arcade cabinet at a local restaurant in high school, even when the monitor started going so the balls changed color as they fell! Not surprisingly it got removed when that problem got more serious. Never did finish it back then (not enough quarters), so it was nice to sit down & do it now! Grabbed some pics for posterity... and becuase some of you might be surprised by the developer 🤣
  14. As much as I wanted to make Talmit's Adventure the next game I beat in 2021, world 4 is trying my patience very quickly! I'll have to come back to it later. I should give Nebs 'n Debs a try soon- the urge for more Yakuza is creeping in again!

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