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  1. I like the Vita as an answer- it's a solid system that feels good to just hold & mess around with- but still has some incredible gems on it when you want to get serious. Great screen clarity & battery life, cross play, even import support- you have no idea how surprised I was when I plugged in my Japanese Orgarhythm cart & the game ran in English! And somehow, not only did it never catch on, it feels like stores dumped it before it had a chance. Like, I never saw a Tearaway demo in a store because the kiosks were already gone. Only 1 other person in my circle's even got one. It's like... you make this wonderful handheld, & immediately drop it when the launch lineup doesn't catch the world on fire. Who does that?! As a second, I'm gonna say the Atari Lynx (I think handhelds in general are underrated.) I got mine almost on a whim- after all, public consensus says it's bulky & has terrible games. But when it came, I was surprised. It's not hard to hold despite the size. The ability to turn the system is a fun gimmick. And while the bad games are quite bad, the good games are, in fact, pretty darn good! I spent more time with it than expected- not to mention it's graphically impressive for its era. It's definitely got a worse rep than it deserves.
  2. So, I logged out (on my phone)- marketplace still visible. Furthermore, I popped over to Google & searched "odyssey 2 voice for sale"- and it specifically brought up a list of links from the sales forum (see attached image). I don't know if that's google tailoring hits to my usage, but clearly the search bots have the data.
  3. The cracks are mostly through the clear front piece (with the UMD logo)- although on one side it goes through the clear front into the white along the edge. The back is fine, although very heavily scuffed. I thought about harvesting the case from a family guy UMD my system came with, but then it would have the wrong symbol.
  4. I went ahead & preordered this right before the Lynx cart announcement. I wasn't originally going to- the logic being 'I have the original hardware, I'll just buy original carts'. But then I saw MJR's review, which brought up one thing I didn't know- this thing is CHEAP! I got the all-in edition & added on the Technos cart. After shipping & converting to US dollars, I spent $220. For EVERYTHING! System, case, all 10 launch carts (that's 122 games), for less than what my copy of Magic Knight Rayearth on Saturn cost. That's just a mind boggling good deal to me. Especially given carts are only $20 each, this is something I could actually keep a full set for! I'm rather looking forward to it.
  5. I got to see this a couple times at local retro shows. I hope whoever buys it keeps up the public access, whether it be continuing the con circuit or giving/loaning it to a museum. It'd be a real shame if a piece of gaming history this iconic got locked away in some collector's basement.
  6. Thanks for the warning! I was about to get all excited. It can be OK in a topic where it's relevant, but it's absolutely bad form in the sales forum- obviously this stuff isn't available anymore, & to assume/hope it is so you can get decade old pricing is beyond naïve. We may need some new rules for the sales section...
  7. Personal experience factors in a lot when deciding a system is overrated. I would imagine if we had some Brazilians around, we might have someone commenting on the Master System being overrated. In my neck of the woods, it seems like every retro gamer I run into praises the N64, to the point I've literally had it shoved into my hands with a 'just play it & you'll love it'. But... I just don't. I don't hate it, I don't regret owning it & I'd like to get a universal tray & a copy of Sin & Punishment becuase I liked the Wii sequel. I'm just not as crazy about it as the locals.
  8. I'd say the Turbografx & the N64. Although you can chalk up the Turbo to "I only got my system less than a year ago & game costs mean I haven't yet explored the library fully". The handful of triple-digit priced games I do have, though, I'm simply not sure are worth the pricing. Then again, I'm not sure ANY triple digit priced game I own is worth the pricing, so maybe that doesn't mean much. The N64 I'm on more solid ground with. I didn't own one back in the day, but my friends had systems so I'd play when I was visiting. I later had a friend, shocked (shocked!) that I didn't own an N64 loan me hers so I could 'see what I was missing'. I do have one now- a deck turned up at the local thrift shop for $20 while I still had her machine, so I could verify it worked & had the expansion pak in it. Plus, the one game I really liked of hers (Mischief Makers) also came into the shop. Thing is, that was a few years ago, and I only have 16 games for the thing (in contrast, I own 53 PS1 titles). Once you get away from the first party titles, there's just not a lot of what interests me on the system. Even checking in on forum threads talking about the system usually just sees the same couple dozen titles mentioned that I either already own or don't care about. I guess, in short- I don't get it.
  9. So, I picked up a copy of Dissidia Duodecim yesterday. I didn't look it over closely becuase the case for it was so pristine, but turns out the plastic on the UMD itself is cracked. It still plays fine, but I feel like it's going to eventually break clean open. I know there's replacement cases out there, & they're straightforward snap-on deals, but I am curious about a couple things: 1- are they always clear? I'd prefer white edges like an original case. 2- does anyone make logo decals for the top? Even if I have to get clear, having that would still be nice. 3- should I be concerned about quality? Are some better plastic than others? 4- I assume no, but- any safe way to harvest the shell from a different umd?
  10. I imagine it just happened organically as certain systems got enough discussion to overwhelm this general section. We really don't need a separate area for every single console- how many threads on the Amiga CD32 are we really gonna see? Eliminating them altogether is also a bad idea though- some sections, like the one for Intellivision, are quite active & do need/deserve their own space. Perhaps a slight re-organization to a company based setup would help... like, instead of a Genesis section there's a Sega section? Could work.
  11. My first thought reading the topic: hasn't anyone here played Dungeons & Dragons? Becuase that's basically what it is! A scenario: A group of 4 players is trying to get into a mysterious mansion on a hill outside of town. We open in the tavern. The Barbarian chooses the 'order drinks' button on his controller & gets seated at the bar. This option is not on the Paladin's controller- they pick 'inquire' (which the barbarian wouldn't have) to try and get information from the bartender. It starts off well, until the Thief uses 'pick lock' on the cashbox & fails. The bartender notices & gets mad, the now half-drunk barbarian throws his barstool at them, & the party gets thrown out. BUT, the Rogue was also using 'inquire' on the shady group at the back table, & he got some info. Does the party try talking to the mayor, give up & break into the mansion, or follow up on the Rogue's tip? Vote now on your controller! Now, obviously that's very off the cuff (you wouldn't be getting drunk in an Amico game), but it illustrates the idea: Each class has certain actions they can take in a scenario, which may or may not be available to the other players. Certain actions trigger events that can override what another player is doing. You can even have certain classes be better at certain actions depending on the situation- for example, if the Paladin had talked to the shady group, they would have failed. If the Barbarian was instead a Bard who'd picked 'Perform' to sing upon entry, the Thief would have succeeded his 'pick lock' (since the Bartender would be more distracted between the Paladin and the song). The Thief finds a strange key, which the Paladin later identifies as a Skeleton Key that opens every house in town- the Bartender uses it to drop off drunks at home (which they know becuase this time their inquire action wasn't interrupted). Then instead of a choice, the party goes straight to the mansion & uses the key to open the door. The only question is, do you use a majority vote system to force the party to always be in the same locale, or do you try & set up a way for them to split up? Maybe they can split up in town, but have to come back together to progress to the mansion- which in turn could also affect actions & their success rate (like the Thief gets a boost to lock picking if the Rogue is with him, but not the Paladin.) I feel like I've seen clips of one of the LRR guys reading a Choose-your-own-adventure type book with this setup... he had to roll dice & keep track of items, which affected the choices he had at the end of the chapter. I should look for that...
  12. So very true- I spent about double the replacement cost & drove an hour away to get my Xbox repaired, becuase I wanted that specific machine- it was the one my fiance bought new back in the day, and went through each of his siblings before getting to me. Also a big part of why I bought a Gameboy, despite owning GBCs/GBAs/etc.
  13. I'd be inclined to say Pong itself- while it absolutely inspired a horde of knockoffs & similar paddle-style games, the genre as a whole has basically died off as games got more advanced. It's the gaming equivalent of the Neanderthal. The only examples I can really think of are more like zebroids- crazy cross breeds that are interesting, but tend to be sterile. The Guardian Legend is a great game, but I couldn't tell you another that mixed Zelda-style exploration with vertical shooters. Odama is... not great, but definitely unique: pinball plus voice-controlled tactics. Not surprisingly, no one else ever tried it.
  14. If my understanding is correct, this is instantly the best game on the system. 🤣
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