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  1. Mischief Makers was a huge part of why I even got a N64 in the first place. It's a bit of an odd bird for the era- a 2D puzzle platformer developed by Treasure. So, if that sounds at all appealing, definitely pick it up- it's one of the system's 'hidden gems'.
  2. I dunno, man- if you've got a Gamecube, you'll need those for proper Crystal Chronicles play. 😋
  3. And chance of getting button pictures? My button 2 no longer works- it feels like the spring is broken/gone. I'd love to have an idea of what's needed to fix it.
  4. I would be VERY much interested in that! 😁
  5. REALLY? Oh, that changes everything- I have research to do!
  6. So, I recently picked up a Vectrex lot, having wanted one for years. Amongst the games was a cart-only copy of Art Master, but no light pen. I've no use for it, as I have no plans to get the light pen anytime soon & they almost always come with Art Master anyway... but that would also mean no one needs to buy one standalone either, right? The point of this thread is just to see if anyone would want to buy this cart & what they'd be willing to pay/trade, so I can decide if I should sell it, donate it, or just keep it (I'd hate to have to re-buy it if I get a pen someday & it doesn't come with it.) So- anyone even care?
  7. I figured out the problem- it was ME! I just got a copy of web wars, and it was having similar, but less severe issues- you couldn't see bullets or the creatures on the trophy screen. Playable, but annoying. Having 2 carts with graphics issues got me thinking the system was the problem, but why did some work & these two didn't? Then I died in Web Wars. And noticed the word 'end' was kind of dim. Yeah- I needed to turn up the contrast. Everything's doing fine now. So, unless needing to do that reflects an issue in itself, I'm just gonna go sit in the corner and feel dumb for a bit.🤪
  8. My copy of Rikki & Vikki for the 7800 came the other day- this game makes me want to get my system refurbished & AV modded, just so I can enjoy it better!

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    2. GoldLeader


      Oh Yeah!


      That is one Fantastic Game!!!  I played it a bit when I first got it, but need to get back into it!  FWIW,  My 7800 is S-Video and A/V modded, but it's weird... for 7800 games it looks stellar in S-Video...2600 games wash out and the color slightly changes across the screen, and so they look better in A/V out for some reason...

    3. DrVenkman


      @GoldLeader - there are separate color potentiometers inside the 7800 for the TIA and MARIA color outputs. They don’t change saturation but they do adjust color hue. Tweaking the TIA color pot might make just enough difference to prevent any kind of washed out look.

    4. HoshiChiri


      It would have to just be the standard a/v mod, my setup doesn't currently allow for s-video. I can't solder myself, so I'll have to get in touch when I've refilled the extra gaming cash (between the Vectrex & the inbound custom GBA, I'm tapped at the moment.)

  9. I would say I'm a wannabe aficionado- my Japanese is not up to snuff for most of the Wonderswan's library, so what I've played is limited. The obvious recommendation for me (and the main reason I bought mine) is Klonoa Moonlight Museum. A bit heavier on the puzzle side of the puzzle-platformer mechanic, but still a wonderful lil' game. Most of the rest of what I own are Kelsey's recommendations from MJR's video- but, if you like Rhythm games, try & find Wuz↑b? Produce: Street Dancer- although the arrow & the slang make it a b*tch to search, especially since one of best ways to find most Wonderswan stuff is on Amazon Japan. I eventually found it just searching 'Street Dancer Wonderswan'.
  10. Based on what I've watched, the prices are a lil' wibbly- there's a big spike right at the get-go from the die-hards who didn't get in on the actual sale from LRG & hit up eBay to 'keep their collection complete'. Sometimes this is followed by a brief dip when the die-hards are done and the resellers mark things down to get rid of excess inventory. After that, standard market forces take over. I would say, after that initial spike of activity, you can take your time on most LRG games, as long as you don't take TOO long. With the PS5/Scarlett on the horizon, the PS4 releases could see a drop as the console enters the 'dark era' of its lifecycle. Switch releases are probably going to be stable for awhile, but stock will dwindle over time so keep an eye on it. Vita games, buy sooner rather than later- that system's firmly into its twilight & has such a loyal fanbase I don't suspect many collections will get liquidated, so once the supply's gone, prices will go up.
  11. I'm not interested, but if you're on the fence, take the man up on this- Enslaved is an underrated lil' gem of a game, I highly recommend it!
  12. Ah yes, the eternal 'what counts as retro' debate, aka 'that can't be retro, then I'd be OLD!' I say anything that isn't current or last-gen is, arguably, retro- basically, can you walk into any GameStop & find titles? If 'no', then it could be retro. The rest is largely just semantics. We can argue about tech, but there's always outliers- there's early CD machines (TurboCD, Sega CD), there's late cartridge machines (N64, Jaguar). We can try to pair around other consoles, but that causes issues- is the Wii retro becuase of the Wii U, or does the Wii U's early death mean it doesn't count? This is why I tend to shy away from media choice & focus on other factors, like developer & retail support, or standard-use equipment (like what kind of controller or video cable the system came bundled with.) There's a lot of little things that go into a gaming era's 'aesthetic', if you will, and I find those to be more useful for era-defining. Mostly agreed here- multiple eras break things up better. Although I personally add an extra era in from 1977-1983/1985 (depending on how American you wanna break it down). The arrival of the NES had a notable effect on the gaming landscape, plus it's also the beginning of composite input & D-pad controllers being standard on basically everything. I guess you'd call it the neo-classic era? I typically call the 70's stuff vintage, and the 83/85 on is classic/neo-classic/modern. I usually start Modern closer to 2005 too- it lines up better with the online storefront, which is when online play really took off.
  13. After years of swooning over the machines at conventions, I have finally added a Vectrex to my collection! Amongst the lot was a copy of Star Castle- except, um, it's not well. It loads, but not correctly- I've attached a video. It does this every time, very reliably, so it's not a wonky connection thing (becuase wouldn't it be inconsistent if it was?) I did clean the pins. None of the other games have issues. What the heck's going on here? How fixable is this? Or should I just buy another copy? (And as an aside- how's my unit sound? I know Vectrexes hum, but this seems louder than I've heard at cons- but cons are noisy anyway, so I don't know if it's just me or what.) MVI_0002.MP4
  14. 9 loose carts (to be fair, one of those is Art Master so it's useless to me at the moment)- not the screaming deal of the century, but this represents the last of the classic consoles I really wanted to own, so I'm very excited about it.
  15. *cackles like a madwoman* I FINALLY HAVE IT!
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