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  1. Got this for the delay in my NES copy from Limited Run... but I don't have a Steam account, so have at it! For sake of others, please reply when the code's been used (since I can't check.) T0T5A-DP0AB-PQ280
  2. 4) AVICII Invector One of the ones I forgot- I picked this up when it was on sale for $5 from Gamestop... I paid $4 since I had my pro member coupon so I only needed to cover shipping. And it was SO worth it! The story is kind of pointless, but the gameplay is solid. Plus, I love the music- makes me a little sad that I never heard of this guy until this posthumous game. If you like rhythm games, this is a solid buy (especially given it's often on sale!)
  3. I've got a friend on the hunt for a complete set of the Etrian Odyssey games. He's got a copy of the 3rd one, but no manual. Just seeing if anyone might have one they'd be willing to scan, or know a place to find a scanned copy so he can make a placeholder booklet (I don't think he's at the point where he'd want to buy loose manuals, given how much a rare one like this would go for.) Incidentally, if anyone has/knows where to buy a copy of the first game for under $40 with a case, let me know? Hell of a long shot, but I told him I'd look around.
  4. I'm not sure- I mean, normal people don't spend millions on comic books, but tell that to anyone with a nice copy of Action Comics #1. I think the bigger factor is: how much will rich people care about variants? Going back to the above, Action Comics #1 is rare & worth thousands in any condition- the same is not true for Mario. There's a lot more games around, most everything that's pulled these big numbers can be had cart-only for a reasonable price. So- can someone who drops 6 figures on a rare sealed variant, get 6 figures of attention for having 'this special seal that means it was part of the New York Launch Stock?' It's not gonna look that different from a 3 figure-priced boxed copy. Plus the 10 dollar dump-bin cart will play the same. If it turns out interest is for the game itself, & not the object holding the data, then oh yeah- this bubble's gonna burst hard. Maybe I should get my sealed Minish Cap graded & turn profit while I still can!🤣
  5. Pretty sure I've forgotten to enter one or two, so I'll just pick up from here! 2) Animal Crossing: New Horizons A great time killer during lockdown, but honestly? If it weren't for that I might not have picked it up. I usually avoid these kind of daily check-in games. It's not bad! Just not a staple of my gaming diet. 3) Yakuza Kiwami How did I not play this until now?! This is amazing! I have never played a game so familiar and so surprising all at once! You can go from cradling a bloody, dying loved one to racing toy cars to help a man get married within 30 minutes! It's ridiculous! It's fantastic! I already bought a copy of part 2! 🤣
  6. That's why I specified 'may' & doing some research- I don't want anyone scrounging around for what's on hand & opting for brasso & a brillo pad, for example. I might need to look into some deoxit myself- I have a bottle of brite boy for the extreme cases (only needed it once so far), but it'd be nice to have a step between that & iso.
  7. Those lil' black lines on your contacts? Not supposed to be there- that is the oxidation/corrosion mentioned. Basically, keep cleaning your cart. A lot. Over & over. I have literally spent DAYS with new carts doing this. Clean. Play. Clean. Play. If you want to speed up the process, you can try a corrosion remover/polish of some kind- deoxit, brite boy, white vinegar... but keep in mind these can have the potential to take off a microscopic layer of the contact metal. It's usually fine, but there is a VERY small chance you could take out too much, sever a connection, & kill your cart. Do a lil' research on your chosen method before you do forward! Otherwise- just keep cleaning. You don't have to remove the lines entirely- just enough to get the connection solid again.
  8. No one here has any foresight becuase we don't know the full lineup! We've been told time & again the retro angle is only a small part of the overall plan. We can't sit here playing armchair analyst & expect accuracy becuase we're missing too much information. The only relevant consideration right now is: Am I excited enough about the retro titles shown so far to spend $300 dollars on this thing? And if the answer is yes- you're not gonna care if it turns out to not have much else. You got what you wanted. If you're not happy with it yet- don't buy one yet. I haven't. (I want more gameplay footage & a controller breakdown first).
  9. Actually, the best selling console is the PS2, the DS is second & the 3DS doesn't even crack the top ten. (I did look.) Just becuase Minecraft is the top selling game doesn't mean my 6 year old niece will play it- I'm not sure she could figure out how. Perhaps your nieces & nephews are a game-savvy bunch who need something more substantial than old-school button mashing. Mine don't typically play games, and as such need that simplicity. They struggled with Mario Kart, for crying out loud! This isn't a console trying for top of the mountain. This isn't aiming for the kids already engrossed in modern consoles. It's a CASUAL system. It's the plus one of the entertainment center. It will be similar to my old Wii that migrated to my parent's family room TV- a source of party entertainment, especially when folks with kids show up. It's not going to replace one of the major consoles for someone inclined to play on such a system. It's an alternative for someone who'd like some casual play without dropping $500+ dollars for a machine and 1 or 2 games. I'm not looking for the next Breath of The Wild on this thing- I'd be stoked if Jackbox came over. Yes, so far, most of what we've seen is the retro lineup. Is that so surprising? It's an easier bunch of games to get to a presentable stage. It suits the demographic of this website. You expect Atariage to get hyped over an edutainment trailer? That's going on the mommy blogs if/when such a thing is made. We get retro- clearly, that's enough for a lot of Atari agers. Don't assume what 'interactive experiences' I've had. I've conversed with a sarcastic fish. I've yelled commands into a microphone to move an army away from a pinballing giant rock. I've used a plush doll as a controller. I've ridden plastic horses. I've dangled 2 stories in the air, dreading the inevitable drop when my balloon would finally get hit. And I STILL enjoy a game that's played with just a knob. I'm allowed to be excited for a console that COULD do more, but hasn't yet, if what it's done is enough for me to have fun with it.
  10. Learning to READ Japanese, and learning to SPEAK Japanese, are two very different things. Pronouncing Japanese words is really pretty simple since there's not a lot of odd linguistic tricks you'll have to learn. Take a basic Japanese class somewhere, once the teacher's explained what vowels sound like and the few hiragana with quirks you'll be able to say any words you learn pretty easily. Reading is harder becuase of kanji, since there's so many of them- that's just gonna take time, period. If you do opt to put effort into the reading though, do yourself a favor- try & avoid textbooks that use a lot of romanji (Japanese words written in the roman alphabet.). You'll want to spend as much time with kana/kanji characters as possible so the words come more naturally- using romanji just forces you to re-learn words once you start using the proper characters.
  11. Trading with friends means I have access to pretty much every item I want right now... but that doesn't mean I won't find things I want! I only found out a few days ago you could get a shaved ice maker, for example. Right now the one I covet is the strawberry & flowers cake. I have since learned it's a random thing your 'mom' mails you on your birthday, it can't be bought, & there's 6 versions of mom's cake so no guarantee you'll get a specific one. *grumbles*
  12. I think also, with so many game stores closed due to stay at home orders, many people are seeing Ebay as the only game in town right now- so they're just paying whatever Ebay is charging. Not surprisingly, most of the collectors I know have largely stopped buying new games & are waiting for things to 'normal out' a bit.
  13. Just checking in to see how this is progressing- not expecting much with how weird things are. But, since I'm now 6 weeks into being fully furloughed (job 2 closed a couple days after job 1), I figured I might as well figure out what things I've paid for might ship soon. I mean, it's this or more Animal Crossing 🤣
  14. Time for a lil' thread revival so I can pick ya'lls brains. I grabbed the Persona Endless Night collection on clearance recently- I don't know who decided 'stacked discs in a digicase' was a good idea, but I hope they got fired. Anyway- I was hoping to find a protector to fit this (it's a bit taller and wider than a standard blu-ray), but I'd love it to be a bit thicker so I can slip in a 2-disc slim blu-ray case to store the discs better. There's a lot of collector's edition the right thickness, but the height/width is wrong. Anybody got any ideas?
  15. I got Skyward Sword complete save for game disc right before the lockdowns... so, I bought one from Gamestop. Got to use a coupon, and of COURSE it'll come disc-only. It's Gamestop! Right?


    So- anybody need a Skyward Sword case & manual? 😅

    1. GoldLeader


      I'm so lost!  You needed the disc, then got it, now it's complete right?  Or did GameStop have the rest too, so now ya have extras?

    2. HoshiChiri


      Gamestop's copy was complete save for the soundtrack. So now I have 1 complete copy, and one case/manual/no discs.


      So if y'all need a case...

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