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  1. 6. Taiko no Tatsujin: Chibi Dragon to Fushigi no Orb (3DS) Been on a bit of an import kick since getting that PS2 stuff last Secret Santa 😁 Decided to import a 3DS for rythmn games (and becuase I learned of the cat-covered Palico LL model.) This was so. Frickin'. CUTE! I really enjoyed it! Strongly hammered home that I can read simple Japanese (basically just kana), but lack the vocabulary to understand much. Luckily it's not super nessecary here. Very much need to pickup the Switch release of the sequels!
  2. This- both of those games are common in bundle deals (R&C at Gamestop, Demon's Souls at Fry's). People dumping bundled games+lack of buyers due to system scarcity= cheap prices. If you look into less bundled games, even ones that go on sale, the numbers/condition are more normal. But thanks for the tip on how to get Ratchet & Clank cheap!😉
  3. I think, since the 3DS is the only region-locked handheld, that the import end of things isn't feeling the pinch. I recently ordered a Japanese system- LL model (the Monster Hunter palico system) with charger, memory card & case, for just over $100 shipped. Means I'll have 3 of the things- I was thinking about modding my old midnight purple one for imports, but looking more into it the only real benefit would be saving money- and I didn't want to risk bricking it by doing the mod wrong. Plus, this way I get one with cats on it! 😆
  4. I don't actually own Showdown in 2100 AD, if it's not claimed...
  5. Oh God, I'm as old as Thunder Force? Just give me a cane so I can shake it at the kids on my lawn... I'm inclined to bring up Klonoa, which hasn't had any action since 2008- but it's kind of an odd one, I don't feel like it ever really took off enough for the pause to be odd. I feel more like the number of games for such an obscure series is what's odd! Someone at Namco must've really liked him... And while Lunar is one of my favorites, we all know if another one comes out it's just gonna be a new take on Sliver Star again!
  6. As of today, I officially own all 8 releases in the Klonoa series. And with one exception, they're complete in box!


    So... anybody wanna sell me the box for Empire of Dreams on GBA? 😉

    1. Razzie.P


      I didn't know there were that many!   I only own (and have played) the remake on the Wii.  I liked enough to be interested in more.

  7. Honestly, this hubbub has ironically made me want a graded game more! Y'know, so in 10 years when my niece asks why that one game is in a big plastic slab, I can tell her the tale of the scam artists who got the world to think a commonplace game was worth millions. 🤣 Not paying current prices though- maybe if the bubble bursts hard enough I can get something cheap after the fact. Nah- LRG's a lot more transparent. They tell you how many are made, or if it's an open preorder. They told us when Best Buy joined up to carry some of their releases. Most importantly- they make it clear they don't retain any rights to anything they print, so devs can absolutely do a proper retail release later. And they have- most famously Streets of Rage 4, when the retail release was announced the day after LRG's pre-orders closed. People were not happy- but they let you cancel your order if you wanted the retail version instead. Limited Run is more like any other specialty collector-market publisher... the price-gouging is something we do to each other, they don't profit from it (directly anyway.)
  8. It is a homebrew designed to replicate what the game could have been! The programmer (John Riggs) actually named it Yeah Yeah Beebiss 2, on the off chance the original exists & gets discovered. Technically it's an NES game, this is a port.
  9. That one was funny- I'd already looked over the table, picked out a couple things, & was handing the guy the money when I saw that. Immediately retracted the money (causing confusion), picked it up- "this too!" And got out more money. 🤣 I don't track the prices on all the games I'm interested in, but there's definitely some where price has outstripped interest (I don't want to spend $150 on a Neo Geo Pocket game!) I'm having fun with the famicom games, becuase I get to shop like my sister does for retro games- based entirely on cover art! Always a bummer when I get a text-heavy game I can't really play, but fun when I stumbled into something decent. I didn't realize I'd grabbed Legend of Kage until I tested the cart, for example!
  10. 5. Ontamarama (DS) Utter impulse buy at the local retro show. I just assumed when I picked it up it was a puzzle game, but the back said it was a rythmn game- and I love rythmn games! This one is... not great. The touch/button playstyle is clunky & the songs are super generic. Do I regret buying it? Maybe a little- it was straight up sealed when I got it, so I pretty much devalued it immediately... thing is, I can only see 5 copies for sale on Ebay right now. So at least it's one of those obscure things where price isn't a huge concern.
  11. Not a thrift find- but the first retro show in my area in two years! Intended to just go crazy, but still only spent about half of what I brought... guess it's hard to justify some prices, even if I can afford them.
  12. Not sure it's properly obscure, but Odama on Gamecube is very unique. Not excactly good, but unqiue- I certainly can't name any other tactics/pinball cross genre games, let alone one with voice commands. An old favorite I've never seen anyone talk about is Cyborg Justice. I haven't played it in years, it may not hold up, but you get to customize your robot fighter. That's not the interesting thing though. What's neat is, you customize on the go- as in, you literally rip parts off of the robots you're fighting & attach them to yourself. And they can do the same to you! And in multiplayer you do it to each other! Playing through a stage constantly ripping the flamethrower arm off each other while pummeling any baddies who try & take it is certainly a different way to fight over powerups!
  13. I recently moved so my main source has been replaced by a notably inferior Goodwill- although they did finally get media back in, & I found a copy of Brink amongst the dvds! I didn't buy it, but it gives me hope. I didn't buy this either, but it made me damn happy to see so I might as well share! (No, Teddy was not around.)
  14. My copy of Cosmic Fantasy 2 (my only truly complete Turbo CD game!) For what it's worth- it does look a little like the residue from my old bottle of Gamestop Disc Skip Fix. If it was, it would wipe off with a mild cleaner (I use furniture polish.) If it's not coming off though- definitely a concern!
  15. Sadly, most Seattle area events are still shut down for covid concerns- and honestly, our retro shows are pretty small given how many game stores we have around here! But! Renton City Retro is currently planning to move forward this year, with the event scheduled on August 14th. Their website is out of date (the guy who runs it is on vacation, I guess?) You should be able to buy passes at the door, but here's the eventbrite link they're using right now: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/renton-city-retro-tickets-162196864187 And their Facebook page, which is updating: https://m.facebook.com/RentonCityRetro/
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