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  1. Maybe I'm just lucky, but I've never needed to tune a console to run before (aside from toggling between channel 3 & 4.) I honestly didn't know you could! I have an a/b switch & f-plug adapters for the RF systems. NES top loader always connected, set up the others as needed. The switch means the connection is always easy to reach. For composite it's even simpler- everything's plugged into a switchbox, I just push a button.
  2. I don't regret mine! If you should get one depends on what you're expecting of it. If you want a means to play the best of retro gaming... well, you don't want this. I can't imagine the REALLY big names (like Nintendo) will be releasing here, & there's better ways to get those games anyway. If you want a means to get tons of games in a convenient portable package... maybe? Being cartridge based does limit the convenience factor- perhaps something more akin to a minty-pi would do better. Now, if you've been into gaming awhile & like the idea of a curated collection of lesser known gems & modern takes, packaged up in a slick physical format & sold very affordably- this is VERY much in your wheelhouse! You don't get this for old favorites (probably), you get this to explore things you didn't see the first time around. You won't necessarily spend a lot of time on it- it's a kinda niche lineup, really- but you'll enjoy the time you do spend on it. As far as quality goes, it's not completely perfect- it's light for its size & the flush cart design makes them kinda hard to remove/insert (it gets better with use). However- the screen/speaker quality is great, the plastic & buttons don't feel cheap & click well, all the functionality is sound. Basically, it feels like a really good budget machine, just like you'd expect. Also, the battery on it is AMAZING- I don't play more than an hour or two every few weeks right now, & I genuinely don't remember when I charged it last! So I guess if you need a reliable waiting-room machine, this is a great choice!
  3. 2. Mezase! Senkyuoh (PS1) Better known as 'Battle Balls' for its English arcade release, this import is the only home version of one of my favorite puzzle games! I used to play the arcade cabinet at a local restaurant in high school, even when the monitor started going so the balls changed color as they fell! Not surprisingly it got removed when that problem got more serious. Never did finish it back then (not enough quarters), so it was nice to sit down & do it now! Grabbed some pics for posterity... and becuase some of you might be surprised by the developer 🤣
  4. As much as I wanted to make Talmit's Adventure the next game I beat in 2021, world 4 is trying my patience very quickly! I'll have to come back to it later. I should give Nebs 'n Debs a try soon- the urge for more Yakuza is creeping in again!

  5. What we have right now is a perfect storm of factors for price jumps on something like Pokemon. 1- extended closures of most social gathering spaces means people are seeking more methods of home entertainment, so games in general are getting more attention. 2- ever increasing housing costs means a number of these newly housebound people are in smaller apartments & could be drawn to space-saving handhelds. 3- Pokemon is 25 years old now. The perfect age for the nostalgia bug to be hitting the folks who grew up on it. End result: there's a lot of folks who are working from home, want something to occupy their off-hours that doesn't involve being near the same monitor they use for work, burned out on Netflix, & remembering how when they were a kid they could waste a whole Saturday just sitting on their Gameboy hunting Pikachu. Then the government sends them a random check and they think hey, maybe I'll give Pokemon another go. It's kind of how games in general are spiking in price right now, amplified by the popularity of the series. The fact that Pokemon Snap is in the news just makes it worse!
  6. 1. Rez (PS2- Japan ver.) I played just a tiny bit of a PS4 version of Rez back when I got it. Aside from realizing it's the predecessor to Child of Eden on 360, it didn't really hold me right away. This time though- this time I got hooked! Probably becuase I had to put in just a bit more effort to figure out what was going on (I know some Japanese & can read kana, but I'm hardly fluent!) I'm no completionist, so it's the bad ending for me. At least for now- maybe I'll try for butterflies later. In any case, this is a damn good game! Just let the music pull you in & go with it! 😁
  7. And that might work great- while YOU'RE in charge. You do mention social security, which implies you intend to retire someday. What if your successor isn't so resolute? What if they're willing to bend the morals a lil' bit to prove they too can generate income- better income, even! Small businesses can make something like this work- a pro-corporate tool applied with prudence for customer gain. But the second other people can grab the handle, it's only a matter of time before someone uses it like a hammer & beats the customer base for pennies. Sometimes the most pro-consumer thing you can do, is just keep the most abuseable options out altogether.
  8. I have finished the setup for the Japanese PS2! Since I made it a semi-portable unit, it needed a way to get carried around. I finally found a proper bag for the purpose- it's a simple soft-sided cooler shaped lunch bag. Zippered pocket in front for memory cards, mesh pocket in top that's perfect for a DVD sized case... only problem was keeping the system components separated. So, I made a lil' divider out of cardboard & covered it in felt this afternoon. I think it came out well!
  9. If there's one thing I've learned in my life of retail work, it's this: Businesses Expect Exponential Growth. Forever. It's not just enough to make money, you have to make more money than the year before. But eventually, you'll hit the plateau of what your customers will pay- so you start cutting corners or introducing new ways to squeeze that extra bit more out. Ad-based gaming could start out with all the bright promises of 'we won't overdo it, it'll be fair, & you'll never HAVE to pay'- but it won't matter. Eventually the push from investors/developers/anyone tied to your company, really, will erode those ideals & bring us an ad-filled abomination. Case in point: mobile games. They literally did what you say! Old games were free, just watch an ad every couple stages. Now look at them- I downloaded one called 3D match on my mom's recommendation. Mid-stage ads, between stage ads, ads for getting items/gold... it costs SIX DOLLARS to drop the ads! Which might be worth it if they didn't also charge you for power-ups AND to access the gold you earn while playing! It's a mess. I can't get behind ad-based gaming, there's just too much room for it to go very, very wrong.
  10. After a bit of fitting about, I have officially acquired a Japanese PS2 to play my new import games! (I had to cancel my original order & grab one from another seller). I can finally use this joytech screen without jury-rigging it with velcro & prayers! And yes, I had to try the Trance controller (not like that! Minds out of the gutter!) It actually didn't work at first, & there's no guides online- but I did find someone mention in passing their motor had seized. So- I opened it up, got the game going, and literally prop-started the thing! Once it started going consistently it didn't need my help anymore, so I closed it back up- if I have issues later I'll have to find something to grease it with. It is an interesting thing- the trance acts as a 'base' while the controller vibrates with some of the musical flourishes. I didn't realize it wasn't an excact mimic of the controller! I have also learned that Beatmania is quite similar to Pop n' Music... which in turn means I'm terrible at it! 🤣 It's becuase the music is tied to the notes you hit, so if I mess up I have trouble getting back on rhythm. I guess I have everything I need to practice, though!
  11. I got through the thread wondering why all these solutions I knew of weren't getting mentioned until I hit the necrobump. We've made some serious progress on TV game gear in the last decade!
  12. Quick update: since I hadn't received any updates on my gift card situation, I decided to double-check the balance on the old card... they did reload it. It just took several days. Despite the email specifically saying they'd have to mail a new card. *sigh* it's fine though- since literally none of the games I wanted were available locally secondhand, I did an online order: 1 pre-owned AC New Leaf for my niece's birthday (since she will not care if it's cart only), 1 new copy for me (so we can play together), a pack of AC amiibo cards & a mario ornament to pad out for shipping. Between the birthday coupon, the CAG coupon, the pro certificate & the gift card, cost me $26. Don't often get to feel like I did good at Gamestop these days. We'll see if that lasts once the order comes in.
  13. It's probably worth asking for a partial refund if you know you intend to keep it either way- the response might dictate your choice. Leaving anything other than positive feedback can hurt a seller, so the question is: are you bothered enough to want to ding the guy? If not, no feedback is best- that's the true neutral these days (no punishment & no gain). If you do ask for the partial refund & get it, positive will pretty much be required.
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