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  1. It's also much different in Europe compared to North America. In the early eighties Mattel (and Atari) had to deal with high import taxes on video game systems unlike home computer imports. But in North America the name recognition, with a certain demographic, might surprise. Less than four million consoles sold but in those days few families had a videogame system, kids still saw the national advertising, catalogs, played it at friends/relatives, etc. However, the primary demographic they are going for with Amico is too young for that. For young families, thirty year old parents, the old name on the new company means little. And the company knows this.
  2. They showed us a lot. When it was a concept, they showed us that concept. They showed us how the controller works as it evolved. They showed us games at various stages of development. But I agree they really shouldn't have. It should have been kept private, shared with potential investors and partners.
  3. That's trying to justify the bad behaviour. Each person is responsible for what they say. There's a lot more people that see it than there are participating/reacting.
  4. Like I said the two companies have different objectives. But that comment, not even a laughing emoji, is nothing compared to the ridicule towards the Atari VCS and those looking forward to it from other users on Atariage.
  5. Treasure of Tarmin with an evercade controller wouldn't work so well. Don't know who said Atari VCS orders are horrible but that would depend on that company's objectives. Was Atari even marketing the system beyond their fan base. Speaking of the Atari VCS, there's also plenty of ridicule on Atariage towards the Atari VCS system and those that were looking forward to it. I'm not invested in either of these systems and I've commented on both of them. All the ridicule is bad behaviour, it should bother everyone and goes against Atariage guidelines, each person is responsible for their part. But ridicule based on something made up, doesn't even make sense. Their goal with Amico was and is to sell hundreds of thousands to a new audience not a few thousand to retro gaming fans. If they don't think they can do that, they should give up. Again, an independent investment advisor listed the 10x return in their video, based on some theoretical best case scenario, the charts on Amico pages on Republic show about 3x. People were getting their deposits refunded on request for two years, until they ran out of money. They did fund this company, over 96%, through investors with only a small fraction from customer deposits. They did build a company to launch a console, teams of full time engineers and programmers and videogame production managers on staff. Things don't always go as planned. But the ridicule, as I pointed out, was based on something made up.
  6. You're making up your own measure of success and then ridiculing it. --------- Neither an angel investor nor selling Amicos would get them to mass production. That will take short term financing. This discussion is like a broken record.
  7. It says it is a significant part of what's protected not strictly what's protected. The stylised lettering is significant because it would prevent someone using a different name copying the stylised lettering. But there's no question the word is recognised in the trademark as well. Like I said, two video game systems with the same name, in the same market, would be an issue. Even if the trademark office permitted the other application, the ultimate ruling would come before a judge, doesn't matter what the trademark office says. If a judge thinks, it's okay, consumers won't be confused, then the two trademarks might be allowed to coexist.
  8. The Amico trademark type is "design plus words". It says at the top "word mark: Amico". We've gone over this before. At the end of the day the purpose of trademarks is to prevent confusion in the market and two different video game systems called Amico would be an issue.
  9. It's hard to tell from the photo but if you see a large capacitor through the central vent, it's likely a tutorvision board; exec to be determined.
  10. Emulating classic Intellivision games is not a priority for Amico. It may have been in the original concept but that's no longer the case as they soon thereafter advised not to expect them for maybe a year after system release. Jzintv has an open license so anyone is free to implement it. I remember the 70s and 80s. Plenty of "coming soon" video games that took ages to show up and some not at all.
  11. Most of the people participating in that Q&A thread were not the usual Atariage Intellivision section users. It was rightfully moved to the modern consoles section. This thread is about issues launching a modern console, not about emulating Intellivision games or Amico games inspired by those games, and is definitely off-topic. More than a dozen Amico games were played at live events. None of them were Care Bears or Sesame Street. Sesame Street on Amico is a port of existing web games, we'll see any improvements they claim to have made should it ever come out. Of the other twenty-one games listed in their launch lineup, about four are based on ports of existing Android games. What's wrong with that? That might be true if the Amico trademark was mostly a design with the word smaller, detached from the design. That's because a consumer might see the picture and not notice the word so much, so the word doesn't resonate with the consumer as much. In the Amico case the design is a word. The consumer cannot help but read the word when seeing the design. If the consumer sees a different console called Amico there could be confusion. The Amico trademark, as it is, would protect them.
  12. This is what their update said: "... Obviously, the markets continue to be somewhat volatile with rising inflation, rising energy costs and lingering supply chain issues that affect all manufacturing businesses. This has impacted both our costs and pricing, and it has required us to narrow our initial distribution strategy. Our hope is that we start shipping production units this year." Maybe they will ship this year, but based on what they said, I don't think it's correct to say it's looking good. The majority of Amico games are not cell phone or flash ports. You can discuss how any modern console emulates Intellivision games in the Intellivision section. You can also discuss modern games that are inspired by Intellivision games in the Intellivision section, regardless of what system they're on. These things would not be off topic here.
  13. The update mentions making a few units to share with partners, investors, and media. You can't release a product with just hope.
  14. There's only one map 0. Either your hackfile was read, redefining map 0, or it wasn't.
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