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  1. Lots of completely new footage of most games shown in this video. I think only Baseball and Soccer had early prototype labels, and it showed. If you've ever worked in software, you know you're never finished, things can always be improved. They can tinker with the packins until it goes to manufacturing, and the other launch games until the store goes live. People that got to play the Amico around the time of the Texas event said the games felt ready, but they didn't play Farkle.
  2. What is it about the games shown that doesn't look finished? They said some time ago they have more than a dozen games more or less complete. Most of the footage shown was new. Edit: I should say Amico Soccer looks rough, but that's not a launch title.
  3. At current exchange, US$250 is CA$309, but it's probably wise to guard against the US dollar going up. Pricing software is less risky for IE, but despite what the EB Games page says, I'd still wait and see what it actually is for Amico games in Canada.
  4. Sometimes you just have to have a presence at certain events. Investing much more at this time would see little return. They still don't know how many Amicos they will have available in October, and already stopped taking retailer purchase orders. Like you said, it's only the start, more will come.
  5. I thought I heard 10k each for Spiker and SMB. Just because something is more rare does not necessarily mean it's more valuable
  6. It's still about four months before people can buy an Amico; too early to generate hype. Pandemic restrictions were recently relaxed in California; it should be easier for them to make these kinds of videos now. Ideally, you'll want to try it hands-on anyway.
  7. That's right, the boy in the black t-shirt throws once with an Amico controller and once using the phone app. They're all playing a game of Amico Cornhole with two Amico controllers and two phones. I can't tell you if the Amico controllers are turned on, if an actual Amico is plugged into the TV, or if the whole thing is filmed in front of a green screen. The question with Amico motion control games is not if they can get it working but how realistic the motion control is.
  8. I can see the kid in the black t-shirt throwing twice using an Amico controller. I have no way to see that the controller is on or off. The cornhole footage is from an old demo from mid 2020. You can see more of it in their August 2020 video.
  9. The only games I saw using phones were Farkle and Spades. Cornhole was shown using both Amico controllers and phones. Everything else was shown with real Amico controllers and that includes the trackpad in Missile Command , the bonus hint display in Shark Shark, motion control with Evel Knievel, interactive touchscreen with Bomb Squad, and in Astrosmash using the touchscreen to enter an ongoing game without interrupting it. They still want to show that mobile devices can be used when there isn't enough Amico controllers for table top type games.
  10. Some more Cornhole in this video from last year. You can emulate almost any game controller on a smartphone. It's convenient for multiplayer party games, cards and other table top games. But for action games a dedicated, ergonomically designed controller would be preferred. I think they were having trouble getting the parts to make controllers for their developers.
  11. Some other third party cartridges might do that also. Common Mattel cartridges will give you the ECS menu.
  12. The ECS computer adaptor won't do anything without a cartridge. An inserted Intellivision cartridge is required, any intellivision cartridge should do.
  13. Thanks. I was thinking of the UK Intellivisions which have more of a reddish-brown titlescreen. This looks more like ntsc intellivision colour. Can you post the colour palette you measured and are using?
  14. Signals go from the Stic to the colour chip, Pal intellivisions don't have a colour chip. Most of them do have an Lm1886 chip which actually generates RGB signals. Since this solution uses Stic output, they should be able to make it work with Ntsc Intellivisions as well. What colour palette are you using?
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