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  1. If you can't use patterns, isn't what you're playing more like ms pacman than pacman.
  2. But that's pacman. Arcade pacman was easily beaten with patterns and is the reason for ms pacman which can't. And ms pacman is a hack of pacman so the ms pacman ghosts have the same tendencies as pacman ghosts, with a little randomness added.
  3. Joust is a great game but not a good one for the intellivision controller. Apparently Atari did make Joust for intellivision back in 1983 but didn't release it.
  4. The Amico game would probably be a fixed a map view to support multiplayer the way they want. The Amico controller would be great for these kinds of games.
  5. Some say the ghosts behaviour changes others say they use patterns. I know the programmer said he first programmed the ghosts with some random movement but Atari insisted that the ghosts have predictable patterns, so he changed it. That's because if the ghosts had some random movement it would be ms pacman.
  6. 112650 mame, intellivision controller Any of you guys kill sharks after 100k? .
  7. For games like this you don't even see the guns or the killing, amies could be taken prisoner for all we know. Think of the board game Risk.
  8. I think a multiplayer strategy war game is a good idea. Sounds like the classic computer game Empire or the Intellivision game Takeover. Each player has a base city on a map to defend, build armies, establish new cities. It is war, but don't see why it wouldn't be rated E10+.
  9. The number of console units for that is not that much.
  10. At how many unit console sales would you call it a failure?
  11. Like what? Electronic board games? It will be interesting to see how they market this thing.
  12. Did you find anything meaningful? Doesn't have to be a $1200 phone; any compatible cheap phone or tablet would work. People use their phones to play games all the time, why wouldn't they do that when visiting friends. And we are talking about cards and other casual games; for action games you'd want to use a real amico controller.
  13. The guy that engineered the thing and the guy that wrote the software are both on atariage. They usually respond to questions. Edit: So, do any of you guys use patterns for intellivision pac-man?
  14. I'm not saying that Walmart thinks a hundred million Amicos will sell. Saying that they are not baffled by what it is or confused by its price and they don't think their customers will be either. If Amico can carve a niche with young families and casual gamers that may be just fine for them.
  15. You'd have to figure out how to do the first person perspective in a local multiplayer game. Are you thinking split_screens? [Edit: Is it that everyone shares the same perspective?]
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