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  1. The jakks pacific unit played the arcade version of pole position. The controller even had a twist action for steering. Pole Position hasn't appeared on any recent namco collections or plugnplays, probably due to the controls. You can easily play it on any computer with mame, controls aren't ideal but it's not bad with a mouse/trackpad.
  2. Ever try playing cross-handed like this. This is definitely the wrong forum section for these posts.
  3. That explains what happened to the cartridges where I was. They just disappeared from the shelves, no discounts, no bargain bins. I had a hard time finding new games, I paid full price for burgertime and bumpnjump.
  4. 124300 level 11, zero wizards Intellivision hardware I find the castle stage the toughest of the three. Tougher than the dungeon.
  5. Looks good! I have a question; between programming eight, sixteen direction, or 360 degree movement, is one easier than the other. Why bother with 16 directions, just go full precision of the controller.
  6. Dreadnaught Factor, Space Battle, Space Spartans, Defender, Beamrider; would be my list. Space Hawk would be second or third with Star Strike in the space network.
  7. Mike Mika interview https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=IoReoLLJ-18 Jason Enos interview http://intellivisionaries.com/episode-38-happy-trails-and-loco-motion/
  8. The intellivision controller uses three bits for the side buttons. Each button uses two of those bits. If all three bits are used you know two side buttons have been pressed simultaneously.
  9. I think you would have got the extra life at 15k. If you stay under 8k you'll get them more often.
  10. More lives will help you reach more levels. Don't grab a comb if your score is below 4000.
  11. That score can be beaten with a level eight score, so I have to go further.
  12. No, that would be considered farming and not what I'm talking about. You can progress through the game normally and still collect more lives by keeping your score low.
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