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  1. I read on here that you can do this. How? What do I need?
  2. Well, we have a problem. This DOS comes on a Double Density disk. According to my research, it won't work on my 810. (Correct me if I'm wrong.) What DOS can I use?
  3. I just looked through the disks that I have, and found Atari DOS 2.5. Will it work with my 810?
  4. I got a whole bunch of Atari stuff today, including a 400, 810 disk drive (with some disks), and a BASIC cart. Can I load disks from BASIC, like on a Commodore 64 (or 128, ect.) or do I need a DOS? (Obviously, I need a DOS, but does Atari BASIC have one built in?)
  5. A Commodore 64 is a computer, not a console. Commodore 64 games were written on a Commodore 64. Nowadays, people use modern PCs with emulators and special editing software. Hope this helps.
  6. I mean older Apple II models, not just IIc models.
  7. I'll be going to a local classic computer/console gaming convention soon, and I want to see about getting an Apple IIc. What's an average price (from a seller who knows what they have) for one? And what's the average price for the drives? I know C64 and Atari are usually about $80-$100 and around $25 for drives. What about an Apple IIc?
  8. Alright, here's a cool update. A few days ago, I finished converting the Applesoft code to C64 BASIC/machine code mishmash. But I thought the maze looked a bit too small. Today, I finished a routine to plot individual pixels onto an artificial bitmap (which is made up of characters). After making a new version of the maze generator, I'll be able to have a much larger maze (2*2 pixel blocks as opposed to 8*8 pixel characters.)
  9. I finished the actual game part (level generation, monster encounters, etc.) but found that it wasn't very hard or fun. Way too simple. I decided not to even bother with the scrolling text box, title screen, music, or anything beyond the basic framework until I could figure out a way to make it more interesting. Since I love the lo res PLOT functions and HLIN/VLIN of AppleSoft BASIC, I made my own versions for the C64. I finished that about a week ago. Just yesterday, I finished a random maze generator written in AppleSoft BASIC. I am currently working on converting the AppleSoft code to C64 code (with the help of my custom plotting routines). I didn't want to post anything more until I had a demo of the maze generator up and running on the C64 with player and monster party movement plus objects (and even then, I was going to make a new thread) but those things shouldn't take to long to implement into the new version, so I may be able to show some stuff in the next few days. If anyone is interested in the maze generator (which generates an actual maze, not rooms that can branch off in random directions like my boring first version) I'd love to explain how it works, and could show you the completed AppleSoft version.
  10. I lied! I decided that the graphics I had were (while nice and simple) a bit bland. This has more detail and color, and looks much better. It's supposed to be a hedge maze, I was inspired by the box art for "Adventure" on the 2600. I'll still have to do a new font in the future.
  11. I use Pixcen, a c64 bitmap editor for the mockups. First I take a screenshot in VICE, then I import it in Pixcen, and then I set Pixcen to "unrestricted" mode (which removes cell color restraints) to draw the sprites. And technically yes, I shrunk the rooms, but it's like Telengard in that you move between rooms, but not in them, so it doesn't effect gameplay too much. And you are told the room's contents and shown sprites that represent them.
  12. Other than the font, I won't be changing the graphics anymore, though I have to make sprites for monsters still. Here's a mockup with filters:
  13. GREAT NEWS! I'm done with graphics (although I'll make a new font soon, for now I'm using ATASCII), and more importantly, THE LEVEL GENERATOR IS COMPLETE! Yay! It's not much, but I'm proud of it. It took around 120 lines of code and only takes 32 seconds to generate a level. I'll have some pics up later today, but that's all for now.
  14. Hello. This project is not dead, not even close! I've been working harder than ever, but I haven't posted anything for a while. A quick update: the graphics have been tweaked, and I plan on changing the screen layout. Also, I am almost done with the random level generator, and getting ready to work on encounters and combat. I have been getting a lot of inspiration from Atari 2600 games, I want the game to be simple, but fun, and interesting. The graphics are also supposed to be simple and not bad (as in poorly drawn.) I will be trying to post more often, but that's all for now.
  15. Sorry for the delay, here's episode 2: https://youtu.be/_OYZokD3vVY
  16. The new video still has a few more hours. Probably won't be able to publish it until the afternoon.
  17. Here is a short video of me rambling about Ultima 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_EVL6zRM680 More escapades coming soon. My 20 minute widescreen adventures are uploading and will be published tomorrow (in 7 hours).
  18. Part 2. https://youtu.be/CzT-2EubDak More soon.
  19. I'm going to be playing through Ultima 1. I will be making videos of my progress. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/Etm2DgMEtc8 More soon.
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