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  1. > I don't think I've ever played past screen 10! Why don't you press Shift+3 and enter a two digit screen number?
  2. "LEVEL28 file in level28.dsk" and "ORIGINAL file in runner.dsk" are identical. So "screen No.35 in LEVEL28 file in level28.dsk" is corrupted and later screens have no data. Anyway, thank you very much for uploading.
  3. Thank you for your quick reply. I did as you mentioned, and played 34 screens in ORIGINAL file. When screen No.35 appears, it seems to be corrupted. And there seem to be no data in later screens. Thanks again for your uploading the game.
  4. Hi. I'm Runa in Japan. Sorry for my poor English. TI-RUNNER ORIGINAL Level 35 seems to be corrupted and later levels have no data. Any suggestions?
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