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  1. Thanks for the info. I can't get it to work so calling it quits on this. Sorry for the thread hijack.
  2. Yeah I tried and there were missing files that were top secret and hard to find. Grom or bin I think, I finally gave up. If someone can PM me the PC moron's version of instruction that would be great. I can't currently play on anything but PC and want to play.
  3. How are you guys playing this? Can you play it on pc still? it's been years since I tried
  4. I'm not far from UCONN in connetisuck I mean Connectitax I mean Connecticut
  5. I love cilantro and intellivision. We could be friends
  6. The instructions and attachments are still factory sealed. Box was opened but the unit appears to have never been used I plan to have all of my Intellivisions setup in my new man cave next year so I'll wait to test this one out until then.
  7. Like how many? I remember this game and it not being anything special....
  8. You can actually buy stickers and just cut them out if you wanted to have the engine turn pattern or any pattern for that matter.
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