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  1. Definitively seems like even the hardcore peeps have lost their enthusiasm... that's not good for Amico.
  2. I feel like I have to go hunting for info on updates as to release. Maybe I missed the thread, but shouldn't it be pinned to the "Intellivision Amico" board?
  3. At 5:36, you can see this stud picking up chicks
  4. Hey Rev, any update on my order? I never got a response. Thanks
  5. The console itself looked cheap in the video. Obviously looks can be deceiving but I really hope it's robust like the original unit was and not cheap plastic.
  6. My daughter is 4 too and was looking forward to getting it. Since it didn't come through she seems to have lost interest. When is the release date now?
  7. I love this console! I have two new in box, one open box and two loose.
  8. 😄 But I have 20 of these and none of them automatically display the keypad layover or connect to a modern television or work wirelessly or have modern video connections or work without loading a cartridge and praying it works....so not perfect.
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