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  1. If you have access to a 3D printer, then you could print the board and see how it fits in the case. I know KiCAD can output the needed STL file.
  2. You can contact Byte Knight and see if he is willing to do that for you, but you'd have to send him your monitor. I carry my Pi with me often when I travel and I've connected it to many HDMI tvs, and some tvs have a black border (on top and bottom only), and some tvs have all 4 edges slightly cut off, and some TVs are displayed just fine. Why this happens? I don't know. So even for HDMI tvs, there isn't a consistency for how things are displayed. Some tvs in the hotels are 720p and some are 1080p, etc, and tons of other reasons. This is the function of the overscan setting in the Pi's configuration file, so after you set the resolution for the Pi you can then further finetune the edges as needed for your particular display. I do not do this for my Pi because there is no telling what TV model I will be connecting it to, so I live with a little RetroPie inconsistency. Once you have the RetroPie setup and looking good on your monitor, then you can adjust the setting for the Intellivision emulator, too, as shown in the manual provided by ByteKnight: The emulator can be set to just about whatever resolution you want, so you can really dial it in for your particular monitor.
  3. Your question about composite was answered: And confirmed: About the possibility of the edges getting cut off, there is a RetroPie Forum that you can ask in there, but you can open the proper configuration file on the Pi itself and you can set the desired resolution for the system, and there are overscan settings that you can adjust for the Pi to get the output correct for your monitor/tv. For adding ROMs, you can do it using a USB stick or over wifi (or wired network connection) using Samba shares or WinSCP to remote into the Pi and you can add the roms into the needed folder. Some of this is detailed in the manual provided by ByteKnight. for deleting roms you would need to do this over a network connection using Samba shares or WinSCP to remote into the Pi and you can delete the desired roms.
  4. Just so long as the games in IntyBASIC Showcase 7 are not a rehash of the games released in #4 And make sure that IntyBASIC Showcase 8 is not a slap in your face - forget Showcases 1-7 existed - and now you can play with these inferior new games in #8, but then Showcase #9 has to bring back the Inty Running Man from the grave to be used in every game in this Showcase 9 just to try and bring balance to all the previous Showcases and then #9 turns into a rehashing the games in #3 and #6
  5. Here's the 10,000-ft view of the schematic But can you see that I forgot to add in the power LED?
  6. Thanks, this is a thread to show and discuss the development. Later there will be a thread for an interest check
  7. The 2600 D9 adapter supports many various joystick and stuff, but I don't recall seeing any confirmation in the posts above that the adapter was set to "Atari mode"
  8. Exactly. I actually liked the first part of the game, but the MCP level was pointless. Someone should hack the game to make it winnable, but even if the game was winnable the MCP level in this game and Solar Sailer were not fun to play.
  9. fdr4prez


    Yes, sorry, I just reread a number of the recent posts - you did not mention it. It was mentioned in at least three or four posts from bizarrostormy in his calculations, and it was never countered by you, so I incorrectly assumed it was something you'd be doing:
  10. fdr4prez


    You mentioned keeping track if the pawn has been promoted, but once it is promoted then who cares? If there is a black queen in any given square, does it matter if it was a promoted pawn or the real queen? Also, do you allow for underpromotion? A pawn can be promoted to rook, knight, bishop, or queen.
  11. You may want to consider changing the front flip switch from power into the other difficulty switch and move the power switch to the rear (or top). It looks like it is very easy to accidentally hit the power switch when reaching down there, and even if a game is one player sometimes both difficulty switches are used for various game settings.
  12. For someone wanting to use a modern controller, then they can get one of these: I do have a few of the Inty25 units, and more can be had. And many here already have these in their collection, so this will be an easy conversion for them. Luckily this is a niche market, and if the demand is high enough then I do have other plans brewing
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