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  1. You're comparing Apples Raspberries and Oranges
  2. well, I guess the title of this thread can be changed to "PRGE 2021 - Canceled"
  3. No. Go ahead and report the seller for a falsehood
  4. Is your meter set to 2? Wbat happens if you set it 20 and remeasure everything?
  5. Look here: LTO Flash! - Intellivision Flash Cartridge Information - Intellivision / Aquarius - AtariAge Forums LTO FLASH MULTI-CART for CANADIANS - Intellivision / Aquarius - AtariAge Forums
  6. If I recall there was another one not so long ago. It happens... I feel sorry for the Intellivision fan that doesn't know first hand about these being available from the source at the "retail" price
  7. I think it was Disney, and maybe some others, were doing that - at least for a while. I don't know if they still do that. "buy the bluray and get a free digital download"
  8. It will take some getting use to the side scrolling. This should not be called Break Out. Breakout doesn't really have all those powers, so this is closer to an Arkanoid clone.
  9. Once you get a properly matched Inty2 console, you can use the controllers from your old unit as the Player 3 and Player 4 controllers on your ECS win-win for everyone
  10. just curious - did your STL not get the holes? They look like little dimples - or is just a limitation of the 3D printing due to the small diameter of the holes? When I take your BRD file into KiCAD and export STEP and then covert to STL I can see the holes I don't have a 3D printer, but it is next on my list of things to get.
  11. Correction, KiCAD can output a STEP file
  12. I have noticed at times that printing to paper is not always accurate (printer scales it a bit) I have used KiCAD a few times, and it can output an STL of your board, so you can 3D print it. I don't know if Eagle can do that since I've not used it. KiCAD can import in Eagle files, too. So if there is any doubt about the board size, shape, dimensions, etc, then 3D print the board.
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