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  1. I like projects like this; thanks for sharing. How functional is the original Reset button? The script that I use has a short press for reset and a long press for game quit. Send me a PM if you are interested in trying it out.
  2. If the files are there, maybe it is a file permissions issue
  3. Why does he need to show us anything? let alone the internals of a prototype that is by the name "prototype" is an item that is not finished. For me, I like to keep my life simple. It is a blackbox that will output video games for my personal entertainment. That is all I really need to know. If I like the games, then the system behind it is nearly moot why buy a system based on the hardware if the games suck?
  4. This can be the Channel's F version of "Adventures of Tron", and he can be Tron
  5. Resting sounds fun. We can all help with that Let me know if you need a helping hand
  6. It can only be a Founder's Edition if it can polymorph into other objects, and every 16 hours it must be turned off and rest in a bucket
  7. But which is the master and which is the apprentice?
  8. Draconian and Super Cobra will work, but you need to use the standalone version of Stella. In Retropie v4.4 the standalone Stella has been updated to v5.0.2 I am running RetroPie v4.5.1 and after you run the update the standalone Stella is now at v6.0.1 (added in Sept 2019) I've no clue if lr-stella hasn't been updated since I never use it, and I don't even know how to check what version of lr-stella is being used right now. Which RetroPie version are you using, and are you using lr-stella or the standalone version of Stella? The people that work on Stella have no connection to RetroPie, so if something isn't updated or working then you should head over to the RetroPie forum and ask them.
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