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  1. If only someone would 3D print a holder that has the two controllers side-by-side...
  2. I have received my pair of spinners. great work thanks
  3. Yup, replace the cable. They should be available from Best Electronics. Or cut off the connector and replace it with an off the shelf DB9 connector
  4. So it would be possible for a programmer to make their own palette for their game and distribute it with their rom, yeah? So for example, if someone wanted to make a game in greyscale with up to 16 shades of grey, this should allow them to do it, no? Granted it would be a jzintv only game, but it still opens up some imagination with custom palattes.
  5. the cable itself could be bad, or the connectors have a bad connection inside the molding
  6. as mr_me posted yesterday, jzintv does allow you to define your own palette file and point to it https://atariage.com/forums/topic/278354-gfx-palette-flag/
  7. Odd that it got posted as a video. I posted it as a link for the kickstarter campaign for it. It got funded. On their website you click on the raspberry pi section and they have a few different kits available for C64 https://corei64.com/shop/index.php?route=product/category&path=79 But if you are looking for just an '80s style case that doesn't match your existing units sounds like the best plan would be to make your own, or look on ebay for old nonworking TI-99, or somesuch, to put it in. The neat thing about the Pis is that they are rather small and fit into all kinds of things.
  8. You can use a kit like this one to use a C64 as your case
  9. I'd imagine that they can be removed. The pad closest to the connector could be a nice soldering point for your wires going to the UPCI
  10. It is a new technology... Use it or don't use it. This doesn't need to replace your other multicart(s) if it is something you aren't in to. But there are advantages, such as what Sokoban is being developed into that will take advantage of the PlusCart -> automatic high score tracking and new level availability. As noted in this post: I am hoping to see what other new games can be developed (or revamped old games) to take advantage of the tech like @Andrew Davie is doing. So don't use the PlusCart for old school roms. Use the PlusCart for games that take advantage of the new technology.
  11. Ratzz!! This is a slightly different angle from the same listing. I think it does say Made in Hong Kong on the bottom
  12. I should send you my newest script. No need to set it to R and no changes to the hackfile. It uses the default jzintv keyboard settings.
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