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  1. From Arnauld http://knox.ac.free.fr/index.php/inty/roms?title=stonix
  2. Or make a post in the Ultimate Colecovision thread here ColecoVision Flashback Upgrade Service - ColecoVision / Adam - AtariAge Forums (like what was suggested in your thread in the Atari5200 forum)
  3. fdr4prez

    Byte Knight

    you can send @Byte Knight a PM Or you can go to the Colecovision subforum and post in the thread and ask ColecoVision Flashback Upgrade Service - ColecoVision / Adam - AtariAge Forums
  4. He said in the first post it was a check. Not sure if it was a bounced check, or a rubber check, or maybe it was a blank check. I like blank checks if they are signed and backed Edit- Oh, scratch that - it was a test, not a check... I hope he used a #2 pencil Did you know people sell used pregnancy tests? A nice way to blackmail somebody. I hope it wasn't one of those
  5. Also being made and sold in the same era as Intellivision and Colecovision with their keypad right on their controllers that look identical to these. Or at the time the rotary phones being phased out and replaced with phones with keypads. Security doors, etc, with a keypad to type in the codes, etc... Having Atari trying to sell an identical looking device, but calling it something different was a losing battle in the long run.
  6. Is Venmo any better? I've not used it, but my wife sold some crafts and one purchaser ask if we took Venmo.
  7. Have you not met an intellivion collector before?
  8. Knight Rider playing Intellivision games in KITT using what looks to be an Atari2600 joystick:
  9. Can you check for continuity from the board to each of the pins in the 9-pin connector at the end of the cable?
  10. are there any Frenzy elements added, maybe to later levels?
  11. I don't want to get in trouble for posting any Human Centipede clips, so you can feast on Centipede Horror: full movie: https://youtu.be/dlUVeG0UFiQ
  12. Any game play videos and/or screenshots available for this game?
  13. As mr_me posted above - you can't kill the jellyfish:
  14. Yeah, the buggy one is a nice transition for cut-scenes
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