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  1. I got curious so I rummaged through my horribly unorganized collection of files, and look what I found. Version 0.0 pre-release 99.2. Main program timestamp looks to be about 7 months newer than the version on Kovac's site. HELL99_2.LZH
  2. Is there a newer version that what Milan Kovac has on his website? The version he has is 0.0 pre84. Milan's Kovac's Atari Software archive
  3. Perhaps use FloImg to put the compressed files into a blank .ST image? Then just mount the image in your emulator.
  4. I'm the guy that has dfunct.net, but I'm not Swedish. I think you got me and /u/tsangberg mixed up. He did used to run the Swedish Ratsoft support board back in the '90s. I'm sure most, if not all of the Ratsoft files I have came from, or through, his board at some point. I know he is around on Atari-Forum, but I'm unsure if he's around here. I'd be surprised if he wasn't though. Steve Hughey, the author of Ratsoft, found me through Reddit a while back. Last I talked to him he had an Atari system set back up and he was going through the source code he was able to find. He was fixing a date bug and was looking at some fixes for running under Hatari. From what he mentioned, Ratsoft/XE was never released. He only used it for his own board. It sounds like Ratsoft/PC was planned, but never finished. It would also seem that any code for XE and PC are lost to the ages now. It's a bummer for XE and PC to be lost, but there's a decent chance that we'll see a newer release of Ratsoft/ST! Keep your fingers crossed!
  5. Here's Freeze Dried Terminal v2.20 registered using a key by MCA. FZDT220.zip
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