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  1. Atari 4 switch console 3 games bundle Seller refurbished Tested and working. Some light scratches and scuffs from age and use. Given the age, the console is in good shape. Please check out this an other Items at my ebay store. thank you http://www.ebay.com/itm/291924863666?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  2. Hello, I did get it from Ebay as parts or repair. Judging by the amount of dust and dirt. This had been like this for some decades now. This person was unaware. I did spend more than I would for the items, but not whole lot. I refurbish them, than resell. So I can't spend a lot or I will not make anything. I was excited to get a heavy. I get a few a year. Once repaired they sell fast. But It's not a total loss. I will take the parts and use them for other sixers. Save the casing and see If I can find the proper boards. Eventually I will have a heavy to sell. thank you for your input. It's greatly appreciated. Ii will have a talk with the guy.
  3. Hello, just got a lot of ataris one was suppose to be a heavy. the shell is but the boards are for a sixer light. Not sure if I should be upset or not. I knew this day would come when I run into a problem like this. I'm most likely just going to hang on to this case and use the guts for parts for other consoles. I would assume that collectors would not be happy to find this. I'm interested in any thoughts in this matter.
  4. hello, just needing some assistance with this. I MODed one of my ataris. I get little Sparklies and interference. (the whole reason I did the mod was to get rid of this.) I changed the 2400fu cap and voltage reg. no change change chips. changed out the cap on C241 c214 and the c206 and 207 that controls sound since I was in their anyways. It was a basic MOD. I have this same issues with some other ataris(not MODed yet) I have that I'm trying to repair. I normally just replace the rf cable but good ones are getting hard to come by. If I can get the MODing down than I wont need the cables. I can get the picture to come in clear, but I have to hold the mod board in my hand and contact the resisters. I've tried different T.V.s I've tried plugging the console in the wall socket.(I normally use a multi plug.) I've tried it with out my computer in the room. I tried adjusting the coil (did less then nothing.) tried multiple carts and cleaned them all before trying. I'm getting interference and I don't know why. I'm missing something on this and my other ataris I am open to suggestions. thank you
  5. hello, I have this river raid cart that I got in a lot. Its unusual. The graphic art is different. I looked it up and its rear, but I think it's pal format. I've tried it on several consoles and different types of tvs. the best I could get it to play is without a portion of the right side and bottom of the screen. the tube tvs I would get the screen scrolling and the flat screen I get this funky shades of gray. the only way I haven't tryed is Pal format.(I don't own a Pal format console) Is this PAL? does any know if it's the cart.? thank you for your time
  6. Hi. I'm with mrblackcat on this.I have a background in property appraisal. Using the median average is where you find true value of an item. I've been on Ebay for a few years. I've tried all different ways to sell on ebay. Auctions occasionally fetch higher than what the item is worth. Though if it gets too high the buyer just doesn't pay-up. If you go though and check Items that sold for really super high (way more than its worth) amount you will find a lot of them where relisted. I'm sure their is shilling going on. People may run on emotions but are not completely stupid. If someone way overspent on am item. Then they will take their lumps from ebay and walk from it. The best is to sell items as buy it now, or at auction with the starting price close to what it worth. (leave a little on the table to bring in the buyers) Realize that each item is a market and markets go up and down due to supply and demand. That could be daily, yearly, or by the minute. Trust your comparables when determining values. If the item dose not sell in a few months, than you need to re-evaluate.(If this is going off topic, witch I have a tendency to do. than I apologize.) hope this helps.
  7. Hello, It's unlikely it's a winner. And can you even claim it if it is? I would think that their is a way to do a scan or something to see if it is a winner without scratching it. I'd see if I could sell it on ebay or get a nice frame. something to hang on the wall for my friends to look at and make conversation. I think its cool just the way it is. Hope this helps. -thank you
  8. Hello, I was 9 at the time. I got my atari for Christmas the previous year. It came with pac-man and another game I can't recall. Not long after I remember my family and I walking through the mall in front of toys R us or maybe KB toy store, and seeing a gigantic bin out front full of 2600 games for like 3 for a dollar or something close. My dad bought one of each game in the bin. My sister and I had a secondary Christmas that year. It took us a few years to finally grow tired of them. We had some great memories. My parents never had a lot of money and I know the crash hurt a lot of people, but my sister and I made out like bandits. So there was an upside if you were poor, and willing to snatch up an opportunity.
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