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  1. hate to bump the post, but the game was included on the Shareware collection called "Encyclopedia of games vol. 1"
  2. Qube Jumper Cube RT @!#[email protected]! I especially like the last one
  3. ok, I need some help. I burned some video cds, and I put them in my Cdi 350 (the portable kind). The Cdi menu comes up, and "Play CDI" arrow appears, I click on it, and the screen turns blue, then black, then it goes back to the cdi screen. I have a video cartridge installed (the proper one? I can play braindead 13...if that matters). What is the problem?
  4. time for a dumb question, is the c128 backwards compatible with the c64, and which is better (I have been toying with the idea of getting one...or an ST laptop. International Karate + is an awesome game, a must have Bruce Lee The spy vs spy's Lode Runner(s) Manic Miner(s) Jet Set Willy(s) Realm Of Impossibility M.U.L.E Rick Dangerous (I and II) (I prefer the ST versions, but these are still good) too many to list, but those are my most favorite
  5. NBA JAM: TE AvP Tempest 2000 International Sensible Soccer Zoop Club Drive Zool 2 Attack of the Mutant Penguins Pinball Fantasies Ruiner Pinball Pitfall Theme Park Cannon Fodder Bruce Lee Over 10, and in no order. Hope this helps (there are some games on there that other people think are stinkers, but think about it...some of us (not me) like E.T. some dont, so dont just take my word for it) Also, if anyone has any of these for sale, I am always looking for a copy (aside from AVP CANNON FODDER and PITFALL (I already have those)
  6. A japenese copy of Spy Vs Spy II was released for the NES, correct? If so, where can I get the rom? I love Spy Vs Spy (as you may know) and really love the NES version (I am looking for the c64 games to put on the ol xbox, although I will play the nes version more).
  7. Where are the contacts that everybody is talking about?
  8. And 2600, Gamegear, Megadrive, NEOGEO, MAME... There is ALOT of emulation that can be done. The controllers feel so much better than a keyboard. I think you should do it for the emulation (do not steal games, that is not even cool). And, I just found out, that a modded xbox can (or is) be region free, so you can import games as well.
  9. Well, my post about my jaguar is no good anymore. I just got AvP in the mail today, and I am gonna play this one forever! (Although, I am still looking to aquire more)
  10. It looks pretty good to me especially after I translated the site from French with Google's language tools. It's much better looking than the SNES version. I'm thinking about this for the 1st prototype cart I buy since I already have a ton of B Ball games for serval systems (including NBA Jam TE for the Jag) but just a few hockey games. I didnt know there was a snes version. I might have to try it just to see if the gameplay is good (I LOVE pro hocket (maybe its a 9*, maybe just a game, not sure. It is the one on the sports game controller that just came out). Does anyone have a copy of NBA JAM (jag, of course) for sale?
  11. A fav of mine on the 2600. THe BMX is the greatest.
  12. Me too, but Green is my favorite color
  13. Yeah, I thought so too, but it looks too damn good to be spraypaint thought.
  14. I have heard more bad about the game than good, but it still looks interisting. I am not more of the "real" basketball fan, but I might have to look into this one.
  15. Rocko

    Name That Game!

    Piranha Panic Fish!: The Final Frontier Barracuda Blitzkrieg! The Tail of Two Guppies
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