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  1. I just tried playing this morning and didn't have any issues. 100% agree... This is a really fun game
  2. Looking for a complete copy of Tax Avoiders
  3. Hi all, I am looking for copies of Arena Football and Troy Aikman football for the Jaguar
  4. It’s available now. I would contact support or ask on the Discord if you are having issues. there are several 5200 games in Vault 2.
  5. I’ve been playing this on my VCS and it is a real gem. From the earlier posts, I thought it was available on Steam too. If you have a VCS, this is probably the best game on the console at this point.
  6. I’m confused... this game is actually in the VCS store
  7. I think they were from people who worked from Atari's PR firm. I'd have to go back and try and find the pics.
  8. I think this is a great way to sum things up. For me personally, I'm glad that there are options like the VCS and Amico. I'll probably pick them both up (I've got both on order), but they'll never overtake Xbox/Switch/PS in terms of being my primary console. I'm obviously an outlier, but I think these experiences will offer something unique. To me it's a similar feeling to why I boot up an Atari Jaguar or N-Gage sometimes... Doesn't mean I like them more than my Switch, it just means other experiences can be fun at times too.
  9. Before saying this, let me make clear that I am not saying the VCS will be successful, but I do think some of these points may be a little off. With regard to 1, I think this is being way overblown. I 1000% agree that a lack of response is bad business, but it is not correct to suggest that this has negatively impacted the console. The big draw is that you get an enhanced revenue split by releasing a game on the VCS. No one is going to commit to this until the launch date is completely solid. Second, Atari has been clear for a while that it is Linux based so it's not like people were waiting for an SDK to start development. There are no or very few announced games because there is no business reason to go exclusive on the VCS, not because Atari did not reply to some emails. With regard to 4, the pandemic has not really dampened spending on gaming, at least in the US, so I doubt that is / will be the reason the VCS fails. Could they blame it on that to save face? Totally a possibility.
  10. Definitely an odd decision... Hopefully the announcement that they are delaying for is well worth it. Delaying for a mediocre announcement would definitely just fuel the haters.
  11. I never really bought into the idea that if Atari had been more responsive there would be developers lining up. It's just a low-end Linux PC, so any developer with basic skills could build a game... They didn't really need a go ahead from Atari
  12. I only briefly looked at the list, but are all the Atari games removed from the Gamer?
  13. Hi Thomas, I was able to test and the first option (Going to advanced settings then options/input/emul and pressing defaults) fixed the issue and the Ranger paddles now works as intended in version 6.2.1. Please let me know if you have any questions or need my assistance with any additional testing. Thank you!
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