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  1. If an exclusive MLB game is coming to Amico, I'll be even more excited that I got a FE.
  2. I don't get all the complaints about the Founder's Edition. If you think it's too risky, just wait for the regular launch. Let's pretend Tommy is running the biggest scam of all time and some people pre-order and lose their money. Why should anyone care except them? I for one am definitely interested in the FE. I'm a huge supporter of everything the console stands for. I give huge props to Tommy for staying involved with this forum. I think it's hilarious how much hate he gets for offering a simple pre-order for die hard fans. He has created a vision for a console that is actually innovative and different for which I am excited. The Amico could sell 150 million units and some would still be here saying we somehow got scammed on a pre-order.
  3. I would expect the articles to be released shortly after CES--that would align with Atari's previous strategy for media events and embargos
  4. Honestly, I think the Amico has a really good chance of success. As anyone with younger kids will tell you, today's consoles are way too complex for younger children (and expensive on top of that) then you add in all the other casuals who don't want to deal with an expensive complex console, I think the Amico can play in a huge market. In my view, (based in my experience in the tech/retail industries), all of these streaming services targeted to casual games are far away from any mainstream success. Think of value proposition of the Amico: Less than $200, can buy it at retailers (I assume), easy to set up, can be played by kids and adults, comes with 2 controllers and games. If the console is even half as great as promised, there could be a huge market here.
  5. Spot on--time to move the goal posts again and act like the VCS had the potential to be mainstream to begin with
  6. It's good to hear that these seem to be selling well (at least as expected for AtGames). My biggest holdup has been concern that not enough people will buy them and AtGames will abandon some of the BYOG and ArcadeNet features.
  7. The only thing here is that there really is no need to pay any fees unless you want to use these specific features. If AtGames did not have the in-home streaming and forced you to use their servers, that would be a different story, but to me they are only charging for features that are not a necessity to enjoy the unit to its full potential, so that's not really a deciding factor for me.
  8. Congrats Bill on the launch. I want to try one out (and maybe buy), but I have to say this ended up being a very cool unit. Between the ArcadeNet, the comparability with the Boom/Blast units, and the open SDK, this is super exciting. I know you get paid, but thank you for working on a product that actually ups the bar on retro gaming.
  9. Is it confirmed that there will be no wireless/Gold edition of the X?
  10. Hopefully Bill can fill us in on the details now that it's out in the wild
  11. Does it use Stella or is it back to the in house emulator?
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