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  1. Looking for N-gage consoles and / or games
  2. I have to agree... I think the scoop here was heavily exaggerated. Looking back, I think a few got a little caught up in the Atari hatred and were hoping it was some kind of scam. Seems like what we knew all along--Atari over promised and didn't have the means to deliver. The reality is backers did eventually get a decent product, which is better than most crowd funding campaigns
  3. Played a few quick games and I'm really pleased with the gameplay so far. I'm looking forward to digging in more tomorrow.
  4. Looking for an ngage and games.
  5. Is there an ETA on when the next batch will be available in the US?
  6. bmadgames

    WTB: Gizmondo

    Looking for a Gizmondo console and games.
  7. I just tried playing this morning and didn't have any issues. 100% agree... This is a really fun game
  8. Looking for a complete copy of Tax Avoiders
  9. Hi all, I am looking for copies of Arena Football and Troy Aikman football for the Jaguar
  10. It’s available now. I would contact support or ask on the Discord if you are having issues. there are several 5200 games in Vault 2.
  11. I’ve been playing this on my VCS and it is a real gem. From the earlier posts, I thought it was available on Steam too. If you have a VCS, this is probably the best game on the console at this point.
  12. I’m confused... this game is actually in the VCS store
  13. I think they were from people who worked from Atari's PR firm. I'd have to go back and try and find the pics.
  14. I think this is a great way to sum things up. For me personally, I'm glad that there are options like the VCS and Amico. I'll probably pick them both up (I've got both on order), but they'll never overtake Xbox/Switch/PS in terms of being my primary console. I'm obviously an outlier, but I think these experiences will offer something unique. To me it's a similar feeling to why I boot up an Atari Jaguar or N-Gage sometimes... Doesn't mean I like them more than my Switch, it just means other experiences can be fun at times too.
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