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  1. For the Flashback 9 Gold, I am guessing the paddles aren't coming since the 2019 stuff will be out soon? A serious disappointment in my opinion given that the 9 Gold was excellent otherwise.
  2. Which edition did you back and at what price. I have been looking to preorder. PM me if you want to sell your IGG order.
  3. I kind of agree... I mean it's funny I guess, but now that we are getting closer to the "release date," I do get annoyed that you have to scroll through a bunch of posts about tacos to get to any real discussion (positive or negative)
  4. I'm really excited about the possibilities with the Amico. When you look at what is out on the market now, all of the consoles are the same and somewhat simple. I saw a good article on Gamespot earlier today talking about the lack of any new ideas even for the new PS5 and Xbox Scarlett: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/platinum-games-boss-on-ps5-and-next-gen-xbox-scarl/1100-6467910/ I'm very interested in seeing what Intellivision brings to the table--even if it is not as well funded or doesn't have the best graphics compared to the big three, I think it is definitely time for some innovation in the gaming industry. I'm even interested in Atari's offering at this point. So far, I am really liking what I am hearing and it sounds like the Amico will be a complete platform--not just a bunch of Android ports like the Ouya or the other failed "lower-cost" consoles. I could really see this succeeding.
  5. Fair enough. Either way, I think it would make sense to eventually (maybe when it gets closer to release) to have a section as there will be a fair number of people looking to tinker with the box (even if it does not sell very well) and I think it would be cool if AtariAge was a place to discuss.
  6. Are there any plans to make a new forum section for the new Atari VCS console? It is technically an Atari console and I can imagine that many people will be tinkering with the console, so it might make sense to have a subforum devoted to it.
  7. I'm pretty sure whatever is in that case was not running the demo (and I think Atati would admit that). In fact, many of the games shown at E3 are running on some kind of more powerful hardware instead of the actual console. I know folks are just trying to dig, but this thing is easily going to ship. It's just an AMD board in a case. The question should be around how developed the Atari OS is. With the RVGS, he was trying to create a custom board, etc. What Atari is doing is very simple on the hardware side. Where my concerns are is on how good the OS and content will be, which remains largely unanswered.
  8. I'm guessing there will be some controlled press about it. They might have a press embargo until tomorrow to let the news from E3 die down some
  9. Here's my thinking (as if anyone cares)... I was highly skeptical initially, but I can actually see this thing selling a few units. If they can get some decent media apps in there, I think this thing could be seen as a Nvidia Shield competitor. I really liked the Shield, but the games were quite limited. Since this is PC based, it would theoretically be super easy to port games over. It looks like Atari is giving a decent revenue split in their store as well. No, this will never sell anything remotely close to the big 3 and it will have very few exclusive games, but it could be a cool device to have a tinker with. Obviously, the pricing is a bit high, but they will probably get a small market segment. I know everyone here has different opinions on whether they should have even attempted this, but given the whole timeline of events, they actually seem to be putting together a decent package.
  10. Cnet has a new video up https://www.cnet.com/videos/the-new-atari-vcs-console-is-more-than-a-retro-game-box/ The console actually looks kinda cool. Definitely overpriced and not mainstream, but I can see them selling a fair amount and with the price I would guess they are making money on each unit
  11. I'd definitely be interested in the 2019 products. The 2018 products were a major improvement. I've put many hours into my Flashback 9 Gold
  12. There has not been any trade activity that impacted the price of the shares traded on the US OTC. Even though they have the Nasdaq foreign designation, it is very difficult to actually trade the stock in the US. You essentially would have to do a broker assisted trade. Also, some one mentioned that Atari was going to sell itself as it was doing a share buyback. I believe that this actually had to do with needing shares to use as a depository shares for a foreign listing in another country--I don't recall which one. I would caution using the stock price to predict the success or failure of the company. The fact is that they are a very small company that basically just holds IP and the AtariBox will never be anything more than a low grade computer in a Atari shell. They'll sell a few, but it's not going to make anyone a millionaire.
  13. This question may have been answered before, but can ganesh from previous waves be ordered or is it a one and done? It's so awesome to see the Jaguar so alive!
  14. Working great on my Gold unit. Some of the lag that I noticed previously is now gone. Don't notice too much else.
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