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  1. Got in a different Arduino Uno R3 today and everything works now. Seems the first one was faulty. Thanks for all the tips, suggestions and help!
  2. I am using USB and Windows / avrdude to program it
  3. I've made sure to do them in the correct order and waited a minute or two after each step of the eeprom_writer.hex, the reset, and the final sdrive.hex flashes.
  4. I tried it again and let it sit for a while between flashes and still the same issue. ILI9341 Soldering is fine, beeped it out with a multimeter to make sure. I've done a ton of soldering prior to this project. Could be a bad chip somewhere, but it just strikes me as odd that everything works after the bye/reset thing. I'll order another Uno and see what is up.
  5. It does have power before the 130XE is turned on. I've tried reflashing it and trying 3 different versions and the screen glitches out and wont cold boot the same way on all three. Does the same thing on the 800XL too.
  6. Heya. I just put this together and am having some kind of oddness happening to me and was looking for some help. I have an Elegoo Uno R3 and the Elegoo TFT screen as well as having the SDrive on its own power supply via the barrel jack. When I power up the Atari the screen on the SDrive gets corrupted, but I can just tap the ready on the bottom and then close that window and it redraws the screen fine. However, I think because of this the Atari wont boot from the SDrive on power on. I can get the SDrive to work by typing "bye" and going to the diagnostic screen then pressing the reset button. From there, the Atari will boot from the SDrive and it functions as normal. The SDrive is the only connected SIO device and has the proper diode and there is no 5v connection from the SDrive to the SIO port. I've tried the V0.7 release, the 1.0b2 and 1.1b with the same issue.
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