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  1. So I am trying to a restore an ADAM computer. I lacked the printer so I modified a PC PSU to power the system. I've ordered a new supply to dedicate just to the ADAM so this is a hold over. It was in unknown shape when I got it so I expected something to be wrong. After I powered it up all I got was a black screen and a tone. There is an intermittent sound like a startup sound sometimes but it just stays stuck. I did a massive amount of digging on the forums and it sounds like the ADAM is very sensitive to power supply voltage drops. The -5v channel on my jury rigged one is only around -4.7-4.8 so I assumed this might be part of the issue. So, instead of just waiting for the new power supply to arrive I did a little more digging. The tech manual troubleshooting does point me toward the PSU being an issue but I wanted to confirm with the experts here if it might be something else. That way I could get started ordering parts etc. I've already ordered replacement caps so I can refurb the board but those are also in transit. Cap replacement is generally my next step but I'm unfamiliar with ADAM behavior so I'm looking for any particular anecdotes people can share. Even confirmation I'm barking up the right tree would be great. Thanks!
  2. I was only mention it being an issue just to share wasn't meant as a complaint. I am more than happy with the Phoenix. I spent the morning going through games testing as much as I could out and that was the only glitch. Sorry if my comment came across as snarky.
  3. I was playing from SD but have since played again and got further.
  4. Had my first buggy experience. Girl's Garden seems to crash after you get to the second level.
  5. I don't have Children of the Night but Mecha 8 didn't sound exactly like the video. Unfortunately I don't have experience with it on real hardware to compare so I don't think I can be that helpful after all.
  6. Do you know specifically which games? I can test them out if you give me a list.
  7. No video on my Samsung 4K TV. It works fine on my 7” and a 27” HP monitor. Haven’t troubleshot beyond that as I’ve been busy adding WiFi to a Mac SE/30.
  8. The Phoenix has risen! Look at the surprise package that arrived for me to today. I've had problems with it working on my TV hence the 7" screen but it worked fine on some other devices so I expect it's my TV being finicky. It's pretty darn cool I'm super happy with it.
  9. AltRN8

    Vectrex SD Cart?

    Any updates on the VecMulti?
  10. That's greta news. Thanks for the update. *finger crossed*
  11. Great news. Thanks for the quick reply!
  12. I ordered during the Phoneix Early Access Preorder (Order #138) and I was wondering if there is a need to get that order linked to the online store that's now active? Just want to make sure my order doesn't get lost. Also, will early access pre-orders be the first to receive units? I am very excited about seeing the new cases. It feels like we are getting so close!
  13. I do have a scanner. Any particular settings for doing the scans? Is there a common place where stuff like this gets uploaded?
  14. Turned out okay. Came with overlays for almost all the games. System works, trackball works. Will need to recondition the controllers. For my first 5200 I think I did alright.
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