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  1. Purchased a Toshiba SD-2300 with remote. Came perfectly packed and works perfectly. Thanks so much!
  2. The problem with doom, if I read the notes with it correctly, are that the wad file needs to be read off the disc. The existing code was done for cd. Someone would need to change the cd parts to read from dvd. Shouldn’t be too hard but the current version won’t work.
  3. Came with an old distribution. Worked in a limited way for the remote, so it does seem to monitor activity.
  4. Alrighty folks, I'm still working on putting together a VM with all of this configured, but thought I would release this to the folks with an old RedHat environment already setup. I've uploaded the .gnupg files and the bless files to archive.org here: https://archive.org/details/tempest_202205 Just uncompress into your user's home directory and you should be able to sign away! The password you can use to unlock the application signing is: Thou Shalt Be Free:P-A1S2:EDC0 Let me know if you have any questions or issues. “Now I will believe that there are unicorns…” -Sebastian (Act 3, Scene 3)
  5. For those working on controller adapters this should prove useful. Key for application signing is next up. If anyone has a spare controller they are willing to part with for a reasonable price let me know. Carl maybe I can get to the front of the queue for an adapter? CONTROL.zip
  6. Glad to hear it! I'll be compiling some examples and trying to make a DVD multi boot disk and will be releasing the info shortly. Guess I'm not a scammer, huh.
  7. This is signed to run from DVD not CD-R. The CD-Rs aren’t loadable on the Toshiba model which is why it would not have worked for you in the past. If you still have a Toshiba burn the image to DVD and give it a whirl!
  8. That’s the model I have. Please let me know if it works for you!
  9. Yeah, I'll release some details in a little bit. In the mean time anyone willing to test this out. Should just need to burn the ISO to a DVD. I don't have a controller to get beyond the launch screen. Anyone got a spare? CHOMP.iso
  10. Got the signing software working and was able to test out a DVD on a commercial player with test3d app on it. Fun times.
  11. I wanted to follow-up and thank everyone for the help and also to share the results of my build. Success! It tested out great. I'm very excited to start monkeying around with the card. Thanks again!
  12. Thank you for all the details. I'll keep digging through the Atari Age forums for information. I'm new to the Ti99 in general so I've got lots to learn.
  13. Thank you so much for responding! Thanks for confirming the part number I'll get it ordered right away. I'll also make a note about the misnumbering (I've done this myself so I can so relate!) I've ready that these boards don't really work above 1MB can you confirm that is true? also thanks for the diagram I was digging around for something like this to help with understanding how everything is put together. Is there any other web repository of information related to it? Thanks for designing it by the way.
  14. I'm doing a SuperAMS build with a blank board I purchased from ArcadeShopper. I think the BOM list was off on the web page as it seems to be the list for the 2016 version and I received the 2017 version. I'm having trouble identifying one chip on the board and hoping someone knows what it is offhand. It's the chip in socket U17 which I think is 74LS373. Can anyone confirm?
  15. I'd definitely pay more understanding that parts have gotten more expensive. It's worth it to me and I like the idea of supporting small makers to keep making.
  16. Any change on the parts availability and production starting up again? I would love to get on the list for cart+pokey+ym+cable in purple.
  17. So are you planning to develop a new version of the JaguarGD to do this in the future? I'm guessing no chance of a physical upgrade for existing ones right?
  18. Thanks for the pointer to the blank pcbs. I’ve just submitted an order for ten. Thanks also for adding me to the list.
  19. Is it possible to get on the list still?
  20. Well I for one really hope the plan works out. I am still incredibly excited about this release! Good luck with all the logistics!
  21. What if we wanted you to pass it along? I’m number 45 at this point I don’t want to get back online at the end of the queue! So, close... In al seriousness are you still considering an option to allow us to move our order to another reseller and not lose our spot or is that off the table? I can’t believe how exited I still am for the Jag Gamedrive!
  22. AltRN8

    Vectrex SD Cart?

    Not sure if this will help or not but one of the issues I’ve seen with prepping and cards on Macs is all the extra dot files the Mac leaves behind. I’ve had a number of flash carts and home brew devices choke if those files are there. My belief is the code uses to parse the fat file system can’t handle the existence of the dot files. Once I remove them via command line everything has worked okay.
  23. AltRN8

    WTB: AtariVox+

    That's great news. I'm very excited about this!
  24. AltRN8

    WTB: AtariVox+

    I'm looking to purchase an AtariVox+ if anyone has one. Thanks!
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