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  1. I noticed that the mockup CC-70 sold for the $2500: https://www.ebay.com/itm/VTG-RAREST-Texas-Instruments-COMPACT-COMPUTER-70-Mock-Up-CB-Wilson-Est-40-Plus-/203128653296?hash=item2f4b6945f0%3Ag%3ATiAAAOSw8jJfelgI&nma=true&si=4VJzfBI6bbp068%2BlVhQrTJqHqVE%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 Also, assuming someone here got that clear cart (https://www.ebay.com/itm/RARE-Texas-Instruments-TI-99-Cartridge-Clear-Case-Prototype-CB-Wilson-Dimension4/203129767775?hash=item2f4b7a475f:g:0wQAAOSwrxBfe5Ig), I would love to hear what is burnt on the cartridge (if anything).
  2. Fun Fact: The kid in the brochure for the MBX was Stephen Langieri, son of Mike Langieri who was one of the VP's of MB's Advanced R&D, who was involved with the MBX project. You'll notice the name "Stephen" used in some promo screenshots. I also believe the other names used in the other game screen shots were of others involved in the MBX project. Mike is a big Yankee's fan, not Red Sox like you might think.
  3. Interestingly enough, there is a variant of the overlay in press materials that looks like the final one, but has one extra button for "Screw Ball". It has an additional orange button so instead of one button in the second row of orange buttons, there are two, with a gap in the middle where the final "Curve" button is located. It's actually in that image that you called the "final overlay", so I guess neither of those overlays are the final ones Also, note the "Time Out" button on that one. Bill Gaskill made the joke that I should have become a detective when I grew up (I was 14 in 1998 when I was looking up all this TI info with him), since I would spot those little details.
  4. Seems like Rob was the librarian in the late 80s of the West Penn 99ers. This might be the potable TI/PEB mentioned in a 1987 newsletter: http://www.whtech.com/ftp/user groups/West Penn/1987/1987_10 WEST PENN.pdf
  5. Parsec maybe? With the multi-colored twinkling star background?
  6. Forget what he was asking, but I seem to remember paying $50 for it. This is from a 2002 e-mail when this all went down. So not a bad price luckily. He described it as follows: TI 99 4/A Equipment 8 9" monitors: 1 working & 7 non-working (use for parts) (sold??) 1 13" monitor (sold ??) 2 expansion modules, 1 with floppy drive 10 TI 99 4/A systems: 2 new still in the box (1 in Russian) 8 used ( 2 in box sold) 1 TI Program tape recorder 420 Blank 5 1/4" floppys (use on expansion modules) missalanious user guides and plugs and cables
  7. When I first saw screen 11111110 on that page, I was like, hey, that's the Russian screen! Maybe I could edit it to give it that name, hehe. Actually, if you look at it, the TI logo could even be a sickle/hammer
  8. In terms of the Russian console. I was in talks with someone who was in turn in talks with a former TI employee. The former TI employee said he had a console in Russian. I was intrigued to say the least, considering the TI came out during the Cold War/Iron Curtain days. Anyway, since the TI contact said the computer was in Russian, I was envisioning a box in Russian, screen in Russian, etc. So I ended up paying for it and had it shipped to me. When I got the TI, the box was just the regular box. So I plugged it in to see if the computer was really displaying Russian text. When the computer came on, it displayed one of these screens found on this page: https://www.ninerpedia.org/wiki/Troubleshooting?fbclid=IwAR3KzYrHfdDjjrciXy7Gk_QfGJxuNaZCIcS0B7RJeXyJgi6Ba7SPZYeP6co Care to guess which screen is the "Russian Screen"? So all that for the scrambled TI unit.
  9. This thread brings memories of the infamous "Russian TI-99/4A console". That was an interesting one to say the least.
  10. hehe. I've had this happen a lot. When I see a cosmetically new-looking TI-99 I figure it might have video issues (usually it's only the beige ones). I found there was a reason it was never or only lightly used, since some of these units probably were like that from the factory.
  11. Reminds me of those old NES guides I used to use. Always loved seeing levels mapped out like that.
  12. Here's a question I have, which I have wondered for some time. For the wall mount power supply, there's a little hole at the top of the unit. It aligns with the screw hole on a power outlet cover. Was the idea to take the screw out of the power outlet, plug in the TI power supply, and then screw it back on through the hole? I figured this might help with the weight of the power supply on a wall mounted outlet which is why they might have did that. Only problem I could see is if you needed to unplug it for a fire hazard and couldn't get it off quickly.
  13. haha. When I first read this I thought Tursi did this song on the TI:
  14. Speaking on this topic, Moon Patrol and I think Topper both play music and sound effects without interruption. Are there any other early examples of this?
  15. I think Astro Fighter by Data East would fit the bill here. There's also a mothership that you battle after a few waves ,where I think you refuel. TI conversion: Original Arcade:
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