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  1. Here's a question I have, which I have wondered for some time. For the wall mount power supply, there's a little hole at the top of the unit. It aligns with the screw hole on a power outlet cover. Was the idea to take the screw out of the power outlet, plug in the TI power supply, and then screw it back on through the hole? I figured this might help with the weight of the power supply on a wall mounted outlet which is why they might have did that. Only problem I could see is if you needed to unplug it for a fire hazard and couldn't get it off quickly.
  2. haha. When I first read this I thought Tursi did this song on the TI:
  3. Speaking on this topic, Moon Patrol and I think Topper both play music and sound effects without interruption. Are there any other early examples of this?
  4. I think Astro Fighter by Data East would fit the bill here. There's also a mothership that you battle after a few waves ,where I think you refuel. TI conversion: Original Arcade:
  5. Let's knock this puppy down to $30.
  6. Does anyone out there have a physical copy of this brochure: https://www.ti994.com/1979/brochures/1979booklet.pdf I don't have a physical copy and would love to get one for my 99/4 collection. Would be willing to pay a good amount for it.
  7. Not this time! Anyway, the price would have been more than $75, I would make sure of that
  8. That was short. Got into my first battle and 4 Underlings killed me. It seems most of my attacks (probably 80%) missed and they were able to kill me off. Was more a game of who could actually land a blow.
  9. Cool. I've been wanting to play this game since seeing the manual cover, and the name is pretty interesting. Big fan of RPGs, so I'll see what it's got.
  10. I have some TI-99/4A items I am selling. Included are pics as well: 1. Bad Video TI-99/4A Beige Console (In pristine cosmetic shape though, comes in box, bag, with registration card, Beginner's Basic manual, Read This First Manual, One-Year Limited Warranty papers, Power Supply, and RF Modulator). It would appear this TI was reconditioned from the factory and never opened. But I did test and can confirm the video has since went bad (scrambled characters). Could make a good unit if one had the innards of a working system to swap out 2. Editor/Assembler Binder (No Cartridge) with Parts A & B Disks 3. P-System Binder with Utilities, Editor/Filer, Assembler/Linker, and Compiler disks. Don't believe there was a cartridge with this one. 4. TI-Logo Binder with TI-Logo Sampler disk (No Cartridge) 5. TI-Writer Binder with Disk (No Cartridge) 6. Multiplan Binder with Disk (No Cartridge) 7. Non-Functional TI Joysticks 8. Various Magazines/Books
  11. As for the cartridge connector. I have had a ton of cartridges and never had any greasyness on the edge connector. I even opened new MBX titles back in 1997 when I first got them from Competition Computer, and I don't remember the contacts having anything on them, and they were new in the box.
  12. Not to hijack this thread, but are you the same Kchula-Rrit from the net.micro.ti days? Heck, you were posting on net.micro about the TI in September 1983 at least, before net.micro.ti was created. Here's an old post where you were on board in the push for a net.micro.ti group (which eventually was renamed comp.sys.ti in 1987, as we know it today): https://groups.google.com/forum/#!search/Kchula-Rrit$20ti-99/net.micro/QeduCo20F8I/WYPSYvoftfAJ Glad to see you here on AtariAge!
  13. I have Symantec Endpoint Protection on my computer and have never had an issue accessing Whtech. Is this different from what you have?
  14. That reminds me of one of the sound effects I really liked. It was that intro music/effect that plays at the beginning of "Space Bandits".
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