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  1. I had one for Wallaby at one point which sounds similar to what you describe, except that it had CSI graphics on it/text. So I'm not sure if at some point they just left them blank, or only certain games had them printed with info.
  2. Does anyone have any boxes of games/applications made by CSI Design Group? I'd love to get some scans of their fronts and backs if anyone has any!
  3. Toucan

    The Blob (COB)

  4. Oh, so the blobbed carts are officially COB carts? You know, I have a The Attack proto in a case marked COB. The casing is slightly different from the standard case. I believe it has 4 slits in the bottom and no screw/middle clip. When I got it, the guy (Bill Barneia?) said it was a new cost cutting technology TI was experimenting with. Not sure if I ever took pics of the case.
  5. Sorry to bring up an old thread, but I talked with a TI employee who said that the "4" was chosen as a middling number, so they could go up and down if they introduced better/lower models (like the 99/2 and the planned original 99/3 that was to be released in 1979 with the 99/4 as a lower cost model).
  6. I looked at the archive and the oldest one I could find was Vol 2. No. 9 for VAST (http://ftp.whtech.com/user%20groups/VAST/). Wondering if I am looking in the right place or if somehow some issues went missing.
  7. The thing I noticed is that there are not a lot of newsletters pre-1983. Seems like if someone had some before 1983 (especially before 1982), then it would stand a good chance of not being in the archive.
  8. Well, it's settled then! Fest West 2019 shall be in Las Vegas. Now just to find a date/location.
  9. I kind of like the idea of going bigger this year, like in Vegas. It's the 40th anniversary of the TI, so it would be kind of neat. Drumming up the publicity on the 40th anniversary could mean more people would be interested in attending. I have not heard a peep about 2019 being the 40th anniversary, so it could help make this years event bigger/better. The 99/4 was to be shown at the January 1979 CES in Las Vegas, but ended up being shown at the June 1979 Chicago CES instead. Las Vegas also has the entertainment to make people want to come from all over. Things to do at night. Another thing I was thinking. Would it be better to hold the faire over one of the 3 day weekends, like Memorial Day/Labor Day? That way people would have an extra day off work? Or, do we drop TI faires completely and just have a TI area at the bigger classic computer shows. Not sure how big TI faires are nowadays, but someone mentioned about 10 years ago or so that having system specific faires was no longer a good idea and that we should just come together and be part of the bigger classic computing/gaming faires and demo/get involved that way. We could still have the fun of meeting other TIers and hanging with them, but in a more lively environment and also see what others are doing for other systems.
  10. Thanks a lot! will try these out. Christmas gift!
  11. Well, the application for the TI is called "Index Card File" and goes by ICF. The disks should be named icf, icd, or ict. One such file on the disk is called "carts-ent"
  12. I have the disks, but no 5.25" disk drive to run them in. The CCK came with 4 5.25" disks as well as a CD. The CD was for a Windows machine with images as well as some emulated versions of the disks. The 5.25" disks were for running on the TI. I'm looking for dumps of those 5.25" disks so I can run them via emulation on my PC, as the .dsk files included on the CD seem to lack some of the info.
  13. Does anyone have a copy of Bill Gaskill's Cartridge Collection Kit? I have one, but it seems on the CD (for PC's) the .dsk dump of the cartridge information doesn't have all the extra info (like magazine references and the like). Almost like it was an earlier version. The screen shots shown in the manual I have show this extra info, but apparently are being run from the 5.25" disks that come with it. I have those disks, but no easy way to run them. I was hoping someone might have a copy of the CCK 5.25" disks and could send me a dumped .dsk file that I could run via emulation? I'd love to see all the info that each entry has. All I need is the "Carts" disk. Thanks!
  14. Yep. Still have it all. Am very tempted to buy this one. Probably will click the button. Update: done. Thanks for all the help everyone!
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