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  1. Hi, Sir, I'm Using Maxeeder MX-209 USB Game Pad (It Is Not Atari Joystick Style). Heavy Duty, Reliable in hand, and not expensive (Cheap in price), Obtained From Aliexpress $5, 1 year ago. Hardware : - An old Pentium 233 MMX System (with Built-In Universal Host Controller/UHCI), Obtained From A Yard Sale $12, 3 years ago. - USB "7.1 Channel Sound" Adapter, eBay $2.5, 1 years ago. - Maxeeder MX-209 USB Game Pad Software : - Bootable OSx16 operating system (On USB Flash Memory), Downloaded From Internet. - OSx32c (OSx16 Included). - OSxGC With All of The Atari 2600 Games (OSx16 Included). This Is My Current Atari System ! 6532 Damaged And My Atari 2600 Is Not Usable ! Good Luck.
  2. @coleco82 I'm using OSx16 Boot-CD (Boot-USB, Also), Atari Games with Easy-To-Use OSxGC Interface (Command) Included. OS and/or System is not my problem, Just Now. I Have problem With My USB Sound Adapter and OSxUSND of OSx16 and BOOT-USB, Sometimes with Some Systems (OSx16 Supports USB Sound Card/Adapter With OSxUSND). But With OSx16 BOOT-CD, No, I Have Not. I Think OSxUSND Developed By OSx16 Developers, For Atari And Atari Games, Only ! Suggestion : Download and Test it (OSx16 BOOT-USB OR BOOT-CD). Good Luck.
  3. Atari PAC-MAN Fan, It is CMOS BACKUP BATTERY (CMOS battery). Voltage is 3v. Don't Use Any 4.5v, 6v, ... Batteries. Replace it With "Coin Cell" "Lithium 3V Battery" Or Original Lithium Battery. See : https://www.amazon.com/CR-2032-Lithium-Battery-coin-Batteries/dp/B00168PDHK You Can Find Original Lithium Battery, Also (Computer & Equipment Dealers in Illinois). Look For "CMOS battery" Note: The Battery Has Polarity, Red Wire Is Positive (+). Good Luck.
  4. Sir, Yes, It is possible. IF Sector Size = 512 and Sectors per track < 80, you have not problem (Even With Incompatible OS!). "Non-IBM Compatible Floppy Disks" Formatted With/Under Which Operating System and Computer ? You Can Use Hex Editors (File And Drive Hex Editors), "010 Editor", WinHex, ... Also. 1- Launch Editor 2- File Menu -> Open Drive 3- Select Floppy Disk Drive As Physical Drive or As Logical Drive (For Floppy Disk Drives) 3-1 Important : Check "Open as READ-ONLY" 3- Select All (Entire and Content of Disk) 4- Edit Menu ->Copy 5- File Menu -> New 6- Edit Menu -> Paste (To New) 7- File Menu -> Save As ... . Done. It Is Your Backup Method and Program, Just Now ! Good Luck.
  5. @Solomon_Man Remove 5 1/4 floppy disk drive from your old computer, or buy a stock 5.25" (low price/low cost). Install it to modern desktop PC system (You need FDC/FDD Flat cable). Set it up in System BIOS. Install WinImage program. Read/Load and save floppy disks to image-files. Just, Create an archive of Image-files, Read Files Immediately From Physical Drive or From Image-Files, Extract files, RUN And Execute programs, etc . Good Luck.
  6. Yes. As I Did For Myself and Friends. My Old PC (Intel Pentium 200) Without HDD and Without Audio Device. 32MB Memory, Old CD-ROM Drive + CRT Monitor and Keyboard, Only. PC + OSx16 Version 6.22 BOOT-CD (350 Atari Games Included) + Low Coast USB Sound Card (~$3) + Speaker (or Headphone) ==>> Atari 2600 + Many Games And Real Atari Sound ! (A Complete Console). OSx16 became the only DOS that Supports USB SOUND CARD (Unique !). OSx16 Version 6.22 BOOT-CD is FREE, and I Can Use USB SOUND CARD with My modern PC, Also (And You Too). Why Not ? Good Luck.
  7. Not Only For Current Topic, But Also For All Same Subjects/Topics, Let Author/Developer To Show True Address. Caching The Files Is Not Good Idea. . Address of Files, Updates, Information, ... (Free And Easy with 2 More clicks !) Specified By Author/Developer. Keep the Origin. Addrees http://wp.me/P7spm0-4c
  8. Sir, Thank you for the suggestion. We will consider As soon as possible, Exactly. Thanks a lot. Good Luck
  9. Hi, Atari 2600 "Marbles And Bars (1997)" Game Cartridge works properly (PAL/NTSC). Address http://wp.me/P7spm0-4c Good Luck
  10. Hi, Atari 2600 "Marbles And Bars (1997)" Game PAL and NTSC Revisions. Cartridge works properly. Address http://wp.me/P7spm0-4c Good Luck
  11. Hi, Atari 2600 "Marbles And Bars (1997)" Game Address http://wp.me/P7spm0-4c Good Luck
  12. Sir, Don't Add Resistor and, No Other Wiring/Connections. Here G7400 == G7200 (Only, In RGB To Scart Cable!) 3V/75Ohm, 12V/10kOhm, ... Are The Lines Technical/Electrical Specifications (Voltage/Impedance Specification). Good Luck.
  13. Sir, Don't Add Resistor and, No Other Wiring/Connections. Here G7400 == G7200 (Only, In RGB To Scart Cable!) 3V/75Ohm, 12V/10kOhm, ... Are The Lines Technical/Electrical Specifications (Voltage/Impedance Specification). Good Luck.
  14. Dear Members, "OSx16 Version 6.22 Beta Revision 05" (+ OSx32 Core Engine) Supports USB Sound Cards. Requirements: PC/LAPTOP System With, Universal Serial Bus (UHCI) Intel Pentium 133 And/Or Better/Higher 32MB RAM USB Sound Card "OSx16v622Br05[CD].7z" (Includes Atari 2600, DOS, NES, ... Games) 14.6MB "OSx16v622Br05[uSB].7z" (Includes Atari 2600, DOS, NES, ... Games) 14.6MB https://goo.gl/8WtKXn With Some Systems, End-Users may have problem (BOOT-USB, Only) After Calling/Executing The OSXVM (OSx32 Core Engine). In That Case, Source of The Problem Is System BIOS. You Can Use Any Easy-To-Use BOOT-USB Creator (Diskeditor Also). For Example : Rufus - The Reliable USB Formatting Utility (# 1MB) : http://rufus.akeo.ie "OSx16 Version 6.22 Beta Revision 05" Note : FM/OPL-2,3 Music Chips Not Supported. Some of DOS-Games, and All of Atari 2600 Games Have Real/HQ Sound Effects. Good Luck
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