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  1. Check out this cool new site that helps people earn more stars and medals in Super Mario Maker: http://supermariomatchmaker.esy.es/ People can sign up and be matched with another person. They play and star that person's levels, and that person plays and stars their levels. Once they've played all that person's levels they can get matched with a new person. I think this is better than trying to share your level codes on a messageboard where they tend to get lost or ignored.
  2. I played and starred this yesterday. Great level! I love the behaviour of the koopa shell - part normal level, part automated level
  3. I played and starred your levels yesterday - I played Pick Your Poison twice; the first time I noticed the block above and went up and over, and the second time I went along the bottom. Wario Bros Mountain Adventure was really well designed and good use of amiibo costumes
  4. @Amstari and @dashv - I just finished playing and starring all of your levels. I thought they were very good - actual gameplay like real mario levels, better than a lot of the random or over-complicated levels you find out there. Please play and star my levels - see my previous post
  5. Please star my levels, and I will star your levels @Dashopepper - I have played and starred your levels. Some great ideas in them; really enjoyable to play. I will play the levels of everybody else who has posted in here, and post a comment when I do. Airwaves 19E3-0000-0029-9F46 Spin Jump Cavern 2FDC-0000-003B-86C0 Don't Touch Your Controller 77CB-0000-0041-67EB Simple Fun AB89-0000-001D-550E Huh? D774-0000-002B-8BD9 Wall Jumpman 4FAF-0000-001D-89B0 Underground Resistance 5068-0000-001F-9218 My kids made these next 2 levels. They are aspiring video game designers - please star them and help boost their confidence Which Way? 6DFE-0000-0049-95DC Dangerouser 2E20-0000-0049-9876
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