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  1. Watched several YouTube reviews of Legends Pinball & still unsure of VPX / FP status - anyone tried this out? I did see that Zaccaria Pinball would be available but that's certainly not the allure of the VP catalog or TPA tables from Steam. One YouTuber did mention the FX nix.
  2. Great hacks for the 2600 Megamania exist -- but what about for the superior 5200 version? Played this game again today. Those dice!
  3. Venture Reloaded for 2600 is even better than the Colecovision version, I think. I had heard the 8-bit had gameplay additions that were unique to that version. Be pretty cool to play extra Venture stuff, you know?
  4. This is pretty cool. We'll hope for 2600/5200 versions.....
  5. Did anyone ever port this to the 5200? Seems I remember the 8-bit had quite a bit of stuff that wasn't even in the arcade version. It was super cool.
  6. The Sears Kiosk was always hoarded by older kids so all we could do was watch. Was the Sears video game kiosk a standard? Seems the one I saw always had four sides - Atari on one & Intellivision on the other with accessories, I think, on the other two sides. Might be remembering that wrong. I do remember getting a crack at the Intellivision late one Tuesday night when my mom had to shop washers. "This sucks," I said, after fiddling with that gold disc controller latched to the kiosk by a curly phone cord. "Cosmic Ark" was demoing on the Atari side so I blasted ships awhile. Much better.
  7. My neighbor had this console growing up & we loved this version of Stunt Cycle. Is this conversion possible? I know we've got the Dukes of Hazzard hack and the 2600 version with the blocks for buses -- but is this version possible?
  8. I do not have the diving helmet! I've got a key. Is it in that chest?
  9. Holy Cow! Just now getting into this. This game is awesome! Best in ages. Gotta admit though, I'm stuck at the big chain that lets you into the water on Room 47. Hints?
  10. Woulda been cool to see HSW get the time to turn ET into a proper next-level Adventure style game. Or is that what he tried to do with Raiders? Raiders, Swordquest, neither were fun as the original Adventure.
  11. Watching Netflix's "High Score" & the part we've all seen about the rushed E.T. project & Spielberg asking "Can't you make it more like Pac-Man?" Maybe Steven was right, not asking for a copycat muncher but something more arcade-like? What if the Activision team never left & Megamania had become E.T.? Or if Howard had turned his idea for Yars' Revenge into E.T. instead? Laser Blast? Dark Caverns? Juno First? Pitfall 2? Some sort of Gorf? What might've worked? That'd be the grand challenge in 21st century programming, huh? Create the ET that might've sold as Atari projected.....
  12. That silver Sears console does look very cool. If I had played both games, I would've sacrificed the cool genuine Atari logo to get the Sears pack-in Target Fun. Even if Air-Sea Battle is a far superior name.....
  13. Definitely. Sears was second rate, like wearing Toughskins instead of 501s. But do you remember anyone saying "Nah, you gotta get Sears. Combat sucks! Target Fun rules."
  14. Yeah, I'm thinking late 70s into 1981, maybe. They switched the pack-in cart at some point to Pac Man, right? 82? Our parents were buying the consoles so if the Sears would've been even ten bucks cheaper, that's what most of us would have gotten.
  15. Best I can remember, back in the heyday, an Atari brand 2600 was considered slightly cooler than the Sears version. Sears was where your mom shopped for back-to-school clothes and washer/dryer combos. Were the prices competitive? I remember my dad driving across town to some electronics shop because the Atari was 10 bucks cheaper than Service Merchandise. Could you get a Sears cheaper in the late 70s / early 80s? Were the prices competitive? How did the pack-in cart factor into the equation? Looking back, Target Fun would have been a better first game than Combat. At least to me. Thing about the local electronic store, they gave Dad 10% off Space Invaders with the 2600 purchase. Anybody else remember such debates?
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