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  1. Ah, yes - that's it! We can dream of an updated version.
  2. Been playing Intellivision's Stonix homebrew, which is awesome. Made me wonder why something of this level can't be / hasn't been done for the 2600? What's the best brick and paddle games for 2600? I'm partial to Fireball. Has anything close to Arkanoid been pulled off?
  3. Was there a collection at one point that had all the hacks arranged by original game? Like all the SI hacks together in one place? Or am I dreaming that?
  4. Stonix on Intellivision is awesome -- wouldn't there be a way to pull that off for 2600?
  5. That's a pretty exciting insight. I think we'd all love to see Yar's Olympics a reality. Maybe one of the great programmers here will see this & reach out?
  6. Reading HSW's comment on having a great idea for a Yar sequel. Did we ever know the gist of this? Not Yars Return from Flashback, right? Maybe if he tells some trusted latter-day maker they could work on a new release?
  7. Count me in for 1979. These are great and really appreciate your effort! Looking forward to the Adventure / Space Invader years.
  8. Very cool & informative replies - thanks!
  9. I've got OpenEmu / MAME / Steam / Stella on an iMac with a X-Gaming Arcade Stick. It's a highly enjoyable setup but always looking for ways to expand. Not interested in consoles past N64 - would like to attach paddles/joystick that feel authentic to Atari 2600 but other than that not sure where else to go? I realize there's plenty more available if you spend the $ (MAME arcade cabinet / Virtual Pinball) but interested to know other's setups?
  10. I need the same - I've got an X-Arcade stick which is awesome but for nostalgia factor would like to use old-school Atari joystick on Stella. What's the latest best solution(s)?
  11. Count me in on the Zaxxon remake. Like the super-res they did with Donkey Kong.
  12. So for all us iMac users - install libSDL, run the CoolCV application - that's it?
  13. I've got CoolCV 0.6.6 on Mojave - At the risk of sounding dense, I click on the app to open. Didn't work. Then, I tried dragging a game onto the app icon. Nope. "CoolCV cannot be opened due to a problem" Downloaded CoolCV all zip from thread here -- am I missing something? A install step? Tried dragging Buck Rogers SGM to icon as well as the SGM test ROM. No luck. thanks all for the help....
  14. Tried The Dukes of Hazzard game & Buck Rogers by dragging onto the icon & then setting it up to open with the CoolCV app via "get info". Neither worked. I did get the dialogue box. Exactly how did you get yours running & what version did you use?
  15. Running (trying) CoolCV on Mac Mojave 10.14.1 - (OpenEMU does fine on regular Colecovision but wanted the SGM) Keep getting this: CoolCV cannot be opened because of a problem Check with the developer to make sure CoolCV works with this version of macOS. You may need to reinstall the application. Be sure to install any available updates for the application and macOS. Click Report to see more detailed information and send a report to Apple.
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