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  1. Add my “WOW!” to the list. It is hard to believe that this game runs on an Intellivision. I don’t have an LTO, so I will have to await the CIB or cart release. Nice work. Hopefully it all works out for you and the community.
  2. I would be interested in that post. I have a synth that has three keys that all press down together if I remember correctly. Seems like it might be fixable. Would love to see the steps of tearing it down before I wing it.
  3. One ECS, Synth (not working correctly), voice, and System changer.
  4. They are asking $100 for an original Inty in what appears to be really nice shape, this newsletter, and 20ish commons. It is about an hour from my house, so not worth the effort unless it would be good trade bait for/towards a 125 I don’t yet have.
  5. Hey. This is being sold around me, and I dont know much about the newsletters/magazines. Is this common? I am assuming it is preboom since it features burgertime. Just making sure it isnt very rare. If it is I will try to buy it trade it with someone who collects paperwork. I am trying to stay focused on the 125 and a few favorite homebrews. Thanks for any info.
  6. Coolio. I saw those pictures, but didn’t realize how they fit with the game play. This is looking great. This is my most anticipated game right now. I look forward to seeing some live game play at some point. The C64 has nothing on the Inty!
  7. First, thanks to you both for helping keep the Inty alive. I assume it is a labor of love and not a get rich quick scheme. Thanks for the info. I definitely dont know command line, even though I use computers daily, so I would be looking for a step by step process to getting it started. Definitely have a game idea I would like to attempt at some point. Thanks. I imagine the two together would be a powerful Inty punch for a beginner. I originally held back waiting for the Mac version, since I dont have a Windows computer except my sons and he is too busy playing Fortnite to let me get on it. (Dont worry. He plays Inty with me too.) I saw on a different thread you said the Mac version may be near, so I will probably wait. Im in no rush. It is just a bucket list type thing for me to take a swing at.
  8. Question. Does This book just discuss the coding aspect, or is it truly for beginners, that is, does it walk one through downloading the necessary software and how to use that as well? I need the “for dummies” version.
  9. Still super excited to play this. Ultima 4 was my favorite computer game of all times, and this has a strong Ultima vibe. Is there an attack or fight mode, like Ultima? It seems like that would work really well within the hardware restrictions for the Inty. Nice job!
  10. Looks great. Btw, did I miss Air Strike being released or is it coming out later? Is this just the rom that was unfinished and floating around or did someone actually finish it and add in dogfights and whatnot? How did I miss this?
  11. Btw, if someone has an extra super pro wrestling manual for sale, pm me and maybe we can work something out.
  12. Cool. Thanks. I think I will just make my own for now and keep an eye out for one over time.
  13. So I just bought a copy of Body Slam! Super Pro Wrestling. It is the first one I found that was a decent price, but it didn't come with a manual. Normally I only buy games that I can afford cib, but I made an exception for this one. What do you feel is a fair price for the manual for this game? Also, is there pdf's somewhere that I could use to just print my own while I hunt one up? Thanks.
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