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  1. Also I think there was an interesting point raised earlier in the thread about the cost. I paid £60 for mine back then with a copy of Chequered Flag, and my dad said I'd overpaid for it. I then got T2K and AvP boxed for about £25 each (boxes were a bit natty but still not bad) and went through quite a few other Jaguar games spending about £10-£20 on either loose carts or certain boxed specimens when they cropped up, and with a bit of patience after three years I'd gotten a decent spread. But nowadays I can't imagine anyone being able to do that, and in part I think the goalposts have changed. The costs of everything has gone up exponentially in the last few years, especially with *the event*, which would absolutely deter a lot of people, but I think the sheer number of mini consoles with accessibility and cost effectiveness probably makes a difference as well. My PS Classic has a permanent place in my front room, whereas the actual PSX I own with around 100 games on it stays upstairs, because it's just easier. Compared to a few years ago, when if you wanted to get into a console and wanted that Authentic Experience (tm), you'd have to get the machine and a load of games. Now I don't know if that makes the physical product more of a premium, akin to a vinyl record vs a CD or whatever, but it's definitely an observation. Plus emulation on the whole had improved in a recent years. I also think the exposure has changed, youtube content has somewhat moved away from straight reviewing consoles and games into more video essay stuff, though that might just be my algorithm as opposed to everyone else's. I guess there's a lot of information out there about these consoles and computers now, it's not new content.
  2. So I'm aware that this is/was a big meme in the community for a while, that suggested that our humble big cat machine could play Quake (although I think most reasonable people realised it probably can't). However, I couldn't help but think of this when I watched this video... I guess you never know 😜 https://youtu.be/R43k-p9XdIk
  3. Bought it when I was 16 when I started my first real job, which was nine years ago. Was keen to get a complete set at one point, but then life happened, so I bought a SD cart and hope to just have fun with it
  4. Personally I don't frequent the forums all the time, and I play when I remember to check. I've tried a couple of rounds, I generally prefer the racing game ones because it's probably my favourite genre, though I do enjoy playing others. Sometimes it comes down to game choice, like a game I don't own or can't find a ROM of, and then I forget again. They being said I'm going to be here for T2K no question xD
  5. Up to 71, managed to engineer overtime. Personally I like to keep Kukoc on the court, purely as a support with his Pass 9 and Clutch 9. Otherwise he's no good
  6. For whatever reason, my copy hangs at the splash screen, which it never used to do. I don't know why it's doing it now, other games work fine. Guess this is a good advert for the Jaguar Drive... EDIT: committed the cardinal sin of blowing on the cart and it's fine now. But it wasn't working for quite a while haha
  7. Honestly thought this was going to be a crypto thing haha
  8. Sadly Atariage don't ship to the UK anymore, so I'll have to pass this time
  9. What kind of a lap time is 28'70"? 😮 u driving good! Best I can do is 30'37". Rode the absolute pants off of it, bugger knows where two seconds would come from
  10. Welp, going to have to channel my inner Ayrton Senna tonight, I'd forgotten about this xD EDIT: First decent run got me a 32'67", though I'm always left wondering if there's a PAL/NTSC disparity...
  11. I'll pop my cart in when I get an hour or two to really get into the groove haha
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