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  1. As it goes, my own Jaguar CD set me back £300 about five years ago, boxed, with Myst, Baldies, Blue Lightning, VidGrid, the T2K Soundtrack, Battlemorph and Hover Strike: Unconquered Lands, all boxed and as they ought to be, in very good nick. I consider myself exceptionally lucky for having been able to manage such, looking at prices now. Lots of yt channels do seem to snaffle them up for content. I guess it's just one of those things, seeing as how I probably wouldn't be here interested in the Jaguar so much if it wasn't for all those yt videos I watched all those years ago, but it's made things so much more expensive since I bought my machine seven years ago... You'd never find AvP boxed for £25, that's for sure!
  2. When you reserve one, do you get an email or anything? I haven't had one since I put my name down (or at least, I'm hoping my name's been put down)
  3. Couldn't replicate it quite, got a fair few 33.1 or 33 flats, but I did rest on my laurels a little after and spared a thought for my poor eye balls 'D
  4. Very much enjoyed that, probably the most I'll ever play Supercross 3D in one go, but there we are 'D
  5. It doesn't keep your practice times after you leave the session, though it should have kept your record time on the track screen, unless that's a skunk issue. If it helps, I pause that menu, which still works for some reason, then press 1 & 3 to hide the pause graphic
  6. I've considered the same myself, the only problem is I have my Jaguar connected via RF, and no means of recording from that 😕 other than a dodgy camera jobbie
  8. Completely understandable, in which case 33.06 is the time to beat I'm going to give it a good run today and see if I can improve!
  9. Yeah I do it too, it's not really a glitch or an exploit, because it does come down to good angles and timing
  10. Tried a few laps today, but I couldn't do any better than my best time, fastest was a 33.34 😕
  11. I say I'm aiming for a 32 second time, but I'm not sure where I'll find that extra bit of time tbh. And tbf, I don't know about y'all, but I must have done well over 200 laps of the course by now 'D
  12. Distressingly close! Knew it was a good lap, but I didn't think it was THAT good g 32 second times definitely possible!
  13. That's fair enough. Besides, I realised I've been doing jumps wrong the whole time, so now I can consistently do 33.6 second laps. I'm coming for that lead, and looking at a 32 second time! By the by, is anyone else getting withdrawal symptoms if they don't try and turn a lap after an hour? 😅
  14. Everything is more fun with friends! Haha as it goes, I save time (not checkpoint abuse) on Turn 11, after the second double jump, and right at the start, on the jumps after the ramp. Everything else is a good run on the bumps and good timing with the jumps
  15. I'd be interested to see the decision on the time, though I am still aiming for an exploit-free run! I've had a couple of laps like that today, where I've bumped the side or something and fallen just a little bit short of a 33 second time. I still haven't had enough consistency to get anywhere much closer.
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