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  1. I don't know if anyone else has ever had this problem, but I just popped in my copy of Hover Strike, but upon getting to the menu and pressing B to load, I'm asked to select a difficulty, as if the game has no save data stored (I was on the Level 4 missions). So I soft reset, and tried again, to the same effect. Then I hard reset, same again. Assuming that the Eeprom had failed, or at least had an error and deleted the data, I played a mission and saved, then soft reset. Back to having no data. So I took the cart out and put it back in again, powered up again and hit load, and there is my save file again, on Level 4! I assume there was something that was blocking the pin connectors, but has anyone had something like this happen before?
  2. Did anyone ever buy any of the apparel?
  3. As it goes, some approximation of wipeout would have been sick... But to get anything approaching wipeout running on the Jaguar would, I think, take a lot of work, and probable look a lot like Super Burnout. Lots of 2D sprites involved
  4. Where can I express interest in obtaining such a device?
  5. Whoa, not reading through 97 pages... Can I get the cliffs notes version? 😁
  6. Still have my JHL 17, my favourite Jaguar sports game
  7. I remember seeing Jaguars in box for £100 when I was looking for mine 5 or 6 years ago, now you can barely get an unboxed console for that
  8. I play JHL 15 with some consistency, if that counts? XD
  9. Is there anyone else that just wants the one controller (preferably UK based) £111 with shipping is a tall order for me, with Christmas shopping to do and all...
  10. This are most excellent, especially loving the yellow box for Treasure Island Dizzy, and whilst I do hate missing out on any Jaguar game, my budget won't stretch that far with import fees, and I can get them for free on CD32 haha
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