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  1. Whoa, not reading through 97 pages... Can I get the cliffs notes version? 😁
  2. Still have my JHL 17, my favourite Jaguar sports game
  3. I remember seeing Jaguars in box for £100 when I was looking for mine 5 or 6 years ago, now you can barely get an unboxed console for that
  4. I play JHL 15 with some consistency, if that counts? XD
  5. Is there anyone else that just wants the one controller (preferably UK based) £111 with shipping is a tall order for me, with Christmas shopping to do and all...
  6. This are most excellent, especially loving the yellow box for Treasure Island Dizzy, and whilst I do hate missing out on any Jaguar game, my budget won't stretch that far with import fees, and I can get them for free on CD32 haha
  7. I may have to look for manuals also, I'd rather put together a set that works out cost effective, rather than paying over the odds for the complete bundle on eBay and the like, especially with the insane spike Jaguar games have received recently!
  8. If it helps at all, I don't mind how long things take as long as they are good at the end... That makes the wait worthwhile!
  9. So I've been meaning to buy some boxes for my loose carts for a while now, from my early days of buying Jaguar games when I didn't have the money to buy every game in a box as I'd like XD Ordering some replacement boxes of course means getting inlays, but the website I purchased from (snesretroboxrevival) doesn't seem to have any inlays, and I saw some on eBay but they were from America and far too expensive. Telegames used to sell them, but apparently no longer do so. Anywhere I can get them, preferably in the UK? Thanks! <3
  10. Couldn't have said it any better myself!
  11. So I like the general idea of the shooter, but my concerns from looking at this video are that it just doesn't feel like a full game. Bearing in mind this is like those demo videos you used to get on PSX Magazines in the UK, this gameplay demo doesn't really sell me on spending £35 or so on a CD version plus shipping at another tenner and probably the same again on import charges :/ If the screen moved, and there were power-ups and more animations (like on the wolf body and such) then I'd consider, but I far preferred Fast Food 64. I haven't even tried Antz and Frogz 64 for much the same reason...
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