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  1. Thanks again to all who have provided new homes for my collection. I've shut down the blog, and boxed up the remaining items. Time to turn all my attention back to the family. Best wishes to you all during this holiday season. pete
  2. Thanks for the kind words, everyone. I've tried to be fair and transparent. So far everyone has been easy to deal with. AbeOwitz, the only prop in the HHGTTG is an Order for Destruction. I've got pics of that game on the site. http://ataricollectionforsale.blogspot.com I don't check this main thread frequently, so please PM if you'd like a quick response. I'll try to get the last few items tested and posted this weekend.
  3. Some 2600 game pics posted. I found another loose Jaguar console set, so it has been added to the list. Also uploaded pic of 5200 prototype Joust cart.
  4. Most of them look new. I bought them about 20yrs ago from a local Atari dealer who had a ton of stock in a local warehouse. I'll try to get some pics loaded to the web site sometime tomorrow morning.
  5. List has been updated, some prices cut. I've got a few unlisted items to post once I've tested them out. Please PM if interested, as I don't check this thread for offers. http://ataricollecti...le.blogspot.com
  6. Updated listings at web site and finally got some prices posted. Prices are negotiable, and bundles take preference over one-offs. Also, I found the switchbox for the boxed Jag set so the condition has been changed back to CIB. And I found another unboxed Jaguar console. That will get added to the list after I test it out. I was just notified by a potential buyer that the three 8-bit carts I though were prototypes are actually repros. I've pulled them from the listing. Detailed listing is at http://ataricollectionforsale.blogspot.com
  7. Thanks for the inquiries and comments. I've got a temporary web site set up so that I can post lists for each platform, and upload pics when requested. http://ataricollectionforsale.blogspot.com Still need to finish going through 7800 and Lynx collection before uploading their lists. Prices for a few items have been added due to PM requests. Will try to get the last couple of lists online Sunday evening, and then fill out pricing info after I have an idea of the values.
  8. Soviet Conscript, please PM me for more info. I've got a lot of stuff to catalogue, but anything you could drive away with would save me trouble.
  9. Thanks for the replies and PMs. I've connected the 800XL and drives for testing this morning. Now working on compiling a list of everything for each platform. Please PM if interested in any of the collection so that I can more easily keep track of the order they came in. I'll respond to PMs and replies in the order they arrive, but I have a baby that commands my attention when she wakes up so at that point it will be game over for a while. To answer a couple of questions posted above: 1) Sorry, no Jag Pro controllers 2) The Telegames II is a 2600 compatible system. It more closely resembles the 2700. Controllers are combo joystick/paddle. Also updated the original post to reflect the fact that one of the Indus drives is unreliable. It worked last time I used it, but the power connector onboard is a bit loose so maybe something got toasted along the way. I could not get it to read a disk this morning so I've disconnected it and will not be doing any further testing with it.
  10. Updated to reflect status of one unreliable Indus drive after testing it out. Also dug out the Jaguar unit and noticed that switchbox was nowhere to be found, so removed CIB from the description. I've decided to unload my Atari video game and 8-bit computer collection. I'll try to get a full list together soon. Computer collection highlights: 800XL computer Indus GT drives (2 drives; one in fair conditionnot to be trusted, the other in good condition with plastic storage case and the original software) 1050 drive in box (Happy enhanced) APE For Windows Complete Starter Kit USB Games by Atari, Infocom, Epyx, EA (much of it CIB) Misc cables, software, peripherals Video game collection highlights: Boxed consoles (Jaguar w/ CD, 7800) Loose consoles (2600, 5200, Lynx, Telegames II) Some CIB 2600 and 5200 games Controllers for each console system 2600 cartridge adapter for 5200 I haven't used most of these items for years, but they've been stored indoors out of the way. Now they're in the way. Anyone in the Phoenix area is welcome to schedule a time to stop by and check things out. (That would also be the quickest way to take home a huge bargain.) Meanwhile I'll do my best to get a more detailed list ready with condition and prices. Pricing will be fair, as my motivation to unload the collection is more about to time than money. Hope this is enough info in the initial post. I'm trying to gauge interest without spamming the group.
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