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  1. A perfect game (whatever that entails) nets you a special patch.
  2. You can shoot gas tanks and it will act same as a bomb.
  3. Hmm. I never noticed a bird with a key. Any idea how deep you were into the game? Like approximately how many stars you had at the time you saw the bird?
  4. He had mentioned that those of us who ordered his Concerto cart will get an email when the HOKEY chips become available for purchase. I not going to bother applying the Concerto's included label until I install the HOKEY chip, otherwise I'll have to remove it to access the cart's innards. On an unrelated note, does the Concerto cart have "save state" functionality for 2600 and 7800 games?
  5. Yes, I feel the game wouldn't be nearly as fun without save states. Or at least some sort of periodic save function on the cartridge. At this point, I don't even plan on opening my physical copy because I know it won't be as fun on real hardware (unfortunately).
  6. Sorry, I found the clown mini game quite difficult and didn't get 5 stars myself. But you mentioned "frown vs smile". I didn't notice that! Thanks for the tip!
  7. Funny you happened to post this topic. Today I had planned to mod my Colecovision for composite output. I ordered this Colecovision AV mod kit from console5 and received it earlier this afternoon. I usually have no issue using a soldier iron, but are you kidding me? There was no mention on the Console5 page that I had to assemble this myself. I can barely see the damn thing, never mind those caps and chip that needs to be attached. Luckily it was only about $10 so no big loss, but I'll stick with RF. Picture below: And they expect me to turn it into this:
  8. I've put a few hours into the game and figured I'd list the secrets and tips I've found in order to help others that may be having a hard time. Please contribute to this thread if you find anything not listed or correct me if some of my findings are inaccurate. Best to initially play via Stella with saving. There are some very tricky jumps that I've had to practice over and over in order to pass (for example, getting all stars in huge snake area). You will get unlimited ammo. If you run out of bombs you can shoot one of your gasoline tanks with a bullet. Yellow keys seem to respawn, not necessarily in the same area. You can jump over the electricity traps, instead of sliding under them. Drones seem to occasionally respawn (unsure). If you run out of parachutes, you might have to restart the game. I don't like this aspect of the game. If I have 7 men left, but not a specific item, it's over regardless. Feed all your hamburgers into the hole in the truck where you begin the game (with the chameleon on the side). Each one is worth another star. There are sometimes where it looks like I can use the gas to speed the truck up, but it refuses to take. This is later on in the game so perhaps the truck is already going full speed? Sometimes you might have to jump off of a platform early in order to land on a lower level of the next car's platform. There are many areas where you can lose all your lives if your not careful (snake stage, unicycle stage). How players can beat this game via real hardware and no saving is amazing. Don't bother trying to beat the unicycle stage without first getting unlimited ammo. There's a car that will warp you to different areas of the game. I think making some sort of map will be helpful. On real hardware, you can pause by going to the online code screen, otherwise the timer will continue to run (this is a non-issue via emulation for you can pause Stella anytime). I might be wrong here, but it appears you must use your first black key to open the 2nd lock to get the drone. If you use it on the 1st lock to get the gun your screwed and have to restart? Please correct me if I'm wrong. Shoot the scroll of wires to move it out of your way so you can go to the lower level. Slide under the small bridge to reach the ladder. After you get 40 stars don't forget to put your score on the online leaderboards so you can claim your free patch ($2 shipping).
  9. Well, it's finally being recognized. I took another box of cables out and begun testing compatible cables one by again. Finally one of them worked! I think I'll keep this specific cable with the Harmony, ha ha.
  10. I don't see any drivers directly on the Harmony support site. Are you referring to the support site here: https://harmony.atariage.com/Site/Support.html That links me back to Atari Age here: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/156500-latest-harmony-cart-software/ Which directs me here: https://ftdichip.com/drivers/vcp-drivers/ I'm on Windows 10 so I choose the installer all the way to the right for 2.12.28.
  11. I'll probably get some hate for this, but playing this through Stella with state saving is the way to go, at least until you master the game. I was getting extremely frustrated with my progress, and having to start all over from the very beginning. I know that's the way we used to do things, but times have changed and I'm sure many of us just don't have the time or patience anymore. I'm having a great time now that I've activated state saving. Unless the physical cart has some sort of save feature, I don't see myself even opening it up.
  12. I have both a Harmony and a Concerto cart. The Concerto card is new, but the Harmony cart is probably around 5 years old. The Harmony programming tool sees the Concerto cart no problem. But it does not see the Harmony cart. I have an exclamation point and a message in device manager (see picture below). I have all the correct drivers installed (Windows 10). And am now using Programming tool Beta 2 which I upgraded to today in hopes that it would solve my issue. It did not. Could it be the usb cable? I've tried about a dozen and it makes no difference. Any way to tell by physical inspection if the cable is a 5-pin mini B (which is the only cable compatible with the Harmony)? The Concerto uses a different cable which is not compatible with the Harmony which makes me think it could be the cable.
  13. I've checked through that Facebook group, and I do see some users with similar issues but no real solutions. I cleaned both zebra connectors, no luck there. They look nearly brand new though. Brought the zebra connectors closer to the screen, issue remains the same. Cleaned all contacts in the Microvision with Deoxit. Checked all traces with a multimeter, they are all fine. Changed the battery to a brand new one, no change. I noticed those indentations on the zebra strip and installed it the same way, and yes, I am using the green foam pad. I'm about 4 hours into this, with no change. I wonder if whoever opened this years ago caused static electricity in the unit and blew something out. I'm out of options here. I'm almost to the point of giving up and letting someone else here have a try.
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