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  1. Buzbard


  2. For me it still is, kinda, my ISP provides it for free. So, I guess I can't really complain.
  3. Had a helluva time just downloading 5.0.2, Norton Antivirus would delete it before I could do anything with it. Kept reporting a "Heur.AdvMLC" virus, turns out it's just low reputation because there's not much community usage yet. I got it sorted and working fine. Thanks for all the hard work on this release, very much appreciated!
  4. Are these compatible with the original Atari 400/800? If so, I'd like one as well.
  5. Just picked up a Atari 800 and the cartridge cover/door is broken, so it won't stay closed and it won't push the safety switch for power-on. If anyone has a spare for sale or trade (I have lots of extra 2600 carts) let me know please.
  6. Nice work, I always look forward to Stella updates! I'm using Windows 7, so I had a bit a hiccup since MSVCP140.dll was missing, but installing the "Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Update 3" did the trick, just scroll down a little over half way and you'll see it.
  7. Awesome, as usual! Now I don't have to reach for the keyboard to toggle difficulty. Thank you! Why would anyone want to uninstall Stella?? (mind-boggling)
  8. Request: Can you add (in input settings) a way to toggle B/W & Color, Player0 Difficulty and Player1 Difficulty? It would be easier for gamepads (I think) if we didn't have to program 2 buttons for each. (My gamepad doesn't have that many buttons anyway. ) I'm not asking to remove the old settings just add toggles. Thanks
  9. Thanks Stephen, updates are always appreciated. Stella just keeps getting better!
  10. Thanks stephena, it's always good to see that this project hasn't died off. When I downloaded the file Norton Antivirus reported that the file was unsafe and qurentined it. I ran it through Virus Total and nothing was found using 48 virus scanners. I think it was just a reputation thing that NAV uses. All seems to be working fine. Thanks again.
  11. Better grab hold of something solid! http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-8/preview
  12. I've checked it again, it says "FIRE BIRD" in top label, I overlooked the space, no further info available. The game itself doesn't look like Megamania, it has several blue birds flying in different lines shooting the magenta ship in bottom, when a bird is destroyed it "regenerates" from left and right of screen, when the ship is destroyed it explodes like fireworks. Your description of "Fire Bird" sounds like Demon Attack to me.
  13. Found this one at atariguide.com. It's not perfect but could be Photoshopped!
  14. Click: Disk/Open and select the drive to sort. Next to the third and fourth icons is a down-arrow, click each down-arrow and make sure Subdirectories is checked. Click Folder/Sort. Click Folder/Save Lastly click Disk/Close. All your folders/files should now be sorted.
  15. It wasn't my intention to place blame solely on the end users, my main PC is also quite old, and as long as it does what I need it to do, I'll continue to use it. If you decide to modify Stella to the point that my PC is no longer sufficient, then it will give me the excuse to upgrade, and I'm looking forward to seeing how Stella will evolve.
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