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  1. I'm a gonna register (as soon as I decide what I want to do). Haven't entered a console programming contest since 2005! (Chopper X in PDRoms 3.33 competition). May pull out an old unfinished demo/proto and finish it off, or maybe do a very simple new game, probably involving dachshunds... Alternatively, I can be a judge if you need one.
  2. Thanks Chris. Not sure what causes the "ghosting" of the vertical walls, I just assumed it was my Lynx' old and crappy screen I think the "jamming" of the gun may be caused by the bullets going off-screen without hitting anything, and since the player has 2 bullets that are recycled, he can't fire until they time out. I will check and fix this. (You can maybe try to avoid this problem by not firing out a doorway?). Edit: Seems ghosting may be caused by bad capacitor(s) in the Lynx.
  3. Berzerkoids alpha 3a attached (just a fix to the flickering at the top of the screen on real hardware). berzerkoids_alpha3a.zip
  4. The online Lynx emulator on your site seems to work quite well. Just one small thing - your description of Berzerkoids says "about 80%" complete. It's actually now around 99% complete.
  5. Berzerkoids "alpha 3" attached. (Only tested in Handy) Changes as per bhall's suggestions: - Use inner or outer fire button to fire. - Prompt to press any key to start on the title screen - "Get ready" message before every level - Level scrolls off the screen when you finish it. - Slightly pulsating walls (it's quite subtle to avoid being too distracting). Also a fix to the bullet colour (now always white). Edit: attached file removed - see updated berzerkoids_alpha3a post below.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions, they are all do-able. The voice samples will stay as they are (freezes while playing them back), as in the original. Also it makes it more dramatic I will see what I can do within the next week or two... PS: It's "Berzerkoids"
  7. Sorry, may bad for not testing it on real hardware. Seems that the Lynx does not like my "raw text printing" routine, so I have removed it an updated the download in post #16 above. Please re-download and try again. Picked up some other issues on real hardware (screen refresh/vsync, sound glitches, bullet visibility). Thanks for trying it
  8. Thanks for the feedback - I'll check it out.
  9. Here is the latest (and maybe final) version of Berzerkoids for Lynx. I have only tested on Handy so far, still have to test with my RetroHQ Lynx SD card. Main changes are some minor speed improvements, and some voice samples. Edit: Replaced the attached version with one that works on real hardware. bezerkoids_alpha2.zip
  10. From my one test on Handy vs real hardware, seems the real hardware is faster: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/272753-clearing-collision-buffer/?do=findComment&comment=3910354 (For this case at least - draw background clear sprite and draw full screen sprite).
  11. Here is an updated version of WAV2LSF with source and Windows .exe. Changes: - Added "-c" option that outputs the "LSF" sound data as a C file (.h or .c) (for easier workflow) - Made it a bit more user-friendly w.r.t usage "help" and error messages TODO: - Handle 16-bit WAV files (as some audio editors can't output 8-bit WAV) - Output "packed" sample data as C code - Include C and ASM code for packed sample player If needed, I can put it on my github. Coming soon: Final version of my Bezerk clone, faster and now with VOICE! (hence the detour into "updating" WAV2LSF). Credits to Bastian for the original WAV2LSF. wav2lsf_1.1.zip
  12. And ca65 macros for Lynx-specific functions (like INITMIKEY, INITSUZY, FRAMERATE 60 etc) ??? Do they exist?
  13. Do you have Lynx libs / macros you use with ca65? (I have a cc65 installation, which only has asminc/lynx.inc). Or even a "ca65 Lynx toolkit"? (wishful thinking ) What is "structural assembly"?
  14. Excuse my ignorance, but I'm looking for information on how to set up / configure lynxass / BLL so I can build the hello_a.asm example. (I'm getting "Unsolved labels"error when I run lynxass). Is there a best/latest version of BLL I can download, and some documentation on how to build a simple example? (BLL download on http://www.monlynx.de/lynx/bll.htmlis broken). Alternatively is there any info/examples of how to build simple example using ca65? Thanks and apologies if I am missing something obvious. Edit: Nevermind - got it working by including the right macros/vardefs/includes.
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