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    5200 memory map

    This may help you (from my Jum52 source code): for(i = 0; i < 0x4000; i++) mapper = MAPPER_RAM; // RAM for(i = 0x4000; i < 0xC000; i++) mapper = MAPPER_ROM; // CART for(i = 0xF800; i < 0x10000; i++) mapper = MAPPER_ROM; // BIOS for(i = 0xC000; i < 0xC100; i++) mapper = MAPPER_GTIA; // GTIA for(i = 0xD400;i < 0xD500; i++) mapper = MAPPER_ANTIC; // ANTIC for(i = 0xE800;i < 0xE900; i++) mapper = MAPPER_POKEY; // POKEY for(i = 0xEB00;i < 0xEC00; i++) mapper = MAPPER_POKEY; // POKEY (mirror) - jum
  2. Thanks for your input man. I'm not concentrating on optimising right now (rather get some good gameplay first), but if you would like to write a fast ship-drawing routine in asm, please do, and I will integrate it into the source code. I can only work out the correct "scaling" of the sin/cos tables once I've figured out whether I need to use 8:8 fixed point or 10:6 or whatever. Also I'm going to cut the sin/cos tables from 256 values to 64 values. - jum
  3. Uploaded a new version of the demo. See the first post. - jum
  4. It's possible the LCD's are missing. That would certainly cause the screen to go white.
  5. Please explain how to implement "deformable terrain" using sprites. Thanks - Jum
  6. I need the 160x306 buffer because (like spout), I want to be able to blast the walls/landscape with the thrust blast. I've locked the framerate to 20fps now. It's maybe a bit sluggish, but at least it doesn't slow down and speed up all the time. I'll post a new version soon.
  7. The source code is in (low-level) C. If you want it email me: <removed> I was thinking of combining a gravitar-type game with "spout" (ie: no fire button, you use your thrust jet to destroy enemies). Also I'm undecided on whether to implement using vector gfx (raw lines and dots) as it is now, or whether to use sprites. Yeah the 2600 gravitar is impressive. - jum
  8. it's just a quick experiment with vertical scrolling, vector rotation, particles and gravity physics. the triangular player ship is represented by dots at it's 3 corner points. thrust as soon as it starts.
  9. here's a preview of a gravitar or spout type game I'm messing with. press X to thrust. any gameplay ideas welcome. - jum Updated 2005-10-07: uploaded a new version (james1.zip). See what u think. Updated 2005-11-24: another new version which uses scrolling bg sprite to make a much larger "cave" Updated 2005-12-05: updated wip version with tilemapped bg sprite and animated ufo. booster_03.zip
  10. I just also want to say that Space Shoot looks fantastic (and I know the limitations of the Lynxc gfx), and I also love the animated Tintin rocket I also like the gameplay, but maybe the shop is too much... Good work dudes! - jum
  11. Thanks you kindly Karri - thats a great help. I'll try converting my Lynx "audio experiment" app first, as it's much simpler than Chopper X. Regards - Jum
  12. Thanks Karri for the links to cc65. I spent some time last night trying to port Chopper X from the "old" cc65/lynx libs to the new cc65/lynx libs (cc65 2.11), without much success. Seems like the lynx libs for the new cc65 are a bit thin. Also the way the new stuff works is very different to the old cc65/lynx stuff, making upgrading old code more difficult. Does anyone have any new cc65 source code showing how to: - set up a VBL interrupt function - set up and use sprites - swap buffers - etc ??? - jum
  13. I used 5200Basic to write "JumPong" (comes in the "Jum52" Atari 5200 emulator download). As far as I remember it worked pretty well, and you could mix assembler code with the basic code. The basic code was quite low-level, for performance reasons, and was compiled into assembler which was then complied using DASM. I haven't tried Batari Basic, so I can't compare. - jum
  14. Game is about 80% complete. There are 4 levels: "Balloons", "Caves", "Bunker", "City" The first 2 levels are more or less complete.
  15. "playability" - he he Can't make it too easy. Yeah my sister also struggled to get thru stage 1 (took her like 20 attempts). The secret is to slow your forward speed when passing up or down between the balloons. Stage 2 is much harder....
  16. No. The game is based on the "gravity/thrust" control gimmick, which makes it closer to Gravitar or Thrust or Gravity Force etc. Hmmm... Gravitar or Thrust would be great on the Lynx...
  17. The first level is easy. Just fly the thing out from the screen (up) and it won't come back during the entire level. The chopper sprite looks very nice. -- Karri 921624[/snapback] The game was made in the space of 2 weeks. Lots of bugs to fix, and lots of gfx to improve (balloons, airplanes, gorillas, etc).
  18. I'm definately going to take a look at the 'new' cc65. Might just make the difference that I need ... Also good to see that Songbird is still going strong.
  19. I gave up on these games because of lack of time, and lack of Lynx CPU power :\ However I have recently completed "Chopper X" (well, sort-of complete ) for the Lynx, and I would like to do another "minigame" for Lynx. Compo's are great motivation. We need another Lynx compo. - jum (aka James) PS: May take another crack at Moon Patrol one day...
  20. Here's my homebrew Lynx game that I entered in the PDROMS 3.33 competition. chopperx.zip Comments and suggestions appreciated. Also see my other Lynx stuff on http://jum.pdroms.de - jum
  21. jum

    Space Dungeon

    SD is one of my favourite 5200 games. Pity my 5200 is broken. HOWEVER, it plays extremely well on Jum52 for Playstation2, using the dual shock analog sticks. Robotron is great with the dual shock controller too. - Jum
  22. It works fine in Jum52 V1.0 (and probably 0.7 and 0.8 too), bearing in mind that Spitfire is a prototype rom. - jum
  23. AFAIK, the 32k River Raid rom is "bad", so try the 16k rom, which works fine on Jum52 0.8 and 1.0 (in fact it's one of my favourites - jum
  24. Both Star Trek and Pitfall work in Jum52 Atari 5200 emu (V0.7/0.. Dan's right - there's a 'loose bit' in KBCODE that wiggles around and affects the result if not masked. Some other games may not start with the "Start" button, but by pressing a number button, or the fire button, or wiggling the joystick (Beamrider). - jum
  25. Good stuff Dan - about time you updated VSS That "display list fix" you mention makes me smile, 'cos I had to do the same fix to my emu to get Blaster to work. - jum
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