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  1. Roommate just pointed out that "Press FIRMLY!" was a link. I could have used a couple of those, back when I had a job. K-R.
  2. I'm using a real Ed/Assem. I have a Final GROM, but it doesn't seem to like my system. It's flaky. I have another console, totally unmodified, that the Final GROM seems to like. It runs flawlessly in that console. K-R.
  3. Reset button. The toggle switch on the left side of the console is the power switch. The non-standard power supply is the black box on the right. I had a console overheat and die 38 years ago. I cannot forget that piercing shriek from the sound generator. Did some checks and found that -5V gave out. A few years after getting the replacement I replaced the power supply with a beefier external one. The black box is my latest iteration. But, I digress... K-R.
  4. Thanks. I was hoping for the boot menu, but this is still good to know. K-R.
  5. That was quick! That's at the boot menu, right? 1 for TI BASIC, 2 Ed/Assem... I'll have to try it. Thanks. K-R.
  6. Title says it all. Does the Ed/Assem cartridge have auto-load on start-up, like ExBASIC does? The manual seems to make no reference to such a thing. K-R.
  7. Here is an updated version of my K-Loader, which is a shameless hack of Tom Bentley's CLOAD program. It does a batch-loading of tagged object files under the Ed/Assem cartridge. Here's a screen-shot of my (emulated) screen. K-R. K-Loader-2020-1022.zip
  8. Here's my system, with battery power added. K-R.
  9. I appreciated ti994a.cwfk.net when I was trying to get my keyboard adapter to work. It was nice to look over it without the scripts, moving menus and other "stuff" on most Web-sites these days. I know I'm old-fashioned, but sometimes I like to save the material so I can look at it at the workbench, and a lot of sites with scripts don't let you save anything. K-R.
  10. An update on the power-supply-- Here is a picture of my battery-powered TI99, affectionately known as Tortoise. Not exactly a car battery; I used a 5A-Hr lithium-ion battery to run the CPU, and a 2.6A-Hr lithium-ion battery to run the monitor. The black box contains the battery and DC converters to run the CPU and monitor. The other picture is a close-up of the battery box. The two connectors are billed as speaker connectors for high-powered audio amps. I figured, if it's good enough for the Who, it should handle my little computer. A 19V power brick recharges the batteries, but the charger will handle 5V to 24V. K-R.
  11. Can we be sure that Greenland isn't owned by Google? 8-) K-R.
  12. Sorry about the .io thing. Weak attempt at humor. But I see what you mean about the puns. Thanks, K-R.
  13. Wow! Thanks for the quick responses. I agree that evil-doers rarely advertise themselves as such, outside of the Adam West Batman series. 8-) Just trying to avoid any traps. It is disturbing to hear about the 'relaxation' of domain names. Never fails that someone creates something useful and someone else comes along to ruin it. Sigh. Anyway, thanks. K-R.
  14. Any programs I wrote would likely be specific to my system, or any other that had this RAM installed. Some of my ideas were: Fast data buffers (if new RAM is 16-bit) A loader that could use all of Low-RAM More data buffers Larger programs On the timing issue, I looked at my PDF copy of the TMS9900 data sheet and figured that a register-to-register MOV instruction would save 12 clock cycles, and a register-indirect-autoincrement-to-same would save 24 clock cycles. Considering that the R-to-R MOV is 14 cycles, it looks like a very good improvement. This is just off the top of my head, assuming three wait states per memory access. I use C99 and assembly, so that kind of improvement looks pretty attractive. K-R.
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