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  1. i did mention and posted reproduction, it clearly states in my post you replied to.
  2. Sup guys well i did tell my friend to sell the reproduction of red sea crossing for me since it would be kinda bad selling it on my acccount anyways i did tell hin to put reproduction on title it wasnt like i was trying screwing anyone, like it happened to me , plain and simple just wanna sell it for cheap make it worth all the trouble and time i went through with the dumbass i bought it from, as u know its a REPRO BY HOZER so give me an offer and its urs. If anyone feels im doing the same thing the guy did to me well im not, i belive in having the real stuff thats why im selling nothing special here just a repro by hozer, thanks
  3. Thanks alot guys im happy myself. You guys at atariage have been helpful and supportive thanks alot.
  4. Well good news people, im getting my money back, seller refunded all my money back and didnt even ask me to send the reproduction back. Cpuwiz Tried taking a pic of the board but cant really see anything. Well question is should i just sell the REPRODUCTION of red sea crossing any suggestions.
  5. Ok guys let me open the hatch n take pictures.
  6. Exactly stupus was thinking that also lol, but yea ima take pictures and have hin sign for it, not risking it.
  7. Hope so Rom hunter, only problem is the seller is gonna do these over and over,feel bad for the other people that are gonna end up buying from this guy.
  8. I escalated to the high value department and talked to a rep they said they decided they were gonna give me my money back, so they say,Guess they sent the douchebag a message saying he has 5 days to send me a return signature confirmation label so i can send it back then they will refund. hope they do.
  9. Haha his asking me to pay back the shipping, guys crazy smh yea ima pay $70 to ship to australia and then his asking to send back as he sent it, shit its a fake.
  10. i did call ebay, they told me to wait till thursday for his response i have to wait no matter what, they told me im protected but either way i wanna get this guy banned but its gonna be hard . Ebay rep told me "well he has 100% positive feedback sir his good" im like f u.
  11. Just filed a claim against these douchebag theh told me to wait till november 19 and see what the seller does if not its gonna escalate more and to call them back im pretty sure the seller ia gonna try to fight these
  12. i am, but i also have to set a case against him, ima call ebay then paypal.
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