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  1. The prices I find have increased in recent years. However, my best advice is to wait until you get more replies here before doing anything with them. I collected around 75% of them in 2011 and paid an average of 20-30 bucks Australian, Only a few were pricey and got bid wars such as Pitfall II, HERO and one of the Dolphin patches. But as the market changes, so will The collectibles.
  2. I collected about 75% of them around 7 years ago. Most then we’re average 20-35 bucks Australian. Then a few like Pitfall II had bid wars. Being a child of the 90’s and 00’s I only discovers the patches through Activision Anthology.
  3. I was born in 1990 so I enjoyed them by not existing. Haha but the plus is these days I have an old set up with VCS and VCR. Wish I had a Betamax, too. It's weird to be nostalgic for a time I wasn't born. Sure I have fond memories of growing up in the 90's and early 2000's but almost everything I love from the 90's was aimed at teens and young adults which I discovered much later.
  4. Too late for Atari to market that system. It's like releasing the Sega Genesis in a certain region the week the Nintendo 64 came out. Too late but cool variant. Exciting seeing anything Atari in Japan. A retro game store in Tokyo had a boxed Lynx but think it was an American import.
  5. Very nice. Rick Harrison will give you a shiny penny now that the restoration work won't cut in his profits. Haha, seriously tho nice work.
  6. I just won an auction for the HES release for $39 in the box. I hate talking about rarity in terms of I feel it the games should come first rather than worth etc. However, very little info I can find about it. I know Pitfall II had a chip in it to make the game bigger, so is the HES version very limited in production due to this chip? Think I saw a loose cart on Ebay 2 years ago for a high price but haven't seen one except this copy since. Also long time no see on the Atariage forums for me. been a few months or maybe closer to a year since I posted.
  7. Tape Worm and Asterix for VCS. Only buying 2 Atari games and 1 vinyl record a month so I can save more money and still have my hobbies.
  8. Atari is my only system for collecting now. I use my 3DS and Vita for retro games. I'm not selling my kidney for Earthbound or Tombi but I'll pay a few bucks for them on download services. Plus Atari is so much more fun to collect with those odd 3rd party carts. Plus I like a quick round
  9. My New Years resolution is to continue my gym routine and to save more money so only 2 Atari games and 1 vinyl purchase a month. Ordered my two games for January which are Asterix and Tape Worm.

    1. ls650


      My New Year's resolution is to not make any more resolutions.

    2. DZ-Jay


      My New Year's resolution is to make it through the end of the year, so that I can make the next year's resolution.

  10. There is probably a collector out there with 1000 Atari games and they're just pirates of Combat.
  11. Yes exactly . Has anyone with the power of the Internet attempted the crazy task of EVERY cart variant, no name company clones etc
  12. I'm talking every company, label variant, even region etc. I know it's basically impossible but has there been an attempt to see how far someone can get?
  13. We should have the Atari fans fight the Nintendo fans: Hell in the cell!
  14. Picked up KISS - Alive II, KISS- Unmasked and Twisted Sister - Under The Blade on vinyl.

    1. Galactus


      Nice score, except for maybe the Twisted Sister part. It hits too close to home. :)

    2. GoldLeader
    3. GoldLeader
  15. About 5 years ago a local store had dozens of new old stock. It was nuts. Atari heaven
  16. Thanks for the replies. Hopefully Wednesday i'll pick it up. Comes with the console box, Cybermorph and Wolfenstein.
  17. I have one on lay by at a local store but the conclusion online seems to be the Jaguar is abysmal. I've only played Alien VS Predator, Bubsy, Flip Out and Zoop on it and honestly Bubsy is the only one I didn't like. I know Kasumi Ninja, Fight For Life and Ultra Vortek won't be 10/10 next Street Fighter etc but are they truly 3/10 fighters etc? Then again these days a lot of retro game fans seems to be just Nintendo fanboys who don't step outside their safety box of Nintendo systems except maybe a Sega Genesis so most bash the Jaguar despite never playing one
  18. Got a boxed Jaguar on lay by with Cybermorph and Wolfenstein 3D. Think I might have to get the other Atari consoles, now.

  19. I've managed to play ever KISS album including the 78 solo albums on rhythm guitar, lead guitar and bass.

  20. The 70's and 80's look so magical. What was it like?

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    2. Bryan


      Technology was exciting, not pervasive. Toys were awesome. You got your entertainment from the TV networks and radio, so there was a lot more commonality in the culture.

    3. frankodragon


      And VCRs were the shit.

    4. GoldLeader


      Also MTV showed these things called "Music Videos", They were pretty neato, but ya had to have cable :(

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