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  1. Probably very important to note as well, When i replaced the RIOT, I also added a composite MOD, so the video is done via that, the RF modulator is gone.
  2. Hi guys. Just got into restoring my childhood Atari 2600 I got in 1981, and this site has helped me tremendously with all of its posts. But I can't seem to find a post with my specific issue. My last issue was replacing the RIOT chip, as my player1 joystick would not go down. Once that got fixed, I was able to play the console, and now had a reason to leave it powered on longer. And I discovered that after maybe 10 minutes, my screen will go black. If I try to power off and on again, still get a black picture. This leads me to believe the issue is related to the console warming up somehow, maybe a specific component. Once the machine is off for a while and cooled down I can play again. I can play for several minutes, then the console will go black again. Would you have any suggestions. I really hope its a case of a cap or the 7805. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Madman.
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