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  1. Ok, will keep this short and sweet, I should have figured you would respond. In Homebrew Heroes you did an article on the demo scene and a an art gallery, the demo scene article was re-written/edited by Kieren and I am sure he still has all the word docs to prove that. You had NOTHING to do with any of the rest of the written content so you cannot accuse him of plagiarism - you can't rip off your own work! Yes, you did the design for HH, but the concept was all Kieren's and he was the Editor. This is fact and I am sure the sub-editor Eugenio (TrekMD) who is a member here also can verify that. You are making a completely pointless and utterly moot point as you intially tried to claim your work had been plagiarised, which just isn't true. So rather than claiming you have no ill feelings (when your posts are showing quite the opposite!) just stop making up silly stories and get on with your own business.
  2. It seems everything I was told about this place is correct, which is a great shame, but I will answer a few of these points anyway: 1. Fake Screenshots - no idea what you are talking about and after having spoken to Kieren, he has no idea what you are referring to either. 2. Plagiarism - None of the content was taken from Homebrew Heroes and even if it was that would not be plagiarism of any sort given that a) Kieren wrote it and b) it was Kieren's magazine! Greyfox was just the designer so this is honestly one of the most bizarre things I have ever read and also the comments about the old adverts being used are just as laughable given that your own Atari Gamer magazine did the exact same thing! 3. AtariAge - With regards to this site and the magazine you should probably all be aware that a) It was approved by Albert before it was released and he is credited at the front of the magazine b) There is an advert for the AtariAge store in the magazine and c) Kieren is still a very active member of the AtariAge Facebook group, has cleared the air with Albert and I believe he also talks to him quite regularly. This magazine also got the full approval of both Curt and Marty too who are both also credited within it. Thank you to the 30 odd people from here who have purchased the magazine and thanks for all the great feedback you have given, it's very much appreciated and encourages us to do more of these. Peace out.
  3. Well we did consider going down the Kickstarter route like Retro to get prices down but decided against it.
  4. Those were the proposed prices for the print edition, which is why they are on the cover. I stated the prices for the PDF version in the text above the image!
  5. Where did you get $8 from? It's about $4.50. That's the problem with the high pound, totally unavoidable.
  6. First of all, none of the first part is even remotely true. Don't believe everything you hear on the internet. The second part, no I am not Kieren, he was the writer on this magazine, I did more technical stuff like help with the website. I made that clear from the outset. I did debate posting this here because I know about the frankly bizarre obsession some people on here have with him and the equally weird witch hunt against him. At the end of the day people can believe what they like but Kieren also writes for a number of professional publications such as Retro Gamer (which has won numerous awards) and Retro Fusion, organises 2 of the biggest retro gaming events in the UK, has appeared on TV and in documentaries and does an enormous amount of work for charity. So I will leave people to make their own conclusions, I have always found him to be a stand up guy and really enjoyed working with him on this (and will contribute more to the next one) and so I don't think anyone can question the professionalism of this product and I was proud to be part of it and think that it deserves a bit more publicity. I do agree that the exchange rate from pounds to dollars is a killer though, something we really couldn't do a lot about.
  7. Sorry, I meant to include a link to the preview version as well but forgot and can't see a way to edit my original post. So here you go: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hb53tckci0848dm/Pro%20Gamer%20Preview.pdf?dl=0 This is taken from an early version of the magazine that was put out there to gauge interest and get feedback so there are quite a few changes but the basic content remains the same.
  8. Hi everyone, first post here! My name's John and I recently had a small part in helping to get a new Atari 7800 magazine out there called Pro Gamer! This is the first issue and it's digital only at the moment as a PDF file that works on PC/Tablet/Mobile etc. But if there is enough demand we do hope to do a print edition. The magazine has already proved to be quite popular so was very surprised to see word hasn't traveled to Atari Age yet! There are over 50 pages of content, exclusive interviews, info on lost games (including a game nobody knew about!), reviews, tips & cheats, archives, features and much much more! It costs £2.99 (about £4.50 or €4.25) and available to purchase now! You can buy it here: http://www.retroriginals.co.uk/
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