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  1. So I know it's been quite some time since the last post in this thread, but I recently dug out my 810 only to find it doesn't work anymore! Doesn't read or write disks. Can't say I'm really surprised... Anyways, the head will initialize upon powerup and sometimes when it receives commands but apart from that it sits still as a stone.
  2. Hi everyone, so I seem to have accidentally bricked my 800 and Incognito board during an ill-fated attempt to update the BIOS. I used SIO2PC. IBIOS.ROM went through without a hitch, but with ILOADER.ROM it complained of an "invalid file signature", so I searched on the internet and someone said ticking "ignore invalid files" worked for them, and I didn't know what else to do, so I did that. Then IPBI.ROM complained about the file size being too small, so I ticked "ignore small file size". I had a bad feeling about it but I decided to power cycle the machine anyway and unsurprisingly the machine's dead. Idiot! So now from what I gather it seems I need to reflash the little rom chip on the Incognito board, but I don't have the equipment or honestly the expertise to do this... so I was wondering if there's any chance someone here would be willing to do it for me if I sent it in the mail??? This is probably one of my bigger blunders. I knew I should have taken the time to thoroughly read the documentation but I was in a rush to get the cartridge port working and, well, here I am with a bigger problem.
  3. SURPRISE! It was a scam, and the guy conned enthusiasts out of $30,000 collectively. Goddamn it
  4. Well I got my 810 up and running! And what better way of testing it then by writing a ton of disks? What is some of your favorite Atari 400/800 compatible floppy software? Games, utilities, the whole shebang!!
  5. I combine the negative leads, yes?
  6. Turns out the three big 4700uf 25v capacitors are... three lead caps? Can't say I've ever seen those before, although there are two identical caps on the main Atari 800 power board.
  7. Well I ordered some replacements, I'll keep you posted! Also from what I understand my particular 810 unit isn't particularly common anyway
  8. Well I figure if the issue is with a motor that isn't spinning at a stable speed then it's probably a cap issue seeing as how capacitors are used to stabilize and smooth out incoming current
  9. Yeah, that description exactly matches my unit. Sad. I noticed some of the capacitors on the board seems to have been replaced at one point or another so I'll try replacing them to see if there's any improvement.
  10. Alright well this is weird, now the RPM tool is fluctuating pretty wildly between 240-270.
  11. Bummer! I got it to 288 but the formatting process still doesn't complete!
  12. Alright, I adjusted it to 292, but now the verification process goes even slower than it did before
  13. Sorry I meant SIO2PC! I completely spaced out!!
  14. Alright, DOS 2.8f gives me a reading of 267 RPM, as does the BASIC tool. I've read the ideal speed is somewhere between 288 and 292, how do I go about adjusting the motor speed? There's a big potentiometer on the board, is that it? I've attached a pic of it
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