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  1. I would consider a re-release without the box, a second pressing! It's an amazing game. I have a boxed copy
  2. Call the phone number. They're still in business https://www.macraesbluebook.com/search/company.cfm?company=480917
  3. EMR I came out on cart, not through the AA store but sold through the forums. If I remember correctly EMR II isn't really a sequel; it's an improved version of EMR I.
  4. Someone attached a card reader to a Mister. That would work with ARM games, no?
  5. MisTer & roms. To be honest, I was only using my harmony cart anyway, so going to MisTer was no big deal. The 7800 core is excellent.
  6. I find them fantastic. I bought the complete stick with the new boot, wires, board. Nothing comes close.
  7. I'm curious to ask - as someone who plays on OG software, is now a good time to pick up a Mister for Atari gaming? Will these cores be released? Thanks!
  8. Do you get any screen jitter with this set up? It looks great!!
  9. Is there anything from Sokoboo that you carried over to the new Boulder Dash or is this a completely new programming method? I really enjoyed Sokoboo, btw!
  10. Thank you, Thomas, Oscar and Nathan! This is one of the best games I've played for the 2600!
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