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  1. I understand about not wanting to over pay. I would start with games from the atariage store. People on ebay try to sell them for more cash. The prices in the AA store are always the best.
  2. Got mine today! Shipping was super fast and this is a great product. Buy with confidence!
  3. Great game and great box!
  4. Has anyone figured out a device to make the image stable on an LCD tv, like some kind of vertical hold switchbox? I would love to be able to get a stable image from my s-video modded Atari into an LCD tv.
  5. Just wanted to say that I find this topic super helpful! Thanks!!
  6. Best Electronics sells an improved AC cable, if that interests you: http://www.best-electronics-ca.com/New Best 7800 Power supply.htm
  7. Could a scanline generator help generate scanlines that conform to NTSC specs?
  8. Even with a mod, would he still have that jumpy screen/rolling screen problem, or does the retrotink2 fix that?
  9. A good while back I paid 200.00 combined for the 2600 and 5200 Boulder Dash. I would say 250.00 is the going price.
  10. I'm unfamiliar with rogue like games. Does it have an ending like adventure? I love maze games. This looks like fun!
  11. Where did you get the spies in the night box? That looks cool!
  12. I guess the title speaks for itself. I was curious to know what model/brand of TV you folks play Atari on. Do you have a modded system with a Trinitron? Are you an old-school RF person? Right now, I am playing a stock 2600 on a Samsung Flat Screen through and RF connection. I also have a modded Vader with composite and s-video that I use on the same tv. Has a bit of screen jitter, so I'm looking for a small CRT.
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