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  1. Hi, I'll take one with the joystick on the right, buttons on left I'll need shipping to Canada! Thanks!
  2. I like it! Can I replace the buttons & stick with my own?
  3. A classic. I hope you'll consider doing an anniversary release.
  4. Which of your games is almost 20, Andrew?
  5. Would Berzerk be a good candidate for a menu-ed version?
  6. I've only used 7800 for the last couple of years. You are right - it is a phono tip for the 2600!
  7. It's been a minute since I looked at a 2600 adapter, but isn't that connection wrong?
  8. Are these all of the stella commands? Thanks!
  9. Dragonfly just arrived! Can't wait to try it at home. Thanks!
  10. Could be! It only does this with pac man 8k & HERO. The glitches are slightly different depending on what version of the rom I'm playing.
  11. I get this glitch with my expansion port 7800. None on my later model
  12. 7800's with expansion ports might glitch with certain homebrews/2600 games. I get a glitch on pac-man 8k and HERO.
  13. I second this! Digital sales would be great!
  14. He might be asking for an adapter to be able to plug a cart into instead of using an sd card. Then the adapter could plug into the dragonfly. At that point, it would be a true replacement for the XM.
  15. Will Dragon's Descent have an ending?
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