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  1. Were you at FurReality in Cincinnati last year by chance? I saw the group photo and a fursuiter that looks very much like you was about 30 ft to my right (I was also in suit). I'm behind the Dobie (in front) to his left diagonal in front of an orange creature, you can see my eyes and ears and my steampunk goggles.


    1. Stephen


      Wish I wouldn't have googled that.  Now I'm surely on a list somewhere.

    2. Pakrat


      Too late... ;)


  2. in Atlantis at the end the little ship flys out and in cosmic ark the little ship flys out i wounder what happens with that ship after comic ark

    1. Keatah


      Maybe it goes behind the tv set?


    2. Swami


      It does. And then it floats there and watches everything you do until you play Cosmic Ark again.

  3. How would i go about adding a inventory system in Batari basic

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    2. TheAtari2600kid


      Thank you and how could i make a inventory screen i have sprites but im kinda confused with the player sprites and stuff

      like a screen where you can drop and pick up items

    3. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      If I can ever stop working on side projects, the bB page will eventually have just about every example program that you could ever want. I just hope you're not 95 by the time that happens.

    4. Trip2018


      I'll PM you an example code I'm working on should be done by next week.

  4. I'm Back

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    2. oldjd


      Atati???Companion site for AA maybe?

    3. frankodragon


      Al should snatch that up before someone else does.

    4. GoldLeader


      Welcome Back...Kotter was a pretty funny show in its day haha...

  5. Hello my name is Atari2600kid or Goodbear01 on youtube and i am making a tutorial series on YouTube for people just starting to hack 2600 games And be able to play them on actual hardware via (flash cart/ harmony cart) so i'll give you the link and i am making more but for now i only have one out there are going to be 5 for now until people want more. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kC36V6bX2Bw&feature=gp-n-y&google_comment_id=z12xg1jrur2rszxyn04cijz5xvbkft2gq1c if you have any questions or just need to ask something leave me a comment in the video and i will try to get back to you on it Thank you, Atari2600kid
  6. yah i see what you mean but i tried to change the game play and probably build a new Atari game from the ground up (using some source code ) but now i have little to no time all because of school and junk so i might redo this project but for now i just wanted to see if people liked it or not from what i have done im not good at programming Atari games from Nothing but i am good at telling story's like pacman.avi. i had no help with this project and i had a hard time programming/Homebrewing it took me weeks with little to no documentation , tutorials , Nothing at all and that is what ended the project.
  7. I started a tutorial series on youtube for people just starting out hacking atari 2600 games Link:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kC36V6bX2Bw

  8. Ferg Thank you so much for including this story i wrote on your Podcast
  9. It started back at the begging of may when a old project i was doing (witch also had to do with fandoms) failed and i soon began work on this one Fandom Quest. I worked on it for 3 months Having a asm file of sword quest i found along with other stuff i worked on it until august when i stopped and had no reason to move on. A big reason of the failure was the amount of support that went into the project.... there was none i tryed to get in contact with atariage about this project but i never was able to talk to them about it with the amount of time i put in i was vary disappointed in the long run. This was the hole plan i made with story i hope you like it Fandom Quest (Home brew of Sword quest) FQ: Home stuck (Sword quest: Earth world) FQ: Furry land (Fire World) FQ: Brony world (Water World) FQ: THE END (Air World) STORY: FQ: Home Stuck The games follow twins named Jeff and JJ. Their parents were slain by King Gray wolf guards, prompted by a prophecy by the king's wizard Trixie that the twins would slay King Gray Wolf. The twins were then raised as a Brony and Furry to avoid being slain by the king. When they go to plunder QOPW’s sea keep, they accidentally reveal their identities to him. The twins then start running from a demon summoned to kill them, but it appears that a jewel they stole attracts it. After smashing the stone to avoid the demon, two of Gray wolf old advisers appear and tell the two about the "Sword of Ultimate Fandom" and the "Talisman of Home Stuck." They are then transported to Furry Land. FQ: Furry Land After defeating many beasts of the God’s and another thief (Sweet Bro) in MS paint, the twins are transported to the "central chamber" where the "Sword of Ultimate Fandom" and the "Talisman of Home Stuck " are kept. Upon reaching them, the sword burns a hole through its altar all the way to Furry land. In Furry Land Furies (fans of anthropomorphic animals) Live and are peaceful. JJ realize that she is a furry and that Jeff should go on his way without her to kill gray wolf to seek "Sword of Ultimate Fandom". After retrieving the Chalice of Furry. Now Jeff and JJ must go to Brony world to get queen celesta crown FQ: Brony world Upon reaching Equestria, the twins become separated. Jeff travels to a ship made of ice, somehow forgets her name, and meets Snow Frost, who desires to find the "Crown of Celestia" and rule Equestria. Meanwhile, JJ travels to an undersea kingdom, forgets his name as well and meets the city's ex-queen Luna, who desires to find the "Crown of Celestia" in order to regain her throne. After a brief war between the ex-queen and King, Trixie sets the twins to duel each other. They then pray to their deities for guidance, which summons Mentor who allows them to regain their memories. The twins throw down their swords, causing the crown to be revealed and split in half. The halves are given to the ex-queen and the captain, who then rule as equals. The "Sword of Ultimate Fandom" then transports the twins to THE END where they would have to do battle with King Gray Wolf and QOPW. FQ: THE END Once in the END they fight the dragon of power and kill it. When the King walks up with the Sword He kills JJ and Jeff is force to kill him all on his own. They duel, Fight, Fight and Fight until Trixie go’s in with the Alicorn amulet and send King Gray Wolf to Hell. And once retrieving the sword he soon saves the hole fandom world. Now everyone for the rest of eternity visit JJ’s grave and give her prayers and hope she is in a better place now. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTE - I was a BIG brony at the time so more detail went into that game more then any other and you can check out the hole fandom quest development livetream on my channel GoodBear01 Well i will give you the Brony world rom i hacked and homestuck rom those were the only two i had done before stopping I hope you can have a better use of it then i did. I'm sad to see it go but it was fun to make but i have other things to do. Thank you, Atari2600kid Flying threw a storm of changelings Homestuck 1 Homestuck 2 Brony World.bin Homestuck.bin
  10. OK i sent a email to Ferg to see what he thinks about the story
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