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  1. I've got a slightly banged up copy of the manual for Epyx Summer Games II here. I'll happily ship it anywhere in the US, for free. Just send me your address. First one to respond gets it. If it's still here when I next clean out the box of stuff to go, it's going in the trash.
  2. I'm quite fond of the CRTs myself, but for the retro stuff I have a 19" that's lots easier to move around.
  3. This is no longer available. I'm upgrading to a flat panel in the family room, and I want this GONE. It's yours for the showing up and helping me to carry it out to your car. The TV does work, but of course having been made before HDMI was common or digital television was the law of the land, it's mostly useful for retro projects. It's also a bit on the heavy side. JVC AV-32F703 32" CRT television Manufactured around November 2002 Original remote included Manual can be found at http://books.jvc.com/Download/1005123259/LCT1134-001B-A.pdf Note that manual covers several models - this is the 703. Multiple Inputs: VHF/UHF RF input (old NTSC video standard) Input 1 - Rear Panel, L/R Audio + Composite Video or S-Video Input 2 - Rear Panel, L/R Audio + Composite Video or Component Video Input 3 - Front panel, L/R Audio + Composite Video
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