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  1. Congratulations on the 3D asset pipeline thing. It is really quite exciting.
  2. Graphics look awesome! Good luck with bug squashing and more development.
  3. I had it permantly plugged into TV with component cables but unplugged from the mains. We did have a big lightening storm. Maybe some weird earthing issue. It is all unplugged now, so perhaps if left alone it might work again in the future. I have a desktop PC that refused to switch on during Glastonbury festival a few years back but has been working perfectly ever since and before??!!
  4. At long last I managed to buy a Samsung N501 on ebay. I live in the UK and they don't get listed very often. The extra VLM effects compared to the Toshiba sd2300 are totally awesome. Really looking forward to trying out the homebrew and have downloaded the development kit software with a view to writing some code. I have some c++/openGL code already to try out. I will say that the picture does not seem quite as good on the Samsung N501 as the Toshiba. It is slightly blurrier on the N501 and the blacks are 'blacker' on the Toshiba. Blacks look more grey on the Samsung. Now for the bad news! Just switched on my Samsung and there is no picture. The DVD display says 'hello' when switching on then changes to 'load'. The drive makes a little noise trying to check for a disc, I think but stays displaying 'load'. It sounds a bit wrong.. I can switch off with power button or remote and display says 'goodbye'. Open/close does not open the tray. This is very upsetting. I have only just bought this DVD player and it worked perfectly to start with. It was not a cheap purchase. Anyone know of a fix for this issue!
  5. I have made a start but progress is Slooooww.....
  6. Zowie! MIDI ports! I remember being very excited when I first got my Jag with the potential of the Motorola DSP chip in the Jaguar as I imagined doing allsorts of sound processing a la Falcon opening up the Jag's multimedia capability. Making realtime effects and things. Still not got very far and I have read that the Jag DSP is a little different to the Falcon anyway. Adding MIDI ports sounds fascinating, would it be possible to create a synthesizer with a reasonable amount of individuality and control it with MIDI?
  7. joeyaage


    I have started to spawn some enemies and they are moving a bit but they need more work and some tidying before I add player shooting and collision detection. Still no sound yet. It will most likely be sample based and not chip synth! Other frills should come later. I am coding this project from scratch (just observation of the original Commodore 64, Vic 20 and C16 versions) and not using any 6502(?) code. I did start to look at a disassembly but really am just at the beginning. New binary is in the edited first post (hellgate23.ABS).
  8. Online documentation is looking good. Seems to be much more clearly laid out than the .pdf (from memory). Maybe you could just supply an html version of the documentation with each current release of the soundengine. I would prefer to load up the offline version of the documentation, the version that goes with the version of the soundengine that I am using (iyswim). Thank you for your effort!
  9. Hooray. Hooray. Thank you for giving.
  10. Just finished checking out Arkanoid 2 with my rotary controller. It works like a charm. The added music and sfx is a great bonus. Any game that you want to play more than once has got to be good. Couldn't put it down for a while. I used to play the original Arkanoid in a local fish and chip shop back in the early 80's. They had a stand up machine. I completed quite a few levels back then. Playing Arkanoid 2 on the Jaguar I got to level 2!
  11. joeyaage


    8 way input is now detected on the Jaguar Dpad for player movement. I have updated the .ABS binary in the first post.
  12. joeyaage


    I have a current project that makes use of the awesome Raptor API. Thank you very much for it. It is all in 68000 assembler so far. I have decided to share the latest Atari Jaguar.ABS file with you. It works in Virtual Jaguar and on real hardware with a skunkboard. I am hoping that Jeff Minter is okay with this. I have been making this game out of respect for his work. I am sorry that I have not got that far with the project but hope to get further along this year. I would have included some pictures in this post but could not work out how to paste in a bitmap. hellgate23.ABS hellgate18.ABS
  13. Vita Txk is excellent. Probably the second best after Tempest 3000. Looks really good on Vita model 1 screen and music is refreshingly new. Not vintage yet.
  14. Being as I am totally nuts about Super Gridrunner on the Atari ST. I could tell you what the symbol on the lower left was for. Seeing as I don't own a copy of Super Gridrunner on the Jaguar (sorry but I havn't been able to afford it, yet - postage and possible import charges as well) and not wanting to upset anybody I don't want to mention it, sorry as I don't know if it applies to the Jaguar version. Hopefully it does. It increases your chances quite a bit. If anyone knows what I am talking about I think the pro controller would be ideal for this feature! I want to play Super Gridrunner with a Joystick/Joypad anyway so playing on a Jaguar sounds good even though it was designed to be played with a mouse and keyboard. I did use to play it a lot on my Atari ST. and since on a Atari ST emulator. I still have not finished it, though. I tried setting it up once on an Atari ST emulator and using a program called "JoyToKey" that converted Gamepad input to mouse movement. The ship controlled great but the mechanic of pulling the other half of the ship towards you did not work and I could not get my head around getting it to work properly. B.T.W. There is a cheat code in the original Super Gridrunner but you have to type it in on the keyboard, so....
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