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  1. Did you update Raptor Basic to the latest version from GitHub? It would help if you posted the code change differences between the last working build and the new version. Maybe a Linux 'diff' or Windows command line 'cmp' (compare).
  2. joeyaage


    Now have 4 way laser base shots with sound effects although there is a slight graphical glitch with the vertical shots that needs fixing. I have made a bug fix for bottom laser base positioning and made optimisations to the graphics storage so the binary is smaller now. Also I have added some collision detection so we have the start of a playable game. No scoring yet, more SFX needed and other things to do! Tested on real hardware, It works great, fast and smooth! HELLGATE31.ABS
  3. I am a big fan of twin sticks! To complicate things further Llamatron for the ST and now Jaguar was able to use two sticks. Just press joystick 2 fire button to start the game. Don't know if this is in the Jaguar version, though.
  4. Hypno_Psycho (Flower Power) demo W.I.P. - find it in Raptor Basic forum Hellgate (a game!) - being worked on. - find it in Raptor API forum
  5. Forgive me if I am mistaken but as far as I can tell the only difference between the two versions of the mod_play_crash program are that one is linked with original rmvlib made with MAC (it works) and the other is made with rmvlib made with RMAC including the tiny changes in display.s, sound.s, paula,s (it doesn't work). The changes made to enable the rmvlib to be made with RMAC are at a presumeably sensitive part of code that is to do with padding 'nops'. The change is from: padding_nop (D_RAM+$20-*) to: pc1=* padding_nop (D_RAM+$20-pc1) This adds extra bytes to the code to contain the PC value (pc1=*). Would it not be better to change the values in display.s,sound.s,paula.s to pc1: padding_nop (D_RAM+$20-pc1) ;; and etc for other files... so that the byte count remains the same (I will try to get to testing this, I am nearly there). ((OOPS!!, using a label in an expression doesn't work like this)), maybe try padding_nop (D_RAM+$20-[length of pc1=* which I think maybe 2]) BTW, padding_nop is a macro that is in the files sound.s.ORIG and sound.s.LONG but not in sound.s (???)
  6. joeyaage


    I have added some laser base shots with accompanying sound effect. I know that everything is not perfect yet. I need to add the vertical laser base shots as well. Another tiny bug is that there is a slight miscalculation in the wrap around of the bottom laser base by 4 pixels. I have tested this binary on real hardware and it seems to run pretty smooth. It feels quite satisfying when you make a shot with the B button and the sound effect responds to your action. HELLGATE28.ABS
  7. I thought I would share my first outing with RAPTOR Basic+. The latest revision was over a year ago and I haven't worked on it in all that time unfortunately. HypnoPsycho021.abs It is just a simple graphics and music demo. The title screen is a raytraced image I made on Atari ST with QRT raytracer. Music is a short MOD file made with Atari ST Protracker. Graphics animation is based on something I wrote in c language on Atari ST from back in the early 90's (lost and found again). Hopefully I will get further with it. I already have some ideas for it but haven't got around to it yet.
  8. I have been reading up and discovered that a.out executable binaries are not being deprecated from the linux kernel until version 5.1 I believe that the very latest ubuntu version now can go up to kernel version 5.3 which is unfortunate. However the Debian distro which is the one I have used starting in the 90's is up to version 10 (released in July 2019) and uses kernel version 4.9. This gives Debian users at least 2 years before a.out is no longer usable (lucky me). Anyway, thank you for the early warning. I still have not installed vincent riviere's gcc-m68k-cross-compiler yet because of needing dependencies from Debian 10 (I am now on Debian 9), However I have found some versions from a page at https://tho-otto.de/crossmint.php which I may be able to make use of (further reading is neccessary) or there are probably older versions of vincent riviere's packages that I can use.
  9. Thank you for info ggn. Of course there must be older versions that run on older distro versions. I will try and get to checking out your script, it gives me another option.
  10. Looking forward to trying this out. I have been wanting to install removers library for some time. I got sidetracked with RaptorAPI instead. I need to upgrade from Debian 8 (Jessie) to Debian 10 (Buster) before I can install vinvent riviere's gcc-m68k-cross-tools because of dependencies. I have made a start and upgraded to Debian 9 (Stretch) so far. I can make RMAC and RLN with the change, though. The 'install_rmvlib.sh' script works fine in Debian once adjustments are made for adding vinvent riviere's package. There is a web page that describes how to install the packages on Debian. It is a little different from Ubuntu. That's when I got to needing dependencies that require Debian 10 (Buster).
  11. I was wondering if CD support is capable of being added with a firmware update or would it need a hardware revision for the JagGD cart. It would be a little upsetting if it became neccessary to buy a second JagGD cart if CD support became available at a later date. However the work on the new revision of the LynxGD looks Awesome!. I am tempted to buy a second card if they become available. Excellent work Saint. Thankyou for enriching my life...
  12. Congratulations on the 3D asset pipeline thing. It is really quite exciting.
  13. Graphics look awesome! Good luck with bug squashing and more development.
  14. I had it permantly plugged into TV with component cables but unplugged from the mains. We did have a big lightening storm. Maybe some weird earthing issue. It is all unplugged now, so perhaps if left alone it might work again in the future. I have a desktop PC that refused to switch on during Glastonbury festival a few years back but has been working perfectly ever since and before??!!
  15. At long last I managed to buy a Samsung N501 on ebay. I live in the UK and they don't get listed very often. The extra VLM effects compared to the Toshiba sd2300 are totally awesome. Really looking forward to trying out the homebrew and have downloaded the development kit software with a view to writing some code. I have some c++/openGL code already to try out. I will say that the picture does not seem quite as good on the Samsung N501 as the Toshiba. It is slightly blurrier on the N501 and the blacks are 'blacker' on the Toshiba. Blacks look more grey on the Samsung. Now for the bad news! Just switched on my Samsung and there is no picture. The DVD display says 'hello' when switching on then changes to 'load'. The drive makes a little noise trying to check for a disc, I think but stays displaying 'load'. It sounds a bit wrong.. I can switch off with power button or remote and display says 'goodbye'. Open/close does not open the tray. This is very upsetting. I have only just bought this DVD player and it worked perfectly to start with. It was not a cheap purchase. Anyone know of a fix for this issue!
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