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  1. I used the latest github cc65 . I think it's version 2.1.17 but I would have to double check to be sure. There are two different plotting algorithms thus far. Both use mirrored x and y axis from the centre. 1 algorithm is plain random x/y the other algorithm is increase by one until touching the boundary then invert. There is plenty of room left to add more plotting algorithms and more scenes. I have one two in mind already.
  2. I have made a shaky phone video of flower power running on newhandy. Sound is very quiet sorry.
  3. This is a demo for the lynx programmed with CC65. It shows of some of the TGI effects (points, lines and sprites). I wrote the music with Atari ST protracker and converted it to chipper. snap00.bmpsnap01.bmpsnap02.bmpsnap03.bmpsnap04.bmp FLOWER35.LNX
  4. Yes the upcoming games look good. Tried ripping simone CD to a .cdI with disc juggler. Saints cd2jcd program parsed it as ok but had data signature error. Tried it in the JagGD and it showed intro screen but didn't get as far as the simone title. Anyway got the JagCD unit plugged in so played simone that way. It is good fun! I played simon years ago an mb games electronic toy. It gets really quite difficult but is a good memory trainer!
  5. Looking awesome. A digital download would be preferred for me. I do like cartridges and would like to buy from Atariage but have not been able to yet.
  6. Received Simone CD today. Looks good. Like the stickers. Have not tried the game yet. I wonder if I will get the JagGD out or try ripping it to a .JCD for the GameDrive. Out of respect, I should get the JagGD out. I have a copy of 'The Planet Suite' by Holst. Not sure but it might be a CD+G. I have a jimi hendrix CD which works great as CD+G.
  7. Hello, I am interested in a copy. I am in the UK.
  8. Yay, got CD support installed on my K serial Jaguar GameDrive. I have played a couple of CD's and the two new ST ports without a hitch. Feels good running CD data from solid state storage. So quiet!
  9. Mentioned above was that decaying orbit is included on the NUON Dome games and demos disc. Does this disc work on Toshiba SD2300 or just the Samsung N50*. If so, how did they deal with the signing? Sadly my N501 died with the 'loading...' hang so I didn't get a chance to play any homebrew. Anyone got piccys or video of decaying orbit in action.
  10. joeyaage


    Tidied up the game screen by masking areas so bullets and enemies don't show up outside the gameplay area. Centered game over screen and pauses for a while. Fixed bug where number of lives wasn't being shown. Game is in a playable state (get the high score)!! Need to reinitialise object positions at start of new game. Need to add more enemy patterns and add levels to game. Need to implement high score system. Lots of frills to add. HELLGATE43.ABS
  11. Sorry to nag.l but can't find a JagGD version of commando, only the skunk locked version.
  12. Hey great news. Gravitic mines on itch.io Looking forward to this.
  13. Hooray. Ghouls and ghosts! Absent from the xbox 360 capcom collection so this is an easy way to play a classic. Thanks CJ.
  14. I am lucky to own a CD copy of Impulse X but would really like a GameDrive compatible ROM. Awesome game!
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