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  1. Sorry to nag.l but can't find a JagGD version of commando, only the skunk locked version.
  2. Hey great news. Gravitic mines on itch.io Looking forward to this.
  3. Hooray. Ghouls and ghosts! Absent from the xbox 360 capcom collection so this is an easy way to play a classic. Thanks CJ.
  4. I am lucky to own a CD copy of Impulse X but would really like a GameDrive compatible ROM. Awesome game!
  5. Oh wow, centipede on the Jag! Thank you ever so much Reboot for adding fun to our lives.
  6. I would be interested in digital download ROMS for GameDrive use.
  7. joeyaage


    Still being worked on (but at a snails pace, unfortunately). Implemented number of lives and so now there is a game over (lives do display). Basic scoring now works. Add explosion sound when enemy is hit. Enemy sprites now correctly take one hit to destroy and I have doubled their speed to make it more of a challenge. HELLGATE39.ABS
  8. Orion has posted new ROM's to itch.io. Escape 2042 is now working on the JagGD.
  9. Saint and Orion have had a discussion about this in PM resulting in Orion posting new ROMS to itch.io . I can confirm that the new Escape 2042 ROM does now work.
  10. I have already emailed itch.io (the web page supplier of the games) about this. Hopefully they will pass on this problem to @Orion_.
  11. Regarding the roms for the jaguar from Orion that are being sold on itch io. I have run Alice's Mon's rescue successfully on the JagGD. I cannot get Escape 2042 whotsit game to run on the JagGD. The default Escape.J64 rom, the header load and run address is not recognised and the JagGD offers to load and run at $4000 or to run as a header less rom at load and run $80200. Neither option works. I can run the rom in virtual jaguar!?!? There is no .mrq file, my skunkboard has stopped working, the Web page I purchased the rom from states to use the rom on the JagGD. As for the Elansar rom I do not have this.
  12. I have tried Alice's Mom's rescue on the JagGD and it works but I can't get Escape 2042 to run on the JagGD. I have a .J64 file. I thought they included load and start address but the JagGD ask to load and run at $4000 or load as a header less rom at $802000. Neither of the two options work! P.S. I can't get my skunkboard to recognise with windows 7 or windows 10 anymore so have no way of playing this game after I have bought it.
  13. Yes, VLM support would be great!
  14. Thanks for reply. It had been working on Windows 7 laptop. I think maybe around Christmas time at least. I have tried with and without a USB hub and tried wiggling the lead into different positions as once this happened before and I had a bad connection. The USB socket on the skunkboard seems pretty solid, not much give. Windows says device is unrecognised and to reconnect or try a different device!!?? I remember back in August 2017 that empty skunkboard PCB were being sold. Anybody got any of these for sale? How difficult is it to populate a skunkboard PCB? What do you need apart from of the shelf parts and a soldering iron?
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