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  1. This is amazing! Great work to the team. Is it possible for those of us on emulators (using Xbox or Playstation controllers) to enable to dual sticks?
  2. Thanks much for all you've done so far! I think releasing the controller is a great idea since this has so many uses for the CV fanbase. Regarding your new carts - is there any reason to think these also won't work on the Phoenix?
  3. Release the ROM then. No way then can stop that - it's only monetizing it that would cause them to take issue (selling a cart with their IP). Esp. since it's a ROM of an existing Coleco game. Everyone who purchased the SGM did it for DK, and you've already put a ton of work in. So release the ROM so we can play the game, you don't have any problem with big N, and all of us who have supported the system get to play. I'll happily "donate" for access to the ROM. But if it's as close to finished as you say, and you can't sell it, might as well release it for all your customers to play. I'll continue to support you and you products. And I know this has been a high-profile release for the people who have supported you. But there ARE ways to get the game out to us without a full cart release.
  4. Where is a list of colorline releases? I think I missed a few and don't see them on the AtariAge store or your site. Are they still available?
  5. Man I'm so confused why all the issues here. This thing is a freaking bargain, and am really not sure what else people would want. You'd need to get a good, working colecovision. That's $100. Then you need a SuperGame module. That's $100. Then you need an AtariMax cart. That's $130. Then you need a modified Famicom Network controller, which is about $60 more than a standard one, so you have a $60 savings there. Then you need to get the F18A chip (and if you have not seen the difference between an F18A console and a regular one, you're missing out) and an HDMI port, which used to cost over $100 for the mod, and you'd have to do it yourself. Then you have to hope that all that works together and you didn't break something. And have you seen how much space all that stuff takes up? Or you can spend $200 - $300 on this thing and be done, get better PQ, 2600 support (F18A 2600!!!), and be done. I don't get it. If this thing can't get more than 200 - 300 backers then that Intellivision thing is DOOMED. My only recommendation is CollectorVision needs better sales materials - marketing videos, imagery, etc. They quality of what they are putting out leaves much to be desired, and I can see why people might think this is a bit of a hack. Look at what Opcode puts out - even his Omni stuff looks great, and look at that Intellivision Video was pretty high-quality. I think that's more of a problem then some of the intra-retro game fighting is, IMO.
  6. This is going to be fascinating to watch. This seems like a very high-production unit, with some talented people involved. But I'm not sure if there is a market for this sized program. I look at things like the Collectorvision Phoenix, the Omni by Opcode, or the mass-market Hyperkin stuff and those I understand. Small programs, higher cost, but somewhat focused audience. This one - I'm not so sure. It seems like a very ambitious project with a bunch of games that could easily be released on current consoles as indie games. I'm not sure the Intellivision brand carries much mass-market weight (certainly smaller than Atari, and arguable if it's bigger than Coleco), and those controllers are not going to make any sense to a modern gamer. I'm not sure if there is a market for it with the ambition and work the team is putting in. There is also a new generation of game consoles going to ship around this time + or - which is going to suck a lot of the air out of the room for a home console. I guess it all depends on how many they need to sell to be viable. If they are expecting more than a few hundred thousand, that would worry me. I wish this system the best, I really do. I'll be watching closely.
  7. I just ordered as well. You don't mention delivery time? How close is the beta to final HW? If there are issues, are we getting final HW as part of the beta purchase? Thanks!
  8. Crazy. I was just setting up my Retron77 now, came upstairs to put some Homebrews on it, and saw this post. What timing!
  9. Are they? On what system? Who is the developer? (genuinely curious)
  10. What's infuriating about this guy is he's not actually creating anything. Any follower of this industry knows it celebrates the creator - from the little homebrew guy, to the small indie team, and even to the huge AAA houses - it's all about the creators. While people don't love Nintendo's hard rules, we at least understand. They are creators who are actively using this IP so we respect their wishes, even if we don't love it. This guy is the worst kind of bottom-feeder. Just like patent-trolls who buy up patents then sue companies who actually ship products, he paid money for IP and now expects and ROI on that investment. He has made nothing - he didn't even create the logo. Yet he expects the community to bow to him as if he is the creator and steward of a brand for which he has contributed nothing. These people pretend to protect brands but actually stifle innovation - just like patent trolls. Here's a piece of advice Chris - go make something. Go make a game. Go make a piece of HW. Stop trying to monetize other peoples' time just because you own a legal mark that was created 30 years ago. And for SURE don't try and claim you or your company are "releasing" something just because you forced them to pay you a fee for their work. Or, give me a fair price. I'll buy it from you and give it back to Rob, Eduardo and the rest of the community.
  11. Yes I did! Thank you and I hope you had (or are having) a good break!
  12. So Ed messed around with the Konami Code which does not do what you'd expect it to do. Anyone found any codes or hidden secrets in Gradius? BTW - played the MSX mode for a while last night, and man this game is a miracle of programming and looks fantastic on an F18A system. The only thing this game demonstrates is that someone needs to kickstarter a decent joypad solution for the CV that isn't a hack.
  13. So my penguin adventure works fine, I'm having problems with gradius. I have an F18A + HDMI modded CV. Penguin adventure works fine. However, when I put in Gradius, I get an F18A bios screen I've never seen before. It only happens with Gradius. Also, I have the Blue Gradius cart, but the standard PI cart.
  14. Joe Thanks for responding. I've become somewhat obsessed with this, it's so amazing. After reading the entire thread, I understand you actually addressed a bunch of these issues. What I want to comment again on (having been in the game business a long time), is that not only have you achieved a technical miracle, the game is FUN. It feels SO much like the arcade, it plays SO much like the arcade, and the responsiveness and control is amazing. I'm playing it a bunch every day. Two things - if you need help funding for a cart, PM me. I'm happy to put up the money to get a cart run of this going. Second, I'd really be interested to hear what you think you would get in a 64K version. Beyond more work for you, reading the thread it seems like the limitations are more on the Atari side, but what would be your wishlist that could be achieved with a 64K version? I'm just curious. Thanks again!
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