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  1. I looked at the Atari version. It is an ambitious attempt. Unfortunately, I don't think it worked out in this game.
  2. Great News. I hope the packed is quickly in Germany 😃
  3. I can't hear speech too. Only wired sounds
  4. I can confirm I have yet to receive the rom file, sadly
  5. Hi, I have an issue with sky jinks (PAL and NTSC) for the AtariCore. With my Harmony cart and Retron77 it works correctly. But with the phoenix there is a lot of garbage on the screen. No trees, no ballons Maybe someone could test this game.
  6. The secreeeeeet gaaaaaammee iiiiis ..... Damned. It was, äähh, it was Hmmm I've forgotten it 😉
  7. @retroillucid Is it possible for you to post the members of the 2020 club ?
  8. Maybe someone will trade the secret game with penguin adventure ? Or sell it
  9. Thank you for the great roms. I wish you a happy and a successful 2020.
  10. The game arrived in Germany weeks ago. I think there is a problem. Ask @coleco_master
  11. Or you had bought Vanguard already 😎 The cartridge and the roms are only Bonus content ? So you got ONLY the clubcard ? Here the post one: Here's what you get: - Membership Card - 1x CIB Game* + its rom file (Completely exclusive to the Club) - Access to our roms vault (Completely exclusive to the Club) *The Complete in box game is completely exclusive to this club! So it NOT a Bonus. 😉 No matter. I will probably also become a club member in 2020
  12. I would like to sell my copy of the secret game , too. Preferably in Germany or Europe.
  13. Oh no. There is an interview with the Programmer 😱 Very very interesting
  14. Yes, the Collectorvision Version. I will test it again
  15. I have a problem with Comic Bakery. With the cartridge inserted the screen is, after the bootscreen, Black. Maybe you have a solution
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