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  1. Final Fight Guy did come out in the US, but it was a Blockbuster Video exclusive.
  2. Bought a Wii U system. It was shipped promptly and arrived quicker than expected. The shipping box arrived damaged due to rough handling by the carrier, but the contents were packed securely and survived entirely. Would do business with again.
  3. Received what I ordered quickly and without issue, and it worked perfectly. Thanks again!
  4. Hey, I have a 1040STE with the 1.0x ROMs in it. (1.06? I haven't had it out for a few months, I can't remember.) Will these work in that machine? If so, super interested!
  5. Oh man, if I had a truck, I'd drive up from central Illinois and scoop that up.
  6. Magic, probably. I think, if you want to upscale your VBXE's output to an HD display, you're stuck using an external scaler.
  7. Well, I had ordered a couple of NodeMCU 32 boards to try to breadboard one of these out, but it looks like the project might be progressing past that state, haha. Looking forward to purchasing one when they're available!
  8. Inexperienced and possibly simple thought here, but is it possible to store any of that cache on the SD card? Assuming the SD slot stays in the final design. I'm sure accessing data on the card is a lot slower than from an external flash chip, though.
  9. Sounds good. What are my options, besides the Ultimate 1MB?
  10. Well, I wound up having trouble getting a good hole started over the existing channel switch cutout, so I just used some small files and enlarged the cutout until I could comfortably fit the monitor cable. Success! It's unreal how much better S-Video looks than RF, haha. What should I upgrade next, folks? I'm open to ideas.
  11. In the Google Docs link? Thank you, looking at that now. It looks like that only mentions the ESP8266 version; is the ESP32 variant going to be the main device going forward? Or is the codebase going to attempt to straddle both platforms?
  12. This is all very exciting. What's the easiest way to assemble one of these prototypes for now?
  13. Well, my desk is a mess, and it took longer than I wanted it to, but here it is: my 600XL with 64K of RAM and a UAV board installed, connected over split chroma/luma to my Commodore 1702 monitor. I still need to drill the hole for the monitor jack in the back of the case. What do people use for that, a step drill? Does anyone know what size I'll need to drill the hole out to? I don't have any calipers around here to measure it, haha.
  14. Blurring cap? Please elaborate. Only got the RAM today, UAV is somewhere between the west coast and the midwest. Oh well.
  15. If the Postal Service cooperates, I should have two deliveries today: one package with my RAM ICs, and one package from the Brewing Academy with a new power adapter, a monitor jack, and a UAV board. I desoldered my channel 2/3 switch and cleared the solder out of the monitor jack mounting holes before work last night in preparation for a busy evening of soldering. Quite excited! I'll keep you all updated how things go. Also, I managed to rig together an SIO2PC cable the other day from parts I had around the house already, and tested it out by loading the cassette version of Space Invaders. Any suggestions for what I should use to test my system after I get things out back together?
  16. The ICs I bought are NEC D41464C-10s, which appear to be 18 pin. Thank you for the clarification!
  17. Alright, I ordered some 4464 compatible ICs from eBay, we'll see how long they take to arrive. Looking at the Brewing Academy's storefront, it seems that I want the plug-in model of the UAV board, right? Is there a good place to get the correct DIN socket for the monitor jack?
  18. Hi all! Recently received a 600XL from a friend, and it seems to boot just fine. Now I need to upgrade the RAM on it, which seems easy enough, along with put a monitor jack into it. Are there any kits available for either of these mods, or do I have to track down all the individual parts myself? Once I get all that done, I'll have to decide between getting an Sdrive or the Ultimate/SIDE combo... thoughts?
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