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  1. Nothing happens when you press the button, it presses itself. I will try to fix them again tomorrow and read that guide on how to fix jittery paddles.
  2. Well after a little bit of troubleshooting, I got them working (Sort of) they are very jittery and the button acts like it is a turbo button.
  3. So you are telling me i need a specific type of paddle to play Indy 500 and new paddles for Pong Sports? S***! Also I have a Heavy Sixer 2600
  4. I was using Indy 500 and Pong Sports to test the paddles.
  5. I have tried getting them to work on both controller ports and they were doing absolutely nothing, also I have replaced the joystick ports before when I restored my 2600 and they work fine with my joysticks.
  6. I have a set of Atari paddles that worked about a year ago and now they have stopped working, I dont really know how to fix them either.
  7. I used to play the Namco Museum games a lot and would like the museums recreated. That would be cool because I used to have lots of fun exploring the museums, by the way I didn't know where to post this.
  8. Does anyone have a rom of this game? Because it looks really good.
  9. I'd want Apple II floppies and a Sega Saturn.
  10. Oh wow, the reason why I have multiple copies or variants of some games is because iv'e gone to yard sales over the years and bought lots of cool gaming stuff! What are the uncommons though? The rarity of Kung Fu Master probably has something to do with the release date, as it was released in 1987.
  11. Here are the games I own: Combat (4 text label, 1 picture label) Kaboom! Human Cannonball (text label) Masters of the universe Sea Hawk (Panda) Space Invaders (text label) Tennis Centipede (picture label) Donkey Kong (2 copies) Venture (2 copies) Missile Command (picture label, all caps) Missile Command (same game with all lowercase label) E.T. (2 copies) Bowling (picture label) Defender Kung Fu Master Freeway (My fave!) Oink Dodge Em Gopher Stampede Atlantis Demon Attack Dark Cavern Carnival Frogger Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back GI Joe: Cobra Strike Spider Fighter Pole Position (another fave!) Keystone Capers Asteroids (Tele-Games version, text label) Asteroids (picture label) RealSports Soccer Trick Shot Video Pinball (all caps) Video Pinball (all lowercase) Frogs and Flies Astroblast Fishing Derby Congo Bongo Solar Fox Journey Escape Laser Blast Air-Sea Battle (text label Racquetball Enduro Haunted House (picture) Winter Games Raiders Of the Lost Ark Frostbite Indy 500 (text) Megamania Pitfall Basketball (text) Star Raiders (Tele-Games) Hangman (picture) Amidar Space Attack Super Challenge Basketball Maze Craze (another fave!) Mouse Trap Pac Man Jr. Pac Man Skiing River Raid and Yars' Revenge If you played any of these back in the day or if any of these are rare let me know!
  12. I am very sorry Next time I will post everything in one post, would that be better?
  13. I have the lowercase missile command too.
  14. I'll look at the cart again, I also have the all capital version.
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