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  1. I need a controller door for a 2 controller port 5200.
  2. I take it.. what shipping to 37748
  3. I never have dumpster dove however my son is constantly wanting to dive into Gamestops dumpsters... kids these days!
  4. Thanks for all the help! With a little time and some parts form cowdog 360 everything is ready for Mothers Day/Anniversary. Thanks Again!!
  5. Thanks for all the great input guys but considering its kind of an odd ball sixer my wife wants to just leave it be. We have several other 2600s in the house that are already modded.
  6. I just took the raid chip from the trash unit for a customers 4 switch...lol.
  7. My wife picked up a Sears Heavy 6 switch for $10 at a yard sale this weekend!
  8. That's what I thought also.. but the out side pin is ground.. and there is no channel select switch on this unit... It comes through on 3. So assume one is ground.. one VCC... and one video signal?? Has anyone else ever seen on of these? Going to look at serial number when I get home.
  9. Yeah my wife's a religious yard saler... shes always coming home saying "Do you think you can fix it"
  10. A few years ago I was out at my father-in-laws house helping tear down an old decrepit shed. In side this shed in the rafters were two Atari 2600s. One had a birds nest on top of it and the other was under a leaky section of roof and was there for full of stick, twigs and water. My wife chuckled and said she forgot all about those... they been there for over 20 years. So you could just imagine the expression on my father-in-laws and my wifes face as I was loading them into the back of our car. I believe her exact words were "What do you plan on doing with those... they're not going to work." I told her "I'm not stupid I know they're not going to work.. I'm keeping them for parts". I did try them when we got home while she was in the shower(morbid curiosity). So anyways a few years later and I've used these rust buckets for parts and saved a 4 switch with a bad Tia and a 6 switch with a bad Raid. You never know when you'll need a part. Any of you others out there got someone else's trash??
  11. So my wife bought a heavy six Sears Telegames with a bunch of games for for $10 at a yard sale. I had to replace the riot chip but it works well except for the crap rf. So upon inspection where the rf box ties in to the top board where there is normally 5 leads I only have 3. I have found no av mod guides that show this board... has any one else modded one of these boards. I've done tons of juniors and 4 switch, but this is my first 6 switch and its an oddball. Thanks!
  12. Resistors check out. I checked continuity between cart slot and solder points on main board. All checked out. Was going to check from solder points to other points on board but am having a hard time figuring out what processor pin numbers are D0 or A0 for example. I'm home for the weekend till Monday and Lynx is at work so may take a brain break and play some H.E.R.O.... lol
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