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  1. I remember when Biglots did there last stand as it was mostly atari 7800 and 2600 games but i remember it being 1 to $2 a game that is were i got most of my 7800 collection sadly i missed the KB store launch i did however catch EB electronics boutique shut out sale of jag,and a few other games i got rayman , double dragon v Flashback and zool 2 paid like $5 each for them not so bad that was in 98 i believe.
  2. Scorponok This is some cool pics i think you would like Towers2 pictures of the actual towers2 TOWERS . I included my walk through and some bad ass pics of the game the Jaguar version is in fact a cartridge but the win 95 box set is the best version to get which i included in the pic hope you enjoy it .Oh and sorry Scorponok for ppl on the forum being so rude.They should realize that your a noob no offense and explain things to you rather then act beyond there graces. Copy of Towers 2 guide COMPLETE!.rtf
  3. Sad i also am a fan since 1994-95. The majority of the games were good the consumer didn't get the commercial adds and cheap late night info that the Jag spurred out.Allot of the games were conversions but ........they had there hits like Cybermorph , AVP, Jaguar style , trevor mcfur, bad ass for its time also there so called land to air games like Hover Strike , AirCars , Phase Zero , BattleMorph , BattleSphere , Thats just the beginning of the originals that the Jaguar had so BARF isnt a word i would use for the jaguar line up sure it wasnt the best but it dam sure didnt fall short to the game systems at the time.Including Missle Command 3D , Defender 2000, TK2, SO FORTH and SO ON ........
  4. I am working on this aswell if i find something out you will be the first to know.
  5. Ty Matthias German is fine
  6. So anyway the title pretty much explains itself i need some help with the game Philia not spoilers or anything just a hints.Sadly as i write this i understand the game is made up of hints great job by the way . But going threw Elaysar and finishing it was great just cant get past the door man in Philia it asks me the 9 letter surgical birth question i am stumped tried all things that i can think of any help would be greatly appeciated.
  7. Ya i had the same problem CD player refused to play.I had to take it apart and clean and refasten everything and it perked right back up .
  8. Orion i just wanted to add that i own the whole collection of your homebews accept the carts your amazing thx for the great work.
  9. Thx guys appreciate it..
  10. I bought some items from 16/32 and i was just wondering.How long does it usually take to get to the U.S as he did not provide me with a tracking number.Any info will be appreciated.
  11. Happy Birthday bro 40 isnt so bad im nearing that age myself ^^
  12. Xgames

    Hyper Force

    So i beat Hyper Force tonight and i thought the game all in all was a fun one.It defiantly had its moments pretty dam challenging.going to post my top score figured its pretty high because after i opened all locked doors i would hunt the secret area's for loot.In any event there were a few bugs but once you learned the way around them the game became a bit better.Well worth the price i paid songbird for it .
  13. Xgames


    Very nice game has a great feel to it thx for making this game a nice twist to see Lamborghini's jumping 0.0
  14. Xgames

    Breakout 2000

    Well i finally got breakout 2000 and i like the game i loved the way the lvls were set up almost as if your playing worlds.But i have to hand it to impulse x it just is down right better atleast for me it is what B2K lacked was some good music to go with it .However i did like the way it was set up graphic wise .Impulse x just has the right tunes to go with the fast paced action .
  15. I have to say i like Trevor it seemed at first a bit boring.But as i played and got used to how and when to use the special power ups it became allot more to me and oneday i may beat the game.I have came close but still havent beat this jag game.
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