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  1. Thanks for the responses guys. I'm gonna dig through them and come out with some gems. Especially encouraging to hear that Space Channel 5 and Ikaruga are worth getting. I didnt think, and maybe I read this wrong, that there was an activision anthology for the xbox 360. I've considered getting the GBA one. ​And thanks for the Atari Anthology suggestion. I didnt realize it was backwards compatible so I'll definitely look that up.
  2. If we're counting licensed definitely dig dug. Otherwise tempest.
  3. Great lists here. I realized I can't edit my own post, but instead of giving the wishy washy "ugh too many to choose for number 10" answer, I'm amending it to Sonic CD because holy moly is that game amazing. Hadn't played it until just the other week and it's been some time since I got that kick in the chest sort of feeling you get when you experience something that you immediately know/feel is a classic.
  4. So I inherited my brother's unused Xbox360 a few years back and I've only recently started playing it. I've got some modern titles (Splatterhouse, which I think is fantastic, Streetfighter X Tekken, and a few others) but I've found myself discovering some games that I missed out on through the Xbox live store. Some good, Sonic CD (which is absolutely incredible and has almost instantly become my favorite Sonic game), Doom and Doom II, Capcom Arcade Collection, and some not so good, Sonic Adventure (i've heard people really love this game, and while it definitely has some charm, the controls are really awkward). Anyway, I was wondering if anyone here has any recommendations. I'm looking at Radiant Silvergun and one of the King of Fighters or Virtua Fighters games. Which KOF or VF game would you guys recommend and what other Classic titles or classic compilations would you suggest. I already have the Genesis collection (which is great) and the Namco one (also great but strange menu). Also, how are the ports of Nights and the other Dreamcast games on there?
  5. I love Pac Land and I dont mind Pac Man 2 and Pac In Time so count me as "other" otherwise, the original
  6. https://youtu.be/LRm3uRQMfSE There's the specific part of the CUpodcast for those who dont want to scroll through the video.
  7. Somebody may have mentioned this, but as of last week all of the Sega 3D classic games were on sale (roughly half off). If you dont own them you really should and I'd suggest going with Streets of Rage 2, Sonic 2, Out Run and Super Hangon if you want to only get a few.
  8. if I understand that correctly, I'd have to get the lego dimensions game to get that to work? Bummer. I was hoping we'd have at least one Arcade Compilation on the Wii u (I know there are some on the WII but I really like using the gamepad vs the wiimote)
  9. I love these threads. I may come back and change it at some point, but off the top of my head (many of these are sentimental) Kirby's Adventure Dig Dug Streets of Rage 2 Wario Land Tempest Circus Atari Gunstar Heroes Castlevania III Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon too many others to think of. I'm better at listing my favorite music. I'd like to put Balloon Fight here but with how much I'm loving Bayonetta 2 and Rayman Legends, they may make their way up to the top 10.
  10. I'm not a hardware guy so I have no real feedback to give there. If, however, you can license Namco titles, you'll definitely have my money for a Dig Dug or Galaga minicade. Or mappy. Or pac-land. I'm a namco guy here so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. EDIT: Yea gimme a mini tempest and you'll get more of my money. I have no idea how you'd manage a tiny trackball for Crystal Castles and the like, but you'll also get something out of me if you pull that off reasonably well.
  11. Yeah but does ridding the retro scene of these guys create a vacuum of power in the retro community to be taken up by someone who could arguably be more insidious? (that's a joke, of course we wont. And I couldn't resist. I hope it's not too political)
  12. Piko sounded incredibly honest on the podcast and I sincerely think that what you heard is what he knew. I don't think there are any lines to read between there.
  13. are the little slapfights over? I hope they are fwiw I'm enjoy the videos provided by the users here, including SD&R's, makes the work day go by quicker.
  14. This is really fantastic and insightful. Your other vides look fun too so I'll be sure to check back.
  15. yikes Looking forward to your next full video on it (your others are great now that I've looked them up) https://youtu.be/U_4qn52MHI8 pat's got a good recap up too.
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