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  1. Not trying to be a jerk or anything, but I don't care for the composition at all. Popeye is the principal character in the game and he is too small/not featured prominently in the layout. I also don't care for the "surrealistic" quality of the depicted stage terrain or the way that the wrinkles on Brutus' shirt look (particularly where his swollen belly is stressing it at the buttons). Ultimately, I don't think that it has the look/feel/style of vintage box art from the period. Also, it would have been nice to incorporate the Sea Hag somehow. Again, I'm not posting this to be mean or negative, but to give you ideas for improvement. As it stands now, if I had to grade it, I'd only give it a B-/C+. Just my 2 cents.
  2. I didn't blow anything. I didn't care about the game in the first place (obviously), just like I'm sure that you wouldn't care about some that I am jazzed about. But if you still want the programmer to continue working on it, set up a poll or something and see if you can persuade him to continue. BTW, I'm not exactly a fan of Bentley Bear's Crystal Quest either, but that shouldn't prevent you and the zillions of others who like it from enjoying it wholeheartedly and laughing at my apparent lack of good taste. Different strokes for different folks, people, otherwise we'd have quite a boring world if we all agreed on absolutely everything (hive-mind thinking).
  3. Don't let me dissuade you... If you and others enjoyed this game and would like to see a port of it, by all means continue with it. My remarks were more of a commentary on the "copycat software culture" that was prevalent at that time in both the arcade and home video game markets, and how amusing it is to look back at it now through the prism of time. So don't be so sensitive about it and carry on.
  4. Yes of course, Brutus causes the screen to shake at certain times. I think that it was eliminated after one of the early demos for technical reasons. See item# 1 in 9/1/2020 entry here: "Used "double buffer" to get rid of the random garbage (Cannot shake the screen with the double buffer) "
  5. I'm kind of fond of the version of the "m" that I posted (with the 1 pixel shorter middle bar and the entire top portion shifted down 1 pixel to accommodate the extra accent pixel at the top left), but I like this version also; it's definitely more visually appealing than some of the earlier iterations. The "w" that you settled on is also different than the one that I posted, but I can't decide which of the 2 that I like better.
  6. My 2 cents about what I think looks best (note the m and w):
  7. I hope that asking this question doesn't make me seem critical or ungrateful (as this port is already providing far greater fidelity to the arcade version than any previous home version, including the NES), but I was wondering if the screen-shaking will be re-implemented at some point? Is this something that is still being looked into or is it just not possible for technical reasons? Thanks.
  8. The original game seems to be a lame attempt at something in the vein of Super Mario Bros. for the MS-DOS platform? The character sprite even appears to be a bastardization of the mushroom-enlarged Mario from the Nintendo classic. I guess that's what passed for originality back in 1988.
  9. Holy crap! This is shaping up to be the best and most faithful version of Popeye for any home system! I want the boxed version in the AtariAge store yesterday! Take my money now!
  10. I used to feel that way about essays and short stories that I would write when I was younger. Perfectionism is a harsh mistress, she eats away at you bit by bit until there is nothing left. It took awhile, but I eventually learned how to let it go. I was wondering though, have you considered making a 7800 version of this game like @Revontuli did with Dragon's Descent? It might make for an interesting opportunity for you to exorcise some of those "demons of regret" that are plaguing you at the moment.
  11. Popeye was one of my favorite arcade games back in the day; I played it at the local comic shop in the neighboring city every time that I visited there. Because I was such a huge fan of Popeye to begin with (particularly the early Fleischer-era shorts), I remember being blown away by how amazing the graphics and animation were for the day compared to similar games. Nowadays, I have to admit after having played both games that Donkey Kong is the superior game in terms of design and replay value, but back then as a youngster it was no contest -- Popeye blew Donkey Kong away for me in terms of enthusiasm and devotion, and I think that I will always have a tremendous fondness and nostalgia for it.
  12. Hey @TailChao, I was one of the earliest purchasers of Rikki & Vikki for the 7800, and my copy came with the old style silver cartridge labels. What does one have to do to acquire one of the new silver labels that came with the later pressings of the game? Thanks.
  13. @Muddyfunster, I watched the video that @-^CrossBow^- posted and I think that the graphics for this game are truly impressive, but there is one detail that is bothering me. Is there some way that inertia can be added to the motion of the spaceship? Currently, the way that it is moving through the stage environs doesn't seem "realistic" (although I confess that our perceptions of what is "realistic" space propulsion is more influenced by Hollywood than by accurate physical principles). I think that if this detail were added, it would really make a big difference in the player's experience of a game which already appears to be of a near-professional standard.
  14. I think that the biggest drawback of the previous title screen was the perspective (it foreshortened the Knight Guy's proportions a bit too severely, in my opinion). Also, the armor looked a bit too clunky and angular for my tastes, but it wasn't bad at all and would have sufficed in lieu of something better.
  15. And everyone was getting on the poor guy's case about the lack of updates on the XM... Well, now we know why. RIP to a giant in the Atari world, and probably the real world, too. I only spoke to the guy on a couple of occasions via messenger but he a seemed a very friendly and forthright guy. I'm sure that he will be missed in the community and my best wishes go out to his family.
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