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  1. Holy cow, a cattle abduction game! I never saw that one coming, you are the man!
  2. I have to say, this looks surprisingly amazing on a real CRT monitor. The colors and the overall image really pop! I'm also fond of Andrew's new title screen (the older version with the pants, not the wonky Hawaiian Vacation version).
  3. The emojis were meant to express a mixture of bemusement, surprise, excitement, and approval. So we're all covered, you don't need to disclose anything further.
  4. Is this about Boulder Dash or Sokoboo?
  5. Less groovy, but still awesome.
  6. This one is so wrong, I don't want to be right. Groovy!
  7. It's crazy how many different ideas you can continue to come up with so quickly and easily, clearly you are either a genius or a maniac or both. I think that I might be in awe.
  8. One question, though, Dr. Boo. With all of these additional levels that you are adding (possibly up to 1000!), the notion of anyone completing the game and getting an ending/reward screen is certainly out of the question? Unless you incorporate the concept of difficulty levels (Easy, Normal, Hard, Expert) where each level determines how many stages a player has to complete to see an ending? And maybe you can make different reward screens for each? Just a thought.
  9. Were they later levels? It's probably because people were playing them in order and nobody was good enough to get to them.
  10. I don't find it that hard to believe, it made designing the sprite frames frustrating enough at times that I wish that I could forget it.
  11. He looks like a centaur! Somebody, make a Greek mythology game so that I can make sprites for it (I am only half-kidding about this, I love mythology)!
  12. Wow, sounds more like '60s than '70s... Trippy, psychedelic, acid-type stuff.
  13. I like this a lot, it's actually kind of beautiful and gives that artificial "Atari-world" type of feel to the game. But I'm not sure how others will feel about it, because it jumps the shark in terms of realism and they might prefer colors a bit more grounded in the natural world.
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