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  1. Hey @TailChao, I was one of the earliest purchasers of Rikki & Vikki for the 7800, and my copy came with the old style silver cartridge labels. What does one have to do to acquire one of the new silver labels that came with the later pressings of the game? Thanks.
  2. @Muddyfunster, I watched the video that @-^CrossBow^- posted and I think that the graphics for this game are truly impressive, but there is one detail that is bothering me. Is there some way that inertia can be added to the motion of the spaceship? Currently, the way that it is moving through the stage environs doesn't seem "realistic" (although I confess that our perceptions of what is "realistic" space propulsion is more influenced by Hollywood than by accurate physical principles). I think that if this detail were added, it would really make a big difference in the player's experience of a game which already appears to be of a near-professional standard.
  3. I think that the biggest drawback of the previous title screen was the perspective (it foreshortened the Knight Guy's proportions a bit too severely, in my opinion). Also, the armor looked a bit too clunky and angular for my tastes, but it wasn't bad at all and would have sufficed in lieu of something better.
  4. And everyone was getting on the poor guy's case about the lack of updates on the XM... Well, now we know why. RIP to a giant in the Atari world, and probably the real world, too. I only spoke to the guy on a couple of occasions via messenger but he a seemed a very friendly and forthright guy. I'm sure that he will be missed in the community and my best wishes go out to his family.
  5. The Knight Guy is also stylized better, and his pose is also more dynamic than on the previous title screen. I agree that it is a big improvement, nice work vhzc.
  6. I vote Alien Sector/Baraduke!
  7. Seconded! This looks like a cool game and I'd be honored to be put on your list for a free CIB one, but I'd also be equally willing to pay for it in the AA Store.
  8. The game looks pretty cool, but the main character is a bit lacking in animation, IMO. Since you are controlling him all the time and he is always in view on screen, it would be nice if his body had a little more movement to it than the quasi-"hip shimmy" that you get while he is walking.
  9. Hey @KevKelley, did you ever play the old (1982) Taito arcade game Dock Man? I love that game, and always wished that someone would make an updated version of it with improved graphics, additional stages and maybe a little tighter controls/gameplay. Maybe I should float that idea on the 7800 portion of the forum?
  10. Have you given any thought to adding a bit of polish here and there like a difficulty select, maybe a tweaked scoring system, some minor additions/ improvements to animation/sprite graphics, etc. or are you looking to release this as is? Something like a title screen would be a really nice addition, but I don't know if it would be possible to find enough space in the rom for it (although I do remember Nukey mentioning that a fair amount of space might be recovered by cleaning up the code).
  11. This thing looks and sounds so amazing that I might have to buy it even though I stink badly at Pac-Man games.
  12. Shout out for Lost Luggage! I also like Fast Food and CocoNuts by the same publisher (Telesys).
  13. Maybe you after finish Chaotic Grill? (Or should I have said if you finish Chaotic Grill?)
  14. NostAlgae37


    Thanks, that's how I hoped it would look. I think that the effect is very nice on a CRT, I hope that Andrew will decide to stick with it. By the way, I am working on a title screen for this game and am pretty far along with it, so hopefully after I submit it to Andrew for his approval, he will happy to display it here for all interested parties to see.
  15. NostAlgae37


    Hey Karl G, can you please take a photo of your CRT screen while running one of the 20200515 releases (post# 730)? I want to compare how the white pawns look in that release to the one that you are running in the photo above. Thanks!
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