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    Thanks for the info, I had no idea about all of the particulars that you laid out in your response. It was very informative and gives a clearer impression of the constraints that you are operating under. First of all, what is the resolution that the game is running at (I'm assuming that it is one of the 160 modes)? If you can send me a sprite sheet of what you currently have (yeah I know that this isn't generally done in the Atari 2600/7800 world, but it helps me to visualize), I will see if I can punch them up for you. This would include the frog protagonist, the flies, the cars, etc. PM me if you are interested and wish to continue this conversation offline.
  2. NostAlgae37


    I have to agree, I like this game so far but maneuvering between the cars is too difficult in my opinion, it seems far too easy to get clipped as the play control is not that fine to avoid so many giant vehicles moving at a fair rate of speed. Also, are the flies only capable of moving in straight lines or can you make them flutter about? Lastly, the sprite graphics (for the frog, the flies, and the cars) seem a bit on the primitive side at this stage, are there any plans to upgrade them? If so, let me know as I would be willing to help out.
  3. Heh, it's not easy making something that looks like a Panama hat with so few pixels, but the intent was to make a hat that was ambiguous looking enough to be interpreted either as a Panama hat or a pith helmet, depending on your bias. I suppose that I could have put one pixel at each top corner of the hat that is the same color as the hat band to simulate shadow/depth there, but I'm not sure if it would look any better (I tried it and it looked a bit odd). It also didn't seem to look right when the top was completely square, with those 2 corner pixels the same color as the hat. So if you've got a better suggestion, I'm certainly open to making adjustments.
  4. Hey, I totally understand, then I hope you don't mind if I post a .gif that I made based on your designs: What do you think, does it look cool?
  5. Yeah, I hear you, and understand completely why you're discouraged. I think that it's because the average gamer doesn't understand the distinction and doesn't care, but how many people outside of these forums really buy and play homebrews for antiquated systems? Isn't a rarified (and hopefully better informed) user base anyway?
  6. Wow, sorry you feel that way. I didn't intend any insult, I was just making a suggestion and trying to be helpful. 😟
  7. Hi TIX, no disrespect meant, but would you consider something like this: I just manipulated the sprite frames that you posted earlier, taking the best elements from each. You could use this frame as a starting point and base the rest of his animations frames off of it. I think that it is more in keeping with the spirit of the original and would silence any critics.
  8. I certainly understand the sentiment, but I'm kind of sad that you feel that way. I think that there is room for both kinds of development and that people respect the achievements in each, but what do I know. I know that for me, even though the Champ Games are awesome and I have bought some of them, I do feel that they are a bit of a cheat because they rely on technology that wouldn't have been available back in the day. That's why I wouldn't feel discouraged that anything you develop using more period-appropriate hardware would have to necessarily be measured against these ARM games and found wanting. I think that it's really 2 distinct schools of thought and approaches, and that talented developers will emerge with great games for each.
  9. I think that the offense is derived mainly from the inexcusably high price tag, although if she were giving the game away for free, I still wouldn't take a copy as I value empty space more than the volume that game would take up in my collection. I'm aghast that her sales were healthy at that price point, but it is proof positive that a sucker is born every minute and that one man's garbage is another man's gold.
  10. Judging from the gameplay video posted in that thread, the game play (what there is of it) is too linear and repetitive. The sprites are decent, but it's not enough to save yet another half- (or quarter-, or eighth-) baked effort. That this game is being sold for more than 2 cents is a disgrace; I wouldn't play it if it was my last day on Earth and it was the only game available to play (I'd rather take a nap as it would be more interesting). To say that it and its unprofessional presentation are excremental would be a compliment. 👽🐄💨💩
  11. I have to agree that this one blew me away, I love the Egyptian-styled art and theme. A+++
  12. Interestingly enough, I think that the 7800 version actually looks nicer. Note the better detail on the icons on the bottom and on the pulleys of the elevator. Also, the player's clothing has more detail and his proportions are closer to human than the original C64 sprite. Nice work, Defender_2600. (Nick Fury salute!)
  13. They're all Pac-related, you do realize that Bob makes games other than Pac-Man ports, right?
  14.  Nice story, and what an awesome guy. He is the kind of person that makes this a cool community to be a part of. By the way, the glow in the dark effect looks really amazing when paired with the quasi-translucent cartridge label.
  15. Sorry for the double-post, but I had to give you plaudits for this amazing effort, simply stunning as usual. Someone should definitely find a way to insert it into KevinMos3's Graphics Hack of the game.
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