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  1. Hi all, I put my entire Atari Jaguar collection up for sale on ebay on August 30, 2021 7:55 PM Paris time. You can see all the photos on Atariage on my topic: https: //atariage.com/forums / topic / 323163-my-jaguar-collection-300-items / https://www.ebay.fr/itm/294367123170
  2. I just went to check the packaging which is perfect to keep it and there is the post office label. it was sent to me in June 2019. I hope it is authentic
  3. i don't know,it looks new and never been used
  4. my passion for all these games disappeared over time with the events of life and i need money
  5. Thank you for your comment Albert and TrekMD. I would of course use the forums marketplace as soon as my games and accessories go on sale 🙂
  6. Hi everyone, I wanted to present to you the collection that has fascinated me the most for a few years before putting everything up for sale. There will be a topic in the appropriate section with links as and when I put in sale Thank you for your interest
  7. Received mine today. Thank you for this exellent work and all these little details as holograms on the cartridge and the box.it is perfect 😀
  8. I received my package today.Everything is perfect like every time.Thank you Gaz 😀
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