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  1. Hi there! I just got an used Atari Flashback without its power supply, early today I got a power supply for Flashback consoles but I have doubts about to use both. The power supply is a KU28-9-200D model and output 9v DC 200mA and the console has a Batch Code: D10508 it's the only number or model number on the bottom label. I'm not sure if is a good idea plug the power supply to the console because this console says under plug 5V I don't want to plug it and blow away this poor thingy. So Is it save to use them? If is not Which Flashback console uses the power supply? And What power supply should I use with this console? If someone has the power supply model I'll appreciate to know it. Thank you guys, Have a happy!
  2. I found a Y cable, at first glance I believed it was for the Atari 5200 but here's the thing the cable has 2 female ports and one male. Any ideas?
  3. Hi there! I just rescue an Atari VCS and I need 2 CX40 Rubber Boots but I don't know where to buy them, I tried E-bay and Amazon and I got nothing I appreciated any suggestion. Have a happy!
  4. I just bought a sixer tele-games (Atari 2600) I cleaned it up and change the RF cable also I bought a power supply but it doesn't fit it's loose, Does Tele-games can't use the same power supply than 2600?
  5. I bought Berzerk and Maze Craze twice and my Atari Jr doesn't want to run them I cleaned all four cartridges and the console too and nothing.
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