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  1. Just wanted to share these taco lights I found at the thrift store today. Bye now
  2. Looks like he is just converting composite to hdmi for convenience. Not a true hdmi mod
  3. Some come with a 3.5 mm jack for av inputs and then include an adapter.
  4. All you need is a rca to coaxial adapter as long as you don't have one of those TVs that doesn't have a coaxial input.
  5. Recently picked up a Telstar pong unit and I'd like to get it working. It powers on makes noise, but I can't get a picture. I'm using an av to coax adapter and I've tried replacing the rf cable. Also tried adjusting the pots inside but the best I could get was a flickering in the static. I've also tried reflowing the solder on joints around the rf module but I'm really just spit balling at this point. Some actual direction here would be quite helpful. I should also add that I'm testing on a Crt and haven't even attempted to try on a modern set.
  6. Ya it all depends on your area. It took me several months for me to track down my 36" set with component inputs. Took until after Christmas with People getting new TVs as gifts. If I stumbled across 2 PVMs and a 40 incher, they would all be coming home with me.
  7. I've tried this and the Galaga one. Way harder than the originals since you don't have everything right in front of you and have to constantly move your head. Cool novelty, but I'd rather play the original cabinet.
  8. I personally prefer "VCS" but usually say "2600" just so people will know what I'm talking about.
  9. Most reliable model will be the slim. Only the fat 60gb and 80gb models will play ps2 games but as you stated, they have overheating issues. All models will play ps1 games.
  10. I truly believe the 7th gen was the absolute worst. It introduced DLC along with patches and updates giving companies free reign to release incomplete broken junk. Not to mention, everything to come out seemed to be clones of GTA or COD anyway. Can't stand digital-only games either. While most of these issues still exist, I feel it has improved mostly due to physical versions of Indie games as these are about the only way we can get complete games on disc with some variety.
  11. Damn how did I miss those?! They're spectacular
  12. You should never apologize for posting pictures of tacos.
  13. The real question is, do the tacos have wood grain?
  14. Just discovered that my ps4 doesn't play audio cd's. Seriously Sony!? I get it that 99% of the population has abondoned the format, but still seems like a failure for a supposed "all in one" media box. Fired up the good ole ps1 and all is well now. Hmmm I think we might be going backwards.

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    2. _The Doctor__

      _The Doctor__

      XBOX you don't own it licensed crap, no interwebz no play.

    3. roland p

      roland p

      And no uhd blu-ray...


      I was annoyed that the PS2 was so populair because of dvd support. Now I'm annoyed again. Even numbered playstations are annoying :D

    4. Austin


      Huh. I suppose that's one thing the Xbone has over the PS4, ha. It plays CDs just fine (although, I wish the option to rip them was there).


  15. Ya their retro venture has been a disaster thus far but I would think that would have to change if they start selling retro stuff in the stores.
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