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  1. Just discovered that my ps4 doesn't play audio cd's. Seriously Sony!? I get it that 99% of the population has abondoned the format, but still seems like a failure for a supposed "all in one" media box. Fired up the good ole ps1 and all is well now. Hmmm I think we might be going backwards.

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    2. _The Doctor__

      _The Doctor__

      XBOX you don't own it licensed crap, no interwebz no play.

    3. roland p

      roland p

      And no uhd blu-ray...


      I was annoyed that the PS2 was so populair because of dvd support. Now I'm annoyed again. Even numbered playstations are annoying :D

    4. Austin


      Huh. I suppose that's one thing the Xbone has over the PS4, ha. It plays CDs just fine (although, I wish the option to rip them was there).


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