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  1. Hm? Can you explain a bit more? I'm not able to reproduce your issue. How my game works is, there are 2 seconds (or, about the time it takes for the highscore to flash) where you cannot press a button, but after that, the FIRE or RESET button should restart the game. Also, I'm working on a bit of title screen music, inspired by an original song from CodeWalrus founder, DJ Omnimaga. A link to the music is here. Still working on adding a new powerup, as well as freeing up some RAM for a possible Easter egg...
  2. Bump. Now, I have a polished beta version of Wal-Rush! There is one special powerup that I am hoping to add, but other than that, this is a fully playable (and enjoyable IMHO) game! Download link attached. Please give feedback! Wal Rush A2600.zip WalRush.bas.bin
  3. Well, the .bas also needs some certain files in the titlescreen kernel to do the titlescreen. Besides, I think it's way more helpful to have the full source, so in this way, every entity could be checked. Also, thank you, I didn't see that. I guess I need my IDE's font in bold :\
  4. I'm working on a game, which worked fine before, but for some reason it isn't working anymore. The compiler says it encountered a number of "unresolved symbols". What are these, and how do I fix it? Code is attached (not cleaned up yet, but ask me what a section of code is supposed to do and I'll explain it). Wal Rush.zip
  5. No, I had not checked that out (even though I was aware of the page...I never saw that). I will see which of those source codes will help me with what I need for the game I'm making, thank you!
  6. Hello AtariAge! I am making my first game, and all I really need to add is sound effects, and possibly music. I understand how setting AUDV0/1, AUDC0/1, and AUDF0/1 change the pitch, but I am stuck on even how to begin to write music or sound effects for it. Is there some sort of engine I can use in my game to play an arbitrary song or sound? The one engine I can find (right here) loops the music (which isn't what I want, except for perhaps a music track during the game), and doesn't work when I put it in my code.
  7. Thank you, Papa. The only things I'm really missing are sounds. Do you know a good way to actually program music? I'm looking online for whatever I can find, but the only engine I found uses one channel, one distortion, one volume, loops the music (not what I'm looking for for a title screen jingle, but could be useful for an in-game track), and doesn't work when I put it in the code (at least not how I do it). Can you direct me to a sound effects/music engine, as well as how to put it in my code so that it works? (And perhaps I should change the color of the highscore at the end from green to something else. Perhaps a lighter shade of green.)
  8. Hello, AtariAge! I decided to get into bAtari BASIC programming after sprybug's wonderful Zippy the Porcupine, although I did have a small bit of experience with the language after watching Tinkernut's video on it. My first full game with it is called "Wal-Rush!" This is actually my port of my other original game, Wal-Rush! on Scratch (written for a contest over at CodeWalrus. I am still waiting for the results, if anyone wants to ask. The controls in this one are LEFT and RIGHT to move, and FIRE to fly! You get 1 point every so often as you fly, and you can eat the fish for 10 points. Don't crash into the spikey mines, or else you EXPLODE! (I am planning to add an invincibility powerup like my original game, and that is coming up!) I used the amazing Titlescreen Kernel to make the titlescreen, but other than that, this game is written in pure bAtari BASIC (perhaps inefficiently at times; please, tell me if I'm coding inefficiently.) All of the code is REMed, so if you want to modify it, I think you could understand the code. What I would really like is a sound engine so I can put in sound effects, and maybe a jingle that plays throughout the game. If anyone can tell me how to do that, that would be swell! Here is a video of the gameplay, as this game stands. Tell me what you think so far! Wal Rush A2600.zip
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