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  1. Well, i wish i had a price in mind, but nothing came up. So just hit me with a price
  2. So after some discussion at home, i am gonna sell the atari stuff and some more. What i have is a hell lot. The sega saturn games are Pal Here is the list: Atari 2080ST + Atari SH205 + Atari ST Monitor Sonic R boxed (sega saturn) Quake boxed (sega saturn) Quake boxed (sega saturn) Tomb Raider boxed (sega saturn) Command and conquer boxed (sega saturn) Sega Rally boxed (sega saturn) Doom boxed (sega saturn) Daytona USA CCE (sega saturn) Amok (cd + manual only, (sega saturn) Scorcher (complete, sega saturn) Atari Portfolio with a modem and a serial port SOLD Atari 130XE (with lots of games, and a special keyboard cover made specially for that model) SOLD Sega Saturn Psy-Q Development Kit SOLD Caanoo Open source Handheld with box and roms installed SOLD Please have a check of this Topic for all pictures of the Atari stuff and where it came from: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/262798-so-today-i-went-to-the-house-of-80s-general-manager-of-atari/ I will ship worldwide, that is no problem for me, and all will be shipped from The Netherlands. So let me know. Thanks! OH! One more thing! If you find any information in Dutch, and you need some help with the translation, you can always ask me. I am more then willing to help you out with any translation.
  3. I think its better if it goes to someone that is 100% into atari. What do you guys reckon this lot is worth? (More then an headache, thats for sure)
  4. Wow, i am getting quite an arguement at home for bringing these stuff. " Old Crap" "Disgusting yellow thing" are the common things to hear. Well its true that i dont have a good space for it, on one hand i dont want to part with it. But if i do, then it should go to someone that loves Atari from the bottom of their heart. What do you guys think? Got any arguements or should it go to someone that cherish it?
  5. Not sure about track and field and international final legacy which dates from 04-09-1984
  6. Ok i could not resist, so i took just some pictures of it. Enjoy and comment if you have any questions
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